Adobe Allows Everyone At Home To Create Immersive Experiences In The Virtual World With This Novelty


Adobe Allows Everyone At Home To Create Immersive Experiences In The Virtual World With This Novelty


Adobe Allows Everyone At Home To Create Immersive Experiences In The Virtual World With This Novelty

Today editing a video, at a cinematic level, is within everyone’s reach with a good PC and video editing software. In the same way, the creation of a website, or any other digital content, such as NFT images.


Today, the creation of three-dimensional content is available to everyone.


At the Adobe MAX event, the company famous for PDF, Photoshop, and Premiere, announced the latest innovations introduced in Substance 3D.


This is a cutting-edge tool for creating 3D designs. These tools are put in the hands of creators and companies are end-to-end solutions to create stand-alone 3D content and immersive experiences projected into the Metaverse.


The Metaverse is the virtual world that will absorb the web and social networks. Everything will happen in the Metaverse.


Therefore creating three-dimensional images and projects will become absolutely essential and necessary.




Substance 3D is an Adobe tool for creating 3D content, as we said.


It was born from the collaboration between Adobe and Allegorithmic, a French company leader in the development of design tools and substance, acquired by Adobe in 2019.


Substance 3D allows creators of all levels to create complex three-dimensional content, from simple geometries to polygonal meshes, with total control over matter, light,
and shading.


Its features allow you to generate polygonal models, starting from simple geometry, according to the needs of the project.


Substance 3D also provides users with complete control over the matter and lighting of their digital objects to achieve realistic results.


The tool also offers users the ability to export their projects to different virtual and augmented reality platforms for creating immersive experiences.




With the latest innovations, Adobe allows everyone from home to create immersive experiences in the virtual world.


Substance 3D allows users to automatically generate 3D meshes from 2D photographs, 2D images, and videos.


3D models can be downloaded and shared in OBJ or FBX format on virtual and augmented reality platforms such as Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, and Magic Leap.


– Substance 3D also allows game developers to create interactive 3D and virtual reality worlds using the Unity game engine.


– Substance 3D Sampler has been enhanced with the new Capture 3D feature, which leverages photogrammetry technologies to 3D model directly from images of real contexts, offering significant time savings for creatives looking to create impactful 3D content.


– Substance 3D Modeler is now available for all users.


– Substance 3D Sustainability Calculator also makes its debut, to reduce carbon emissions and resource consumption associated with traditional product shots.


“The brand’s investment in 3D and immersive content creation capabilities have skyrocketed over the past year,” said Sebastien Deguy, vice president and head of 3D and Metaverse at Adobe.

“Our mission as Adobe is to support creatives and brands in the transition to new media, including immersive experiences, and the new features we introduce today make creating 3D content easier and more accessible than ever. “


The Virtual World With This Novelty



Just to understand the scope of this software it must be said that most of the gaming companies, including Activision, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, and Ubisoft, use Substance to give life to immersive gaming experiences.




– Adobe and Meta also collaborate to integrate both Substance 3D Modeler and an upcoming collaborative review app directly into Meta’s Quest platform


– To give anyone the ability to create and share immersive 3D experiences and content via Meta Quest VR headsets.


“The use of Substance 3D Modeler on Meta Quest Pro and Quest 2 devices marks the beginning of a long-term commitment – underlines the San Jose company – to offer Meta Quest 2 users an ever-expanding range of Adobe Substance technologies. 3D, including new workflows for document productivity in virtual reality “




Until now, virtual reality has been dominated by companies that have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in hardware and software to create 3D content.


With Adobe Substance 3D Modeler, Meta and Adobe will give all users the ability to create immersive experiences in the virtual world quickly, easily, and economically.


“This collaboration will allow Meta Quest 2 users to access Adobe Substance 3D Modeler’s powerful automatic 3D meshing capabilities, allowing them to create detailed content quickly and cost-effectively,” explains Shawn Frayne, Meta CEO and cofounder.


Meta and Adobe will also work closely together to allow Quest 2 users to access the powerful automatic 3D meshing capabilities of the Substance 3D Modeler platform.


Thanks to the partnership between the two giants of immersive computing it will be possible for all Meta Quest 2 users to generate 3D content rich in details quickly and economically.


“We are thrilled to partner with Adobe to enable Meta Quest 2 users to take advantage of the powerful features of Substance 3D Modeler,” says Shawn Frayne.


“This partnership will allow us to increase the productivity of creators and offer them new ways to express their creativity in the virtual world.”




Of course, the interesting thing is that it’s not just about providing the tools for everyone to be the creators of their own virtual world.


We are also thinking of new professional figures who can take care of the creation and management of this type of content in order to make them usable by the general public.


In the future, Adobe plans to offer specific training programs to support the new professional profiles that will arise thanks to the spread of Reality Computing.


“With the spread of augmented and virtual reality technologies, new professional profiles are emerging to support the creation of immersive 3D content,” said David McGavran, vice president and head of Creative Cloud at Adobe.


“We are delighted to partner with Meta to offer Quest 2 users access to the powerful features of Substance 3D Modeler and enable us to train new professionals who will work in this expanding industry.”

The Virtual World With This Novelty



The Metaverse is a shared and persistent virtual reality environment in which users can meet, communicate, and collaborate.


With the spread of Reality Computing, it is believed that this type of environment will be increasingly structured and will offer users an increasingly realistic and engaging experience.


The goal is to offer users the opportunity to create their own virtual world, share it with others and build together an alternative reality in which anything is possible.


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