Three Jobs That Will Take Place First In The Metaverse. The New Zuckerberg Viewer Is Designed For This


Three Jobs That Will Take Place First In The Metaverse. The New Zuckerberg Viewer Is Designed For This


Three Jobs That Will Take Place First In The Metaverse. The New Zuckerberg Viewer Is Designed For This

Just as the world of the web has created new professionals and new ways of working, so have social networks. It is obvious to draw a parallel with the metaverse. In the virtual world, the change will be extremely awesome. In ways we can’t even imagine.


The start of new or old professions that will take place within the metaverse will also go hand in hand with the development of hardware technologies that allow you to immerse yourself in navigation in that parallel reality.


I am thinking of the new viewer presented by Mark Zuckerberg these days. A big leap forward. But that’s just the beginning.


Let’s play a game: try to imagine what your children and grandchildren will do. They will be who knows what. For example, they might work as “avatars.”


And you? What do you think? Could you do the same work you do now, inside the metaverse? Probably yes. But with a few more tricks.


For example, you should learn to move in that virtual space, interact with other avatars, and carry out your activities.


Another example that comes to mind is in the morning instead of taking public transport or the car to go to work, we will wear a suit, visor, and other technology to immerse ourselves in some digital reality.


It’s not a job for everyone, but the Metaverse certainly opens up new business and job opportunities. A reality that cannot be ignored. Seeing is believing.


Here are three jobs that have to do with the Metaverse




The workers of the future will no longer have to travel constantly to attend meetings and conferences. Thanks to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, these activities will be transferred to the Metaverse.


We will be able to conduct our meetings in a virtual environment that can be shared by all participants, regardless of where they are physically located.


This will make work more efficient, especially for companies that have employees in different parts of the world.


The company from Menlo Park (Meta), explains in a note that:


“Instead of being confined to the size of your desk, you can create a large virtual workspace.”


An environment “with multiple screens scattered around you, while continuing to use your keyboard and mouse in productivity applications like Immersed.”

Three Jobs That Will Take Place First In The Metaverse



One of the most interesting professions related to the Metaverse will be the so-called “co-designers.”


These are professionals who, thanks to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, will be able to design and create new objects and environments in collaboration with other colleagues, even if they are located in other parts of the world.


Co-design in fact means “shared design.”


The advantage is obvious: a computer and a viewer for Augmented or Virtual Reality are enough to start collaborating with other people on a new project. The future of the design profession is already here.


“If you are a furniture designer, you can create detailed 3D models in real-time by working with other people with Arkio and Gravity Sketch, and then see how they look in your living room,” they continue from Meta.


“Developers can create virtual objects that interact with physical space, even in experiences in the same space where two or more people can play or work together in VR while in the same physical space.”




Making use of the Metaverse will also be an area that few can imagine. It is Human Resources.


Maybe you are imagining the classic interview, but instead of doing it live or via video call, it will be done in the virtual world.


Instead, recruiting will make use of an additional element of interaction, that looks at group dynamics such as gamification, the measure of social behavior.


Here is what an expert director of Engineering’s Digital Solution says


“It is clear that now it is a secondary component that does not replace the human aspect (ie the meeting in person.)”


“However, when the technologies are more mature and plausible, when the avatars will be more like human aspects and movements, we will move towards a flanking of real space with immersive space.”


“All these elements, combined with one another, suggest what we can expect from the Metaverse on the themes of talent management.”


In other words, human resource management in the future will increasingly rely on Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies to choose the most suitable candidates.


Not only that, companies will be able to carry out real Metaverse training, in order to prepare employees in the best possible way for their activities.


In short, a new world is about to arrive. There is nothing better than preparing in time.



Three Jobs That Will Take Place First In The Metaverse

Why can’t we compare a video call with direct immersion in the virtual parallel world?


In a video call we are limited by the space and the movements we can make.


In the Metaverse, we can be transported everywhere, even in unexplored parallel worlds, to discover new business opportunities.


Any company can benefit from the support of the Metaverse in its sector.


Imagine being able to visit your customers or employees directly in their workplace, even if they are in other cities or countries.


To be able to hold meetings and brainstorm in new, stimulating, and creative environments.


The possibilities are endless. The Metaverse is no longer a mere utopia: it is already a reality that is about to explode.


If you want to know more about this new and unknown world, keep following us. We will keep you updated on all the news.




The Metaverse is a concept that comes from science fiction literature and indicates a set of connected virtual worlds in which users can interact.


This term was coined by Neal Stephenson in the novel Snow Crash, published in 1992.


In this book, the protagonist Hiro Protagonist moves in a “metaverse” made up of many different virtual worlds, called “avatars”.


Each of these worlds offers a different experience and allows users to interact with each other in a whole new way.


Since then, the term “metaverse” has been used in various contexts and has acquired a broader connotation.


Today, it is often used as a synonym for “virtual world” or “virtual environment”, but its true definition is much broader.


The metaverse is an abstract concept that encompasses all existing virtual worlds and those that will be created in the future.


It’s not just virtual worlds for gaming or entertainment, but also augmented reality, mixed reality, and collaborative work environments.


In other words, the Metaverse is the natural evolution of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, which is already changing the way we work, have fun, and interact with others.


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