Work And Clients Are Sought In The Metaverse: An Important Company Has Opened A Virtual Reality Office


Work and clients are sought in the Metaverse: an important company has opened a virtual reality office

There is news these days of a recruiting company opening in the Metaverse. We are talking about Randstad: a company that deals with various services, including the search and selection of personnel, professional training, and outsourcing.


Randstad’s presence in the virtual universe promises a more innovative and collaborative future between companies and candidates. Offers will be more easily accessible to everyone, both in real time and online. This also means greater transparency in the personnel selection process.


Randstad aims to offer 1000 jobs in the Metaverse. These posts will cover a range of industries such as technology, retail, marketing and so much more. Candidates will be able to choose from a wide variety of professional opportunities.


Randstad also promises to advise companies on the most suitable digital solutions to support HR processes.


With Randstad on Metaverse, the opportunities are potentially limitless. Companies can tap into a diverse range of talent and leverage technology to create a more efficient work experience.


Randstad’s participation in the Metaverse (and a few other companies of this kind) mark the beginning of a new chapter in the world of recruiting, with companies and candidates ready to benefit from it.




Here are the words of Marco Ceresa, Group CEO Randstad,


“The constantly evolving world of work and the consequent importance of engaging customers and candidates in an increasingly innovative way make the digital transition today one of the main strategic levers for the development of our business.”


“For this reason, we decided to put ourselves to the test and implement a project with Coderblock that has led us to be the first Employment Agency with a space in the Metaverse.”


“Through the development of this virtual journey, we bring the Randstad universe with a new language that looks to the future.”


RandStad has prepared an environment to organize meetings, interviews, and training courses.


Here’s what the area includes:


– A four-story building and an outdoor space dedicated to training events.


The Metaverse of this Italian company was created by the blockchain company Coderblock.


The goal is to use 3D reality to attract talent with the highest digital maturity rate.


Also, to look for engaging experiences and support the development of lead generation at the same time.


– The first building is an environment capable of creating personalized experiences for each user.


– It is possible to organize interviews, meetings, training events, and webinars but also to view the currently active job searches.


– Networking events or training moments will be held in the second building of Randstad, where a large Expo area is located.



The experience in Randstad’s virtual offices will be intuitive and accessible via web browsers.


Without having to put the viewer in front of your eyes you can access the Metaverse. It is a smart choice given that many still do not have hardware available which, among other things, still has a high cost.


You won’t even need to install new software. It must be said that the experience with the viewer is of a completely different caliber. However, it will be possible to get a taste of the Metaverse and its potential.


The platform was designed to streamline people entering and exiting the simulation while minimizing the need for additional hardware.




The Metaverse has a number of advantages on its side that can help companies acquire new skills faster and with greater precision.


The Job Search tools will be based on Artificial Intelligence to filter candidates according to the company’s needs, drastically reducing process times and providing immediate feedback.


The Metaverse will offer a safer environment and more engaging learning experiences, reaching a wider audience than ever before.


The Metaverse offers a practical opportunity to job seekers and companies looking for talent. It allows participants to be connected in virtual mode through 3D reality, greatly amplifying the possibilities for personnel research and selection.


Looking to the future, AI will also be able to select candidates based on how their avatars behave as they experience the Metaverse.


The databases will collect data on what our avatars do and don’t do when we are connected to virtual reality. An attitude of ourselves will emerge.


Based on this, artificial intelligence will be able to select the best jobs for us. Conversely, AI will be able to choose the right people for your company or to find the right collaborator.


But this is true in the more distant future, for which we must begin preparing with confidence and expectation.




What I have just described is one way in which we will take advantage of virtual reality. One of many uses.


Here are some more examples:


1. Corporate Training: The company can deliver online training sessions in a virtual environment that offers more engagement and interaction than the traditional classroom.


2. Remote collaboration: Collaboration between workers from different parts of the world becomes increasingly important. The Metaverse allows the possibility of creating virtual environments where people can communicate and work together as if they were in the same room.


3. 3D Design: Virtual reality can be used to create interactive 3D models of products before they are even made and then test their usability.


4. Meetings in Real Time: Corporate meetings with clients are often limited by distance. Thanks to the Metaverse they can easily be organized in a virtual environment, allowing the participation of people from all over the world.


5. Sales Support: The Metaverse provides an opportunity to showcase products interactively, allowing customers to explore and test products before purchasing.




With the increasing use of 3D technology in various industries, people are realizing the enormous possibilities offered by the Metaverse.


Many companies have already purchased licenses to develop VR applications and services.


The Metaverse looks to a bright future with great potential, where 3D technology will transform the way people work, learn, and interact.


The technological challenges to be faced are still many, but with adequate investment, the Metaverse has all the credentials to become 1000 times more useful than it already is today.


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