Tiktok Invests In The Metaverse. If The Most Clicked Application In The World Does It, It Means That…


Tiktok Invests In The Metaverse. If The Most Clicked Application In The World Does It, It Means That…

It’s called Pico 4, it was created by ByteDance, a company owner of TikTok, it is the new virtual reality viewer launched by the most popular app in the world.


It is called Pico 4 and will be available in Italy, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, and eight other European countries after October 18th.


The application that is most booming and hypnotizing to millions of kids cares about the Metaverse.


Some might say it is a rhetorical question. As Facebook has already created a virtual reality of its own, the other social networks must also stay up to date.


Stay up to date, in the sense must look to emerging markets and not sleep on their successes. Because we are in a fluid and ever-changing world.


But this is not enough … so let’s try to understand the TikTok product.




Pico 4 has:


The latest generation Qualcomm Xr2 processor


An Adreno 650 graphics card and 8 gb of ram, so it should not be connected to an external computer.


The battery, in the back strap, guarantees about three hours of use on a single charge.




So Pico 4 will be the competitor of Meta Quest 2, the other top-of-the-range viewer owned by Meta.


In reality, Meta Quest 2 will be replaced by Project Cambria: which will be the first viewer of the group led by Mark Zuckerberg, designed for the purpose of the Metaverse.


In short, TikTok doesn’t mind jumping into the future.


For now, there are no specific applications for Pico 4 yet, but it is up in the air when they will hit the market.


Sure, TikTok can’t afford to miss out on the Metaverse.


It doesn’t mean that Facebook can do it, but the difference is that Zuckerberg & C. have a specific plan and TikTok hasn’t proven that so far.


The fact remains that if ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, continues to invest in emerging technologies such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.



Tiktik Invests In The Metaverse

The first is the pass-through functionality:


– It allows the wearer to pass from the vision of three-dimensional environments to that of the surrounding real world, without taking it off.


– It has a high-quality camera system that is similar to what happens on a smartphone, capturing and transmitting images on the internal screen.


Meanwhile, TikTok will launch Pico Fitness in 2023:


– The app monitors the movements of the lower body.


Henry Zhou, President of Pico said in an official statement:


“At Pico, we are proud to offer immersive and interactive VR experiences and Pico 4 offers even more diverse content across games, fitness, and video.”




Well, it’s time to reveal it!


TikTok has understood that social networks will disappear. As did Utorrent, Myspace, or Friendster.


But this is not as bad as you might think.


It is confirmation that each platform has its own time and then must leave room for new generations.


Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram won’t last forever either.


These social networks will be replaced by other communication channels.


Perhaps the Metaverse will also be part of the future of the network. TikTok knows this well and for this reason, it has invested in the Pico 4.


Perhaps it does not have the strength to create its own virtual space while Facebook is succeeding.


While TikTik will wait to get its own space in an existing Metaverse, who knows what plans they will have?




We all have to start focusing our attention on the world – indeed the worlds – virtual.


That is where the future of the network is at stake.


Any platform, social, or application that is born today must have a plan B for the Metaverse.


Also offline economic activities, or even online, must somehow be present there.


If you are an investor you may be looking for new opportunities in that space. As well as a real estate agent, and a retail trader.


In short, the Metaverse can no longer be ignored.


Because if TikTok is investing in it, it means that something big is about to happen.


Just read the hypotheses that are made every month by several subjects on the billions that will rain on the Metaverse.


Many argue that in 5 years, there will be 1000 billion dollars of economy linked to the Metaverse.



Tiktik Invests In The Metaverse

What are the investments that today are considered the best to focus on in the Metaverse?


There are those who suggest buying shares in companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Apple.


These companies are working on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and it is no coincidence that they are fielding billions of dollars of investment.


But there are those who argue that we must not forget the small companies trying to make a difference in this sector.


Such as the Japanese company DeNA, which created one of the first platforms for online commerce in 2002, and today is a giant in Virtual Reality.


Oculus is the Facebook company that produces viewers for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.


Magic Leap, an American company that deals with Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality.


Another type of investment is the purchase of land or buildings in virtual reality such as in Second Life, Red Light Center, or Entropia Universe.


These are spaces that could be worth a lot in the future.


In fact, many argue that the first billionaires of the Metaverse will be those who bought these virtual lands.


There are those who focus on companies such as Epic Games, Unity Technologies, and Improbable.


These three companies are working on content creation platforms in the Metaverse.


Finally, the tokens are linked to the various virtual realities: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Linden Dollar, Sand, and Tamadoge.


These tokens will allow users to buy or sell goods and services within virtual worlds.


They could be a good investment for the future.


What will be the next TikTok? The app that will change the world?


We may never know, but what is certain is that we need to start monitoring this sector if we don’t want to be left behind.


Because those who invest in the Metaverse today could become filthy rich tomorrow.


Obviously, this is my point of view and not investment advice. Take this information as an extra insight into this industry.


If you want to invest money in one of the ways mentioned, do it according to your ideas and if you are really convinced. In any case, it is always a risk.


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