For Zuckerberg, The Future Of Work Will Be In The Metaverse. And Launches The New Meta Quest Pro Headsets


For Zuckerberg, The Future Of Work Will Be In The Metaverse. And Launches The New Meta Quest Pro Headsets

During the Connect event, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled Meta Quest Pro on sale on October 25th. It will contain the Meta Quest Touch Pro controller, stylus tips, a partial insert to block the light, and a charging base.


“The Metaverse is an incredible technology that offers so many opportunities. We believe in this vision, the more people and creators there are now in virtual reality and the more brands in the Metaverse, it is a sign that the future is not that far away.


We have been there since the start. Aside from the games, it will be a social experience,” Mark Zuckerberg said at the Connect event.




The device will be compatible with all existing content for Meta 2 and will allow you to enjoy augmented reality thanks to the two front lenses that work together with the built-in depth sensor.


– Meta Quest Pro is equipped with high-resolution sensors, which promise advanced mixed reality experiences.


– One of the central points of the new viewer is the tracking system of the eyes and natural facial expressions, which allow the avatar in the metaverse to represent the user not in a static way, as happens today for many virtual reality apps, but with a certain dynamism in the movements of the face, during business meetings and moments of leisure and fun.


– Meta Quest Pro is the first device in the world that uses the new Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 + platform, optimized for virtual reality and capable of running with 50% more power than the current Meta Quest 2.


– Under the dashboard of the Quest Pro are 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage.


– There are ten sensors in all: five inside the viewer and five outside to better map the space. This allows you to offer a color pass-through mode to switch between the 3D view and that of the surrounding world without taking off the viewers.


– The contents are superimposed on the surrounding environment, for many activities, from trying out a sofa in your room to the reproduction of an office with colleagues around the world, where everyone can use their real keyboard and mouse.


“Thanks to eye tracking and facial expressions, Meta Quest Pro takes us one step closer to showing our true selves in the metaverse,” Zuckerberg said during the presentation.




According to Zuckerberg, the Metaverse will be a “shared digital environment that spans multiple platforms and is built on a network of open protocols.”


The future of work will be in the metaverse, said the Facebook CEO.


“We believe there is already a lot of work that could be done better in this digital environment. For example, we could collaborate better, share ideas more creatively and inspiredly, and even make better decisions together.”


“Meta Quest Pro will allow users to explore the Metaverse more in-depth and engagingly.


“They are trying to understand how this technology can change how they work and have fun.”


“We are extremely excited about this new release and look forward to sharing Meta Quest Pro with the world.”-

The New Meta Quest Pro Headsets



Several works have already been carried out in the Metaverse, such as cars and airplanes, creating works of art, and revisiting historical monuments.


Additionally, more companies are using Augmented and Virtual Reality for corporate meetings and product presentations.


Zuckerberg said the Meta Quest Pro headsets will offer users an advanced mixed reality experience, thanks to the two front lenses working together with the built-in depth sensor.




“The Metaverse will change everything from gaming to productivity. If we do it together, I am convinced that we can shape the future of virtual reality to make its use more interesting than ever.”


This was explained by Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. He was also at the Connect event because the Windows company launched applications to better navigate the virtual world.


“Like Microsoft, we are thrilled to be able to collaborate with Meta – continued Nadella – to bring online the new version of Teams designed especially for the Metaverse”.


“In the future – he added – you will be able to use your avatars to do your usual job in an environment that can break down distances”.


A reinterpretation of Microsoft 365, the suite dedicated to productivity, from Office to the cloud, will arrive on the Facebook Quest Pro viewer.




The Meta Quest Pro headset is not the only one on the market, and Zuckerberg knows this well. That is why he is keen to clearly distinguish the Augmented Reality of Apple, Google, and Microsoft.


“It is not just a matter of superimposing information on the surrounding world – explained the CEO of Facebook – but of extending the world itself in an unlimited way.”


“The other headsets are not designed for this – continued Zuckerberg – and I don’t think they will be able to offer the same experience.”


Despite this, Facebook has no intention of turning its back on other platforms.


“We will use all existing operating systems to make the Metaverse accessible to as many people as possible,” said Zuckerberg.



The New Meta Quest Pro Headsets

There are at least three ways to invest in the Zuckerberg project.


– Investors can choose to invest in Meta using their own equity portfolio.


– Buying the tokens created by Meta: the “Zuck bucks”


– Buying land and buildings in the Facebook Metaverse (which is currently not possible)


Explaining them one by one:


Investors can choose to invest in Meta using their own portfolio of shares.


This simply means buying Facebook stock, as the company owns the majority of the shares in the company.


You can then buy the tokens created by Meta: the “Zuck bucks”.


Metaverse users will need to use the virtual currency called “Zuck buck” to purchase items and services within the virtual world. Investors can choose to buy this currency early, as it is likely to increase in value once the metaverse is fully operational.


By purchasing land and buildings in the Facebook Metaverse (which is currently not possible).


Once the Metaverse is superpopulated, users can start buying and selling land and buildings within the virtual world.


Investors purchasing land and buildings in advance can earn significant profits.


In short, I advise you to keep an eye on these opportunities and do everything based on your beliefs. These are always dispassionate indications.


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