Users Like The Roblox Metaverse Much More Than The Others, Here Are The Reasons Why


Users Like The Roblox Metaverse Much More Than The Others, Here Are The Reasons Why

First Nike, then Gucci, and Ralph Lauren bet on this metaverse. To name a few of the most important brands. More importantlyl millions of users surf (or rather immerse themselves) in Roblox every month.


The platform never ceases to attract the attention of investors, which include giants such as Microsoft and other big names in Silicon Valley.


Roblox is an excellent educational tool for teenagers of the third millennium. Thanks to the intelligent use of avatars and the possibility of creating interconnected virtual worlds, Roblox offers children and adult enthusiasts science fiction that has become reality: a parallel life where everything seems possible


In this universe, one can learn the rules of programming and the basics of business. More advanced Roblox users have the ability to sell virtual products. Roblox also helps to develop social skills such as working in teams and learning the dynamics of online communities.


Roblox offers more than 20 million different games and is growing more every day. It is an ever-evolving social network that is expanding beyond virtual borders. Recently, Roblox announced that it has partnered with Universal Music Group to offer music content within its virtual world.


Roblox is changing the way people interact and communicate online.


True, there are other metaverses that are doing well, such as The Sandbox and Decentraland, and with good potential, there is also Meta’s Horizon Worlds.


But let’s find out why Roblox is one step ahead of all others.




Roblox was born in 2006 as a simple game, with the goal of being an open-creation platform that allows users to build virtual worlds and share them with other players.


This platform quickly became a favorite among children and teenagers, attracting millions of users by 2016. By 2020, Roblox was online in over 200 countries and had nearly 150 million active users.

Roblox Metaverse

As of today, it:


– Contains over 20 million that paved the way for the metaverse.


– Roblox is one of the best-performing platforms in terms of monthly active users: they averaged over 50 million per month in 2022.


– With almost ten million content creators or content developers, the application based in San Mateo (California), is available in 11 languages, present on mobile, PC, and console. 10.8 billion hours were played from September to December 2021.


– Roblox was listed on the Stock Exchange in March 2020: the IPO was 41 billion dollars, one of the highest ever on Wall Street, with the debut at 45 dollars per share, which became 70 at the end of the second day of bargaining.


– It was one of the first accesses to the Metaverse. Its inventor David Baszucki, an American engineer who at the end of the 80s developed Interactive Physics, software for creating physics experiments in schools, prefers to define his creation as “a human co-experience platform”


– Now the platform is chasing the interest of generation Z, with investment in augmented reality and 3D spatial audio technology that allows 360-degree sound reproduction.


– Roblox CEO David Baszucki recently explained that the 17-24-year-old segment grew 51% year-over-year in January, “a wonderful validation of our vision to bring people of all ages together on our platform.”


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– The boom of content creators, considered the cornerstones of digital marketing, has had an impact.


– There were over 50 million, in 2020. Roblox made material improvements to enhance the virtual world by rendering fidelity improvements, made even more immersive, that allowed game developers to customize the look and feel of their experiences.


– The presence on various platforms (pc, iPhone, Android, and Xbox) and the ease of access to the platform: free registration, the avatar character is created (such as Lego), access to a customizable space (Roblox Studio) through a sort of virtual toolbox, then you enter the game, free or paid.


– The idea that anyone can build a game on their own is certainly a winner, independently deciding the rules and building tailor-made experiences around them, taking advantage of the infinite creative opportunities offered by the platform.


– The content developer monetizes right away with player access to his paid creations. Transactions take place through the Robux digital currency, which is purchased with real money.


Roblox has also launched incentive programs and rewards to encourage game creation. Once a piece of content is promoted, the author receives a percentage of the coins earned from that piece of content.


This Robux Creative Program was created as a means to help experienced and novice developers monetize their content.


In conclusion, the success of the Roblox platform is based on three main factors: versatility, accessibility, and earning opportunities.


Roblox is a platform that offers anyone the ability to create unique interactive content that appeals to a large audience.


Its ease of use and its presence on many devices have made Roblox a versatile, fun, and profitable game.




Ralph Lauren has brought his creations to the Roblox metaverse in a space dedicated to the famous fashion brand.


“Our entry into the Metaverse is a natural extension of our lifestyle brand – explained Alice Delahunt, chief digital & content officer at Ralph Lauren – our partnership with Roblox builds on years of digital innovation and underlines our belief in the opportunity that virtual spaces and economies present, especially when it comes to the next generation of consumers.”


A metaverse that creates a personalized world, with infinite possibilities for creative expression.


Delahunt concludes: “The experience built by Roblox serves as the bridge between our brand and today’s consumers.”


Roblox is confirmed as an interactive space where individual imagination has the upper hand on the screen. The vision is that of a personal world where everyone can explore, play, and live.


The success of Roblox is an example of how the Metaverse, combining creativity and economy, represents a new frontier of virtual reality. A world that promises more and more surprises.


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