The Virtual Real Estate Market In The Metaverse Is Where You Can Make Incredible Profits


The Virtual Real Estate Market In The Metaverse Is Where You Can Make Incredible Profits

ExpandingExpanding one’s horizons and throwing oneself into new realities that offer three times greater potential than the investment and economic sectors that have worked up to now.


With this mentality, you have to face what I will explain to you in this article. Because knowing and learning these activities in the Metaverse is something that must be embraced 100%


Experts in this sector say that a good real estate portfolio can give you multiple possibilities, and the options the Metaverse offers are amazing. The simplest and most interesting are absolutely those within the virtual real estate market.


First, we must consider that the real estate market is a zero-sum game. This means that no profit can be earned unless someone pays more than the initial price for a particular real estate product.


The virtual market is different, as the intrinsic value of the goods is established by the market itself and is influenced by various factors such as supply and demand and the participants’ expectations.




– Currently monopolizing the market are the four main platforms,The Sandbox, Decentraland, Cryptovoxels,and Somnium, on which approximately 270,000 real estate meta-properties of various sizes are on the market.


– The same does not have a regulated market, the operation is based on parcels, plots or virtual land lots made available by each platform.


– Users can therefore buy a piece of land and then build a property on it. It is the same as simulating what happens in the real world, with acquisition operations that can be managed by agents or brokers who operate in the Metaverse and close the transactions through smart contracts.


Also, in the purchase and sale of virtual goods, as in the real world, the permitted prices are regulated by consolidated real estate logic.


– Among all the existing realities, the transactions carried out in The Sandbox in 2021 recorded the highest levels of exchanges, with 65 thousand transactions and a total of 350 million dollars in investments. A result three times higher than achieved by the second largest metaverse Decentraland, which has ” materialized” 21 thousand in the same year, for a total value of 110 million dollars.


“Currently – commented Francesca Zirnstein, general manager of Scenari Immobiliari – the Metaverse is, first of all, an innovative means of dissemination for the world of communication, games, marketing, and fashion, which they are finding in these spaces virtual a new showcase suitable to interest potential buyers, in constant increase.”


“The aspirations of the builders, however, go beyond this traditional feature and the design of multiple and recognizable, typological, and functional environments, aims to create a virtual world that aspires to become an asset class of concrete investments.”


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– The real estate market of the Metaverse is, therefore, in constant development, with a booming volume of business and great attention to the real estate asset consisting of meta-land, now considered less risky than other types of investments.


– It is currently estimated that the total value of real estate assets in the metaverses will amount to almost 2.5 billion euros by the end of 2022. Its growth over the next three years will be up to almost 28 billion euros in 2025.


– However, Zirnstein points out, “right now, the market value equals that of the investments. In the future, observing how this world will develop is necessary. It could certainly be an asset class of tomorrow, but clear rules are also needed regarding the use of the blockchain technology on which everything is based.”




Entering the purchase of meta-land, it is good to distinguish between two main methods.


On the one hand, there is the direct metaverse purchase, where users can buy land directly on the platform using either real currency or cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum.


On the other hand, there is the possibility of participating in online auctions to win a desired plot. This option has several advantages, including the possibility of acquiring land cheaper than buying directly and obtaining greater earnings if you want to resell the property.


– First, you need to open a digital wallet, such as Coinbase. It will be a current account where you can keep the cryptocurrencies needed to buy land in one of the many existing metaverses.


– Next, you need to choose a metaverse to invest in and select land to buy. As mentioned above, you can choose it on Opensea, Coinbase, or directly on the metaverse that interests you.


– Once the desired land has been purchased, developing it to generate more value will be necessary. For example, creating games or content involving other users encourages the circulation of purchases and sales in the area in question.


In conclusion, it is easy to see how a vast, ever-expanding virtual real estate market is available, with land that can be purchased safely or not safe with a good investment strategy.


The virtual real estate market represents a great opportunity for investors interested in entering the blockchain world. It offers various solutions to increase their income thanks to the purchase and resale of land.


The key is knowing how to choose the property to buy well, using tools such as Opensea or the platform itself of the metaverse in which you want to invest.


In this way, it is possible to make the most of all the potential the virtual real estate market offers and make the most of a good investment.





The real gain deriving from the trading of virtual land obviously depends on how much the land was bought at the beginning and the final price at the time of resale.


However, with all the growing demand around this market, it is possible to make a significant capital gain when you decide to sell land.


For example, if you bought land in 2021 for 2,000 euros, you can then resell it for 10,000 euros.


Furthermore, in the case of platforms such as Decentraland, it is possible to make tools available to the user to monitor the value of their land and find out if it is the best time to sell.


Ultimately, the virtual real estate market represents the great potential that should not be wasted. With the help of services like Opensea or the metaverse platform, you can make the most of the opportunities this ever-expanding industry offers.


Thanks to the right investment strategy, it is possible to obtain interesting results and make a decent profit from the business of buying and selling virtual land.


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