This Year Will See Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse Takeoff


This Year Will See Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse Takeoff

Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth rose from $12.4 billion to $67.6 billion. Despite this, 2022 hasn’t been a great year for Facebook and the Metaverse. However, the number one founder has promised that it will not be like this in 2023.


Mark has pledged to continue investing in the innovation and technology underlying the Metaverse. Its goal is to expand the platform in order to make the virtual experience more accessible to all. He hopes that one day telecommuting, education, shopping, and entertainment services can be offered within the metaverse.


In addition to trying to improve existing performance, Zuckerberg is also working on new technologies such as neural networks and artificial intelligence. It announced that several third-party applications for the platform will be released in 2023.


The people at the center of the Metaverse have always been Mark Zuckerberg’s focus. For this reason, another of his goals is to make the Metaverse safer so that we can offer everyone a pleasant and safe experience. To do this, they are working on a series of strategies to ensure the privacy of user data and prevent security breaches.




Obviously his new earnings all come from the stock market listing.


– Shares of the Meta company jumped 23% on the day after it released its quarterly earnings.


– It’s the biggest daily gain for Zuckerberg since Facebook (now Meta) went public in May 2012.


– Zuckerberg has been one of the 10 richest people in the world for about seven years. He is of the elite group last fall that saw Meta’s stock price plummet due to declining ad revenue, competition from TikTok, and a general tech slump.


– He is now the 16th richest person in the world. Up from the 22nd position. Far short of his third-place position from September 2021, when his earnings amounted to $136 billion.


Earnings of nearly $400,000 a share, dropped below $100,000. They now stand at 170,000 at the time of writing.


Things are looking much better for Zuckerberg, who has said he “expects big things” in 2023.




Mark continues to be super positive. This is demonstrated not so much by what he says but by the billions he continues to invest in the Metaverse


– Zuckerberg kept his eyes fixed on the future and called 2023 “the year of efficiency” during the earnings conference a few days ago, where he also discussed generative AI.


– Thanks to the likes of ChatGPT and the image generator Stable Diffusion, the technology is exploding into the public sphere and has attracted the attention of competitors including Alphabet and Microsoft. The latter is a large investor in OpenAi, the company that developed ChatGPT.


“We’ve entered a new phase for the company, where we’ve grown so rapidly for the first 18 years and it’s difficult to scale efficiency while you’re growing so rapidly,” Zuckerberg said during his keynote address.


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Zuckerberg’s strategies don’t stop at neural networks and artificial intelligence. He has also shown some passion for VR, which he called “the next big platform”. He is trying to harness the power of VR within the Metaverse with by creating a socially immersive environment.


The environment he created is Horizon Worlds, Meta’s first product.


It is it wa created for the world of work and companies. This platform allows people to virtually gather in an interactive 3D world, where they can chat, design and collaborate.


Horizon Worlds was designed primarily to encourage creativity and social advancement. For this reason, users will be able to create their own content to share with others.


Zuckerberg is also investing in the development of a headset which will be essential hardware for diving into the Metaverse. It is the first hardware imprinted, while having artificial skin to generate a sensory experience of touch in the Metaverse.


Meta Questa Pro has just launched and Zuckerberg said there are high hopes for the future of Horizon Worlds.





Horizon Worlds is currently only available in the United States and Canada


– It is a real world that users can explore through their avatars. Meta has announced that over 10,000 worlds have been created in Horizon Worlds since its launch.


– It is an app that allows you to participate in live events in VR.


– It is the equivalent of the group video call but in VR.


– Meta has announced that there are over 300,000 monthly users of Horizon, a number reached in just over two months (until November 2021 Horizon was only available in the test phase and only developers and content creators could access it).


– Horizon can be accessed via the Oculus Quest virtual reality headset. You must also have a Facebook account.




As for predicting the flop in 2022, it’s hard to make an estimate right now.


It will depend on the acceptance of the Horizon Worlds platform and how people and businesses adapt to this new way of working and interacting with each other.


It will also be interesting to see if other competitors will arrive on the market with products similar to Meta’s.


All of these factors will help determine whether Metaverse will be a hit or a flop in 2023. One thing’s for sure, Mark Zuckerberg has high expectations for the company and doesn’t seem willing to give them up easily.


So the future of the Metaverse is still quite uncertain but with a founder like Zuckerberg the chances are very high that it will turn into a big hit.


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