How To Jump Into The Real Estate Market And Buy A House In The Metaverse, A Sector That Is Growing At The Speed Of Light


How To Jump Into The Real Estate Market And Buy A House In The Metaverse, A Sector That Is Growing At The Speed Of Light


How To Jump Into The Real Estate Market And Buy A House In The Metaverse, A Sector That Is Growing At The Speed Of Light

If there is one sector that enjoys exponential growth in terms of economic value, it is the Metaverse. I include cryptocurrencies, which have gone from zero to billions circulating between the purchases and sales of big digital tokens based on the blockchain.


The Metaverse has seen two types of growth: the first concerns the investments made both by the individual companies that have created the various metatheses (just think of Meta with its Horizon World) and those of the companies that have opened marketplaces and virtual spaces in the same virtual realities. The second is the value of the lands and tokens in economic terms that have grown in the more solid metaverses.


Thanks to their virtual worlds, people can interact with each other more realistically and use their tokens to buy useful goods or services. An experience never seen before and which is destined to grow.


If we go back just 20 years, who would have thought our eyes would be glued to a mobile phone screen connected to social networks, YouTube, or the web in general for 5, 6, or 7 hours a day?


Well, no one thought we’dl be connected to a headset in the Metaverse today. But it will probably be like this.


This means companies can generate income through their activities within the Metaverse, such as 3D design, digital content, etc.




The sale of lands or land within the Metaverse is a booming real estate market.


A total novelty that no one could have imagined 5 years ago.


People buy and sell land for different purposes, like setting up businesses or as an investment.


Platforms such as Opensea, the first decentralized exchange platform for digital assets, are also increasing interest in selling land in the Metaverse.


But what is land?


Land is literally a terrain or portion of land within a metaverse. Each piece of land has its own owner and respective digital identity, allowing anyone who owns that land to personalize it so that it is recognizable by all as belonging to the original owner.




Another big advantage of buying land is that you don’t need to sign any contracts to make a transaction legally valid. No notary is needed, saving you the high cost.


Instead, everything is transmitted and recorded in the underlying blockchain according to the rules established by the organization or body that owns the metaverse.


The blockchain is a decentralized system, meaning no central bank or authority is in charge of monitoring transactions.


Furthermore, all transactions are instantaneous and traceable at any time, thus allowing anyone to verify land ownership.


This is critical to maintaining the integrity of the platform.


In technical jargon, the land is an Nft, i.e., a non-fungible asset with an intrinsic value and cannot be exchanged without losing its identity, originality, and unpublished.


I’ll give you an example with music files. Let’s say Justin Bieber produces a new music single.


Then suppose that he, in addition to spreading the musical single on various distribution channels such as Spotify or YouTube, decided to sell the original track for a mountain of money. The first and only digital original track worth a few hundred thousand dollars or more.


A bit like an old movie film, the original one, not a copy.


Here, thanks to the technological format of the Nft (based on the blockchain), Justin Bieber could do it without anyone being able to counterfeit or declare themselves the owner of the original track having in hand a simple copy downloaded online.


Anyone who buys the original track will, in fact, always be able to prove that it is their original one, also proving that Justin Bieber sold it directly to them because everything is recorded on the blockchain. Therefore, he will be able to demonstrate the true economic value of his digital file at any time.


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Buying a Metaverse land is pretty straightforward.


First, you must sign up with the platform that manages the metaverse where you intend to buy land. For example, Roblox, Decentraland, The Sandbox, and Somnium Space are the most popular.


Once you have identified the desired platform, you can research the real estate market and see what properties are available.


Remember that pricing depends on the platform and metaverse you want to buy from, so be sure to do your research before buying.


Plots of different sizes can often be found at reasonable prices. Like a thousand euros, it can also go up to prices similar to a car, or even more.



Some platforms also offer extra content, such as land development or a dedicated consultancy service to help you develop your property to make your investment more profitable.


lease note that all purchased lands cannot be exchanged for real money, only within a certain platform or metaverse. Therefore, you will have to open a wallet (virtual wallet) where you can exchange your dollars with the cryptocurrency/token to buy the land.


In just a few clicks, you can buy the land you like.




There is also another option to buy land in the metaverse. This option is OpenSea.


OpenSea is a decentralized marketplace where you can buy, sell and trade NFTs of various metaverse platforms and entities with different digital tokens or cryptocurrencies.


Instead of entering the metaverse you are interested in and buying the land directly, choose it on OpenSea, where you can find lands of many metaverses.


The OpenSea interface is simple to use, but as with all financial products, before buying anything from it, read all the site conditions carefully.


Once all the requirements are met, you can safely start making investments.


This way, you can find lands from various metaverses and games, digital statues, avatars for online games, and more.


So if you’re interested in buying something in the Metaverse, OpenSea is a great option to consider.


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