The Metaverse Was Born For Students To Be Educated And Instructed In School Subjects


The Metaverse Was Born For Students To Be Educated And Instructed In School Subjects

Since its birth, back in 2003, “Second Life”, has been considered the first virtual community inhabited by three-dimensional avatars. Today, the virtual network is a platform to interact socially, expand one’s business, sell digital goods, and do business in the Metaverse.


But a three-dimensional space was born that will be used to teach. In Europe, they call it Eduverse. It is a metaverse, or part of a metaverse, dedicated to studying, interactive exhibits, and general education of children. Like a virtual school.


Among the many “metaverses”, more or less immersive, and increasingly advanced technologically, each has its own distinction, its own rules, logic, and vocation.


Let’s look at Horizon Worlds by Meta which is designed for work, business meetings, conferences, and digital offices for interviews.


The metaverse is:


– Ecosystems populated by users represented virtually, immersive worlds that can be visited with or without viewers, online environments created for different purposes, from gaming to e-commerce.


– In the metaverses, people study, work, play, invest, sell and buy products, and live social experiences.


– Digital technologies are integrated within them that allow new ways of interacting, fruition, and using live-streaming, entertainment, and e-learning.


But let’s find out how the Eduverse is made.




Not just gaming, entertainment, socialization, and the buying and selling economy. The Metaverse also has a crucial role in the culture and education of the new generations.


Here are the characteristics that an Eduverse has:


– A meeting place and comparison between classes and school realities, geographically distant, places to build, furnish, and use together with flexible times and methods that go “beyond” the school.


– In the immersive worlds, male and female students can set up virtual exhibitions and museums that become authentic contexts in which to develop skills. In the Eduverse the school can meet families and the local area in real time. Male and female pupils can act as “guides,” and put into practice communication and multilingual skills.


– With little more than a simple click, you can set up a lecture hall or a scenario to give life to debates and seminars.


– The Eduverse is an opportunity to reflect on netiquette, on the risks and potential of online anonymity, on the perception of self and of the other through the mediation of avatars, a place, in short, of active and experienced digital civic education.


– At the teacher’s service to place students in authentic situations, the organization of a conference, concerts, tournaments, and meetings with authors or local personalities. It even has exam simulations with external commissioners, without any logistical difficulties from physical spaces


– In this way, the opportunities for authentic learning are multiplied, both in terms of the planning and coordination of events and in terms of social interaction.




The Metaverse represents a new technological frontier that can serve to make people more educated and experience learning in a new way.


These are the objectives of the Eduverse: to provide simple and effective tools for the purpose of teaching, learning, and sharing interactive and multidisciplinary information and experiences in immersive modes.


They have already given great impetus to innovation in teaching, revolutionizing traditional teaching methods.


An educational Metaverse has now become a tangible reality to start creating virtual places that encourage and favor the sharing of content, a collaboration between students, and the active involvement of the outside world in the students’ learning. A new version of a school where the possibilities are endless.




NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are a technology that allows the creation of digital assets, which can be tokens, digital art, virtual assets, and much more.


They are certified as unique in the world, non-exchangeable, and represent an important opportunity for companies and users participating in the Metaverse.


As an open-source space, the Metaverse creates an open and equitable learning environment.


This is the basis for building a more just and balanced reality in which everyone can contribute to learning, develop skills, and actively participate in the progress of society.


An environment that also allows access to educational opportunities regardless of the geography, social, economic, or political norms of the country in which you live.


Simply put, the Metaverse is a reality that offers a fair and balanced learning environment for all people. A reality in which everyone can contribute to learning and to the progress of society.


Not only that, but NFTs are an even more effective way to create unique and exclusive digital assets, paving the way for a better future.


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Roblox is a Metaverse that is growing exponentially and is an example of how these virtual spaces can become meaningful arenas.


An interesting case is that of the first edition of the Australian Open, which saw the exclusive Roblox Metaverse reproduce its own virtual city on the same playing field where the very famous tournament was played, later won by Dijokovic


Players were invited to “travel” around the virtual arena with their avatars to take part in the event and see it like never before. They could all visit the reproduced spaces and meet the avatar of some famous tennis players who were enrolled in the AO.


A practically luxurious event, because tickets cost a lot, and you would have to go to Australia by plane, was practically open to the whole world.


Of course, it wasn’t like being there, but much better than just seeing it on television.




The Metaverse is a revolutionary technology that can be used to create a more equal reality where everyone can contribute to learning and progress.


NFTs are the prime currency of this, as they enable the creation of unique and exclusive digital assets and offer users a simple and effective way to actively participate in the Metaverse.


Everyone can buy land and develop it as they please, thus becoming the owner of a virtual area which can be referred to as a second home.


The Metaverse is creating new realities that can be exploited to improve education and contribute to the progress of society in ways unimaginable until a few years ago. With it the opportunities are endless and it is important not to forget it


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