Two Soccer Champions In The Metaverse. Why Is Sportsmen’s Interest In Virtual Reality Growing?


Two Soccer Champions In The Metaverse. Why Is Sportsmen's Interest In Virtual Reality Growing?


Two Soccer Champions In The Metaverse. Why Is Sportsmen’s Interest In Virtual Reality Growing?

Three names, three football legends, three examples for small dreamers and professionals of this spot. I’m talking about Neymar Jr, Luis Figo, and Son Heung-Min. They are the ones who will soon bring their presence to the Metaverse.


– They will be featured in the new NFTStar residence in The Sandbox, the blockchain-based virtual universe.


The three champions have signed an agreement with NFTStar to take part in a plan to build a global sports platform integrated into the Metaverse, with regular matches, exclusive NFT drops and the ability to access a virtual sports arena.




Neymar Jr is the famous Brazilian footballer. He played for several clubs, including Santos, Barcelona, and the current Paris Saint-Germain. He became a football star due to his amazing technique, accuracy, and dribbling skills.


His speed, intuition, and acrobatic shots have led to a number of memorable goals, including a famous pair against Germany during the 2014 World Cup.


Neymar Jr is also known for his well-documented and extravagant lifestyle. He met several famous people, including actors, musicians, and other professional footballers.


He is often seen in photos with the latest fashion trends and expensive accessories. He has a large collection of exclusive automobiles, including some customized versions of Ferraris and Lamborghinis.


He has also been involved in several charitable campaigns for his native Brazilian community.


He contributed to the construction of the Museu da Paz a Santos, which celebrates the life and cultural heritage of the local inhabitants. In addition, he has generously donated funds to local and international charities such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation and UNICEF.


Neymar Jr represents one of the greatest talents in world football in terms of athletic ability, strategic intuition and ability to create plays. It’s also a great example of how celebrities can use their influence to do good in the world.

Son Heung-Min is another successful soccer player. The South Korean has played for clubs such as Bayer Leverkusen, Tottenham Hotspur and his current club FC Seoul.


He is one of the greatest talents in Asian football with excellent technical ability, quick dribbling, and precision in running the ball. His lethal speed makes him a tough opponent for any team to deal with.


Luis Figo was a great Portuguese footballer who ended his career in Real Madrid when together with his teammates they were called the Galacticos.


He was an incredibly fast player, capable of creating attacking possibilities with his precise passing. He was also a great leader within the team.




Abe Ren, co-founder of NFTStar put it clearly:


“We are thrilled to partner with The Sandbox to promote our brand, celebrities, and proprietary NFTs.


”This collaboration allows us to collectively grow the community of sports, eSports, and video game enthusiasts.”


Sebastien Borget, co-founder and COO of The Sandbox added:


“Sports is an important part of global culture, and as such it is a pleasure to welcome NFTStar to The Sandbox metaverse as we continue to grow our experiences and sports-based activations, such as the recent Kuniverse with Kun Aguero.”




Virtual reality offers a whole new way for fans to interact with their favorite celebrities in a more personal way.


Viewers can enjoy experiences that otherwise wouldn’t be possible in real life, such as visiting a footballer’s home or taking part in an exclusive sporting event.


VR will enable celebrities to generate additional income for themselves through the use of technology such as NFTs (non-fungible tokens.)


This way, celebrities can offer their fans exclusive products and services and earn an income in the process.


In short, they can use their image to earn from another asset.


Right now, for example, many use social media, online, or television advertising. Tomorrow it will be the Metaverse


Virtual reality can also mean that footballers can interact with their fans around the world without having to physically travel. This is an important opportunity because it will allow more people to enjoy the same first-hand experiences in real time.


These are just some of the reasons why sports celebrities like Neymar Jr, Son Heung-Min, and Luis Figo are taking an interest in virtual reality.


As technology continues to evolve, the impact it has on the world of sports will become more significant as time goes on.


Instead, the companies investing in building the Metaverse are using these celebrities as a vehicle to bring users into the 3D world.


They have an entertainment platform dedicated to the virtual experience where people can connect, play, and interact live.


What is certain is that the future of sports will be radically different from current business models, and we will see how virtual reality will continue to develop in the near future.


We have no doubt that celebrities from the world of sports will continue to influence it in a positive way.


Behind this approach is a psychological issue. If whoever is famous is in the Metaverse, then the Metaverse is safe, fun, and for everyone.


That’s what people will almost certainly think.


This psychological approach is based on the idea that if people see famous celebrities like Neymar Jr, Son Heung-Min, and Luis Figo involved in the Metaverse then they will become more interested in exploring it.


Celebrities serve as role models for many dedicated fans, as well as casual followers who visit their pages. The presence of these legends in virtual reality can increase the perception of the safety of an online environment and make users more willing to explore it.


Celebrities can also encourage fans to discover new things in VR, such as proprietary NFTs or unique content, that prove to be fun and exciting.


Their presence in the Metaverse can also increase interest in social activities such as multiplayer games and competitions with cash prizes. This can increase the attractiveness of this environment and encourage more people to enter it.


Those with fame can provide a feeling of comfort in virtual reality that otherwise appears alien to many users. This is why many big brands are partnering with famous soccer players to promote the Metaverse and expand the reach of technology in sports.


This highlights the importance of celebrity involvement and how it can influence people’s perception of virtual reality.


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