How To Buy Land In The Metaverse: A Step-by-step Guide To Securing Real Estate In The Metaverse


The Top 8 Metaverse Real Estate And Cryptocurrency Projects To Invest In For 2023

Over the last decade, technology has evolved into an entirely new shape. The strength of blockchain technology is driving this dramatic development. The most recent and well-known invention to result from this opening of the doors is the Metaverse realm.


The panorama of the digital world is altering because of this highly intriguing investment. The sale of real estate in the metaverse brought in a staggering $500 million just last year, and it is predicted that this figure will rise significantly in the years to come.


This sudden emergence of this technology is entirely due to Facebook’s Meta. People were so persuaded to buy metaverse land as a result. But, still, people are struggling in understanding the Metaverse systems and the types of metaverse lands.


If you are one of the early investors interested in the metaverse, you should be aware of the various metaverse projects. In this article, we will go through the top 8 metaverse projects to invest in for 2023.


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The Metaverse team has developed several tools and services to assist users in creating and managing their land NFTs.


The metaverse virtual worlds contain continents, nations, cities, villages, and regions. Users buy land plots, create experiences, and sell them to other users. In the Metaverse, these are land NFTs.


Players are free to choose what and how they wish to view the virtual world because there are no predefined games or stories in the game.


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The Top 8 Metaverse Real Estate

The top ten Metaverse platforms for investing in land NFTs are as follows:




Decentraland is a browser-based 3D virtual world platform. Users on Decentraland can buy virtual plots of land in the form of NFTs using the platform’s native token, MANA, which operates on the Ethereum blockchain.


Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordano designed it, which has been in the works since 2015 and will be unveiled in February 2020. It is managed by the Decentraland Foundation, a non-profit organization.


However, its currency was introduced during the 2017 ICO (initial coin offering) boom and raised $26 million.


During the recent 2021 bull run, and even in early 2022, large brands began to appear or purchase “properties” in Decentraland metaverse crypto ventures. These companies include Samsung, Atari, Adidas, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Miller Lite.


In March 2022, Decentraland held Metaverse Fashion Week, which featured major fashion brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Tommy Hilfiger, Perry Ellis, Imitation of Christ, Elie Saab, Nicholas Kirkwood, and Estée Lauder. Musicians such as Deadmau5 and Grimes performed on the platform.




Sandbox is the metaverse’s second most popular coin. However, in recent months, it has been a much bigger winner than Decentraland, with its native SAND coin rising by about 1,670 percent.


The Sandbox is a virtual space with a DAO design, similar to Decentralnd. Furthermore, The Sandbox, like Decentralnd, is supposed to be built on the Ethereum blockchain. This blockchain is intended to support smart contracts by simply obtaining virtual land and other assets.


The SAND virtual token is the Sandbox’s original money, and it is transitioning to Polygon’s layer 2 solutions, which are known for their lower transaction fees and faster processing times.


Simply defined, the Sandbox is a virtual world in which anyone from all over the world can easily design, own, and sell their game experiences utilizing the Ethereum Blockchain and the SAND Token.


Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a type of virtual asset that players can create, publish to the market, and utilize in games made by well-known developers.


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You can’t possibly be unaware of Axie Infinity unless you’ve been living a monastic existence in a remote village.


This blockchain-based game has captivated the world with its charming animal-like characters and the opportunities it provides to its players, who have found themselves earning large sums of money while doing something they enjoy.


In fact, several people have turned Axie into a full-time career. Axie’s native cryptocurrencies AXS and SLP are at the heart of this Ethereum blockchain metaverse concept. Inside the came, each serves a particular purpose.


AXS (Axie Infinity Shards) is a governance token. AXS holders can vote on the game’s future development plans, such as updates and treasury balance utilization. AXS has constantly been named among the best metaverse coins, with its value increasing by 200% in 2021 alone when compared to last year.


SLP tokens, commonly known as Smooth Love Potion, can be obtained as rewards in battle or adventure mode. As the game’s popularity skyrocketed, these creatures grew increasingly valuable – a pattern we expect to see continuing in 2023.


And, because gamers can simply cash out their in-game currency in the real world, that’s a paradigm that’s unlikely to change very soon. Axie Infinity is and will be one of the leading metaverses to watch this year.


GALA (GALA) Gala is a blockchain-based gaming platform that blends non-fungible token advantages with the joy of gaming to build a system where users may freely transfer in-game goods. Gala also offers several blockchain-based social games aimed at fostering connections and relationships.


Some of the games that are now available include Spider Tank, Fortified, Town Star, Mirandus, and Echoes of Empire. One of the blockchain project’s strong points is the level of control and ownership offered to players.


The GALA native digital token, which is used throughout the platform for network administration, rewards, and node operator incentives, primarily enables this. Gala can also be used to purchase digital products such as NFTs through the game’s shop and player marketplace.


Gala gamers, like those who play other blockchain-based games, can create and customize their avatars.


Star Atlas (ATLAS) Star Atlas is a metaverse project centered on a game set in the future, specifically the year 2620, wherein players conquer land and gather resources in a futuristic scenario.


Star Atlas’ two Solana-blockchain-based coins are ATLAS and POLIS. The first, ATLAS, works similarly to regular in-game currency, letting players do things like fight in battles, explore new realms, and use the marketplace.


This is especially noteworthy given that, except for a few items, all assets in the game are NFTs. POLIS, on the other hand, permits users to engage in “political intrigue,” as the creators characterize it. Furthermore, gamers have a say in in-game decisions and can even outvote the developers.


Think of it as a regular reward-based game where you accumulate coins through gameplay and task completion. The benefits in this circumstance, on the other hand, have the potential to be profitable.


The game is also developed on the Solana blockchain, giving it a significant cost advantage over projects based on Ethereum. Its market capitalization has now surpassed 134 million dollars. Click here to download our expert guide to making money by investing in metaverse real estate.


The Top 8 Metaverse Real Estate And Cryptocurrency Projects To Invest In For 2023



Bloktopia’s skyscraper-themed metaverse project aims to provide a one-of-a-kind platform where users can study, meet new people, do business, and experiment with a range of activities over a 21-story tower.


Because the building will be incomplete at first, this metaverse will rely heavily on the contribution and ingenuity of each user.


There have been some fascinating hints regarding this upcoming project, which is scheduled to debut in the coming months, even if not much has been made public yet. One such hint was the presence of a WWE room.


Bloktopia also intends to provide new methods of generating content and revenue for those who wish to live in the metaverse. When it first comes out, gamers will be able to explore levels 1-6. Because it’s part of the mystery, you’ll have to wait to find out what’s inside.


High Street (HIGH)


Highstreet is a fascinating concept with a lot of potential, at least in terms of metaverse utilization. You can simply shop for items within the virtual environment using HIGH, the native utility token, just like many others. Some Shopify sites have already been linked to the game platform.


Its hybrid approach to virtual experience definitely sets it apart from the competition. It’s a half-virtual, half-physical model, which adds to the mystery. Furthermore, NFTs are vital to the platform’s success, and many businesses may easily be onboarded so that their products can be used as NFTs.


HTC is said to be funding the initiative, which will raise roughly $5 million in August 2021. It has a market worth of roughly $85 million as of January of this year, and its value has climbed by approximately 90% since its inception in October of last year




Cryptovoxels is a Minecraft-inspired Ethereum-based metaverse. As a result, this metaverse is made up of a vast array of digital structures and plots of ground that people can keep adding to.


Assets can be traded for ETH on OpenSea, but Cryptovoxels has its own currency, the Cryptovoxels Parcel (CVPA). These, which correspond to territory in Cryptovoxel’s Origin City, can also be purchased through OpenSea.


Because Voxels are an NFT, users retain complete ownership of each land parcel. Players can opt to create or sell their virtual homes, including adding posters, signage, and audio tracks.


Cryptovoxels, being one of the earliest metaverse projects, has managed to build a strong community that has only grown over time, resulting in ever more inventive and fascinating NFTs. Thus, in 2023, it would be a good idea to keep Cryptovoxels in mind (and beyond).


The crypto and metaverse worlds are rapidly expanding. So much so that it is challenging to predict the future of virtual worlds and which cryptocurrencies will continue to rank at the top of the best metaverse projects. However, this is only another fascinating aspect of the current technological revolution.


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