What Is The Metaverse: The Vr (Virtual Reality) Changing Our Existence And The Web


What Is The Metaverse: The Vr (Virtual Reality) Changing Our Existence And The Web

Why do we call virtual reality the Metaverse? What is virtual reality as we understand it today? Where do we enter and how do we move within it?


These are all questions I will answer in this article.


The Metaverse is a reference to the metaphor of virtual reality as a parallel world. Here we can explore, experience, and interact with the environment. The Metaverse isn’t just a way for us to travel through time or space; it is something deeper and extremely engaging.


Virtual reality (VR) is based on the use of interactive 3D technologies, and the simulation of three-dimensional environments and characters. With the Metaverse, we will have a more realistic and immersive virtual reality experience that allows us to explore new worlds in a deeper way.


We can interact with our surroundings using simple voice commands or gestures as if we were really there. We are also creators and builders of that three-dimensional environment. The best news is news, it has been compared to a three-dimensional video game in which we can immerse ourselves using a headset.


We can create personalized content and share it with other participants within the same platform, to create a community of people who share similar interests and passions.


The Metaverse is a way to make virtual reality more accessible, engaging, and experiential, giving anyone the opportunity to enter a parallel world full of interactive content.


This technology will change the way we interact with our surroundings and open up new possibilities in entertainment, medicine, education, and much more.




The Metaverse is not just a virtual reality technology. It is also something much deeper and more fascinating that represents the opportunity to create a parallel world full of interactive content, in which everyone can explore and experiment.


It is no coincidence that this word was borrowed from content coined in a science fiction novel. The book, written by Neal Stephenson, and belonging to the cyberpunk culture is titled “Snow Crash” (1992).


“Snow Crash” is a cyberpunk science fiction story set in a dystopian future where technology and the media have taken over society.


The story follows the adventure of hacker Hiro Protagonist, who is recruited to investigate “Snow Crash”, a mysterious computer virus that seems to wreak havoc on the minds of human beings like a drug.


In the novel, Stephenson coined the term “Metaverse” to describe a three-dimensional virtual world that spans the globe and offers infinite possibilities.


There are several worlds in Stephenson’s novel, but the Metaverse connects them all together and creates a single space for users to interact. This symbolizes Stephenson’s boundless imagination of how technology can provide endless experiences for anyone.


This is also the meaning we give to Metaverse VR. We can finally experience what Stephenson described in his novel, immersed in virtual reality with interactive content, worlds to explore, characters to meet and interact with them, and games that allow us to have a more realistic virtual reality experience.




In the Metaverse, we can experience reality halfway between fiction and reality. The result is something incredibly immersive and exciting that allows us to explore new environments, games, and worlds as realistically as if we were actually there.


Yet, for all the Metaverse offers, can we say with certainty that it is still fictional? No, not really. Virtual reality is much more than just a game or movie because it allows us to interact in a real way with our surroundings.


This gives us a sense of freedom and control that we can’t find in other forms of entertainment. We can be architects of our experience, creating personalized content and sharing it with other users.


In this way, we can create our own virtual reality, a reality that allows us to challenge the limits of fiction and reality. That’s why we can say with certainty that Metaverse VR is truly something special!


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Currently, there are several Metaverse VRs available. The best known are:


– Second Life: a three-dimensional virtual world in which users can create and interact with each other as avatars.


– Sansar: a social virtual reality experience developed by Linden Lab, offering interactive content and realistic 3D environments.


– High Fidelity: an open-source platform specialized in the development of immersive experiences in virtual reality.


– AltspaceVR: a social networking platform developed by Microsoft that allows users to create sharable 3D virtual spaces.






Some of the most famous Metaverse VR are Decentraland, Roblox, Somnium Space, and Horizon Worlds.


Decentraland is a decentralized virtual world where users can buy land and own real digital assets. With its blockchain environment, this platform offers users the ability to create interactive content such as games, applications, and more.


Roblox is a website that allows users to create 3D worlds and games, where they can also purchase cosmetic items for their avatars. This platform is very famous among kids and teenagers all over the world.


Somnium Space is another decentralized platform that allows users to purchase virtual land with comprehensive options such as private properties, buildables, and even shops.


Horizon Worlds is an open-source VR Metaverse developed by Meta. It offers a variety of interactive content such as explorable worlds, 3D editors, chatrooms, and much more.


These platforms are just a few of the many that offer anyone the chance to have the Metaverse VR experience. Each has its own peculiarities and characteristics that make it unique in its kind.




To enter any of the Metaverse VR listed above, you must first register. You will then be able to download the app to access it and follow the instructions to create your account.


Once you’ve created your avatar, you’re ready to explore the virtual worlds! You can interact with other users or immerse yourself in virtual reality as you see fit.


You can also choose to create personalized content to enrich the experience of other users. In this way, you can make your visits to Metaverse VR even more engaging and fun!


In addition to immersing yourself as a user in one of these virtual cities, you can also become the owner of the land and enjoy active participation in the creation of the content and the overall experience.


What are lands? Lands are virtual areas within the platform that can be purchased by you. Once purchased, you can customize and transform your property by building a building, a house, or a service. You will have to rely on Metaverse developer programmers, a professional figure in great demand today.


In short, there is so much to do and discover in this new dimension.


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