The Giant Microsoft Joins The Alliance To Beat Everyone In The Race For The Metaverse


The Giant Microsoft Joins The Alliance To Beat Everyone In The Race For The Metaverse

How could the number one operating system company fall behind the rest? So it has been decided that if it cannot play a leading role, it will team up with whoever wants to play this game as a hero. I’m talking about Microsoft’s alliance with Meta.


It will help Mark Zuckerberg build his metaverse, which is a virtual reality where people will be able to interact as if they were playing a game like Second Life.


The two announced their collaboration in an attempt to transform the Metaverse from a utopian vision to a real environment where people can be more engaged and immersed.


Microsoft will provide the key technology for the project and its established reputation, thus giving more credibility to the project. Meta will appreciate Microsoft’s technology as well as expertise in creating state-of-the-art products and services that help users access the meta-universe.


Together, Microsoft and Meta will try to develop a scalable platform where people can come together to build interactive, socially oriented, and easily explorable experiences.


While the two partners will work together to develop and improve the project, they will also contribute to education and training on how to best take advantage of virtual reality systems.


This is another step towards the realization of Mark Zuckerberg’s dream: to allow everyone to enjoy the experience that a meta-universe can offer. Microsoft will help bring this possibility closer to everyone.


At the same time Microsoft is developing Mesh. A mix of Microsoft Teams (which is already used to hold remote audio and video meetings) and a platform that allows people present in different physical locations to participate in collaborative and holographic sharing experiences, using avatars.


But let’s go into the details to understand what this strategy between the two consists of.




What is the Metaverse?


It is none other than the three-dimensional world, a bit like virtual video games, combined with the human interpretation that will act inside it with the avatars.


Microsoft also wants to participate in this incredible digital revolution, and will do so by collaborating with Meta in the meantime.


This was announced a few months ago: together with Mark Zuckerberg and Satya Nadella, CEO and Chairman of Microsoft, there was also Julie Sweet, CEO of Accenture. This is a truly unprecedented new partnership.

The Giant Microsoft

Here are the details:


– Microsoft (which demonstrates how Meta Quest Pro was created with the workplace in mind) will provide the tools dedicated to promoting productivity.


– They will be available on Meta Quest devices and for the Meta work experience.


– These tools will allow users to have a more immersive meeting experience on Microsoft Teams thanks to Meta Quest, to use Microsoft Windows 365 or Microsoft 365 apps on Meta Quest


– You will be able to integrate Microsoft Teams with Workrooms, or use Meta Avatars in Microsoft Teams, and take advantage of Microsoft Intune and Azure Active Directory support on Quest.


– In addition, Microsoft will also offer its own developer tools, such as Azure and DirectX.


– Microsoft will also provide its Microsoft Learn virtual learning platform that will allow developers to learn how to develop applications for the Metaverse and learn how to integrate apps on Meta Quest.


With a solid platform like that of Microsoft, the realization of Mark Zuckerberg’s dream is getting closer and closer, especially starting from those professional fields that will be attracted by this job opportunity.


The collaboration with Meta further strengthens this innovative project which will offer endless opportunities in the field of virtual entertainment, also benefiting the workplace.


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But Microsoft is also working on Mesh. It is a system that makes it possible to share virtual reality with your friends, despite being in different physical locations.


Mesh is based on Microsoft Teams technology and Metaverse avatars and puts everyone in the same position, allowing users to watch movies together or participate in meetings with people geographically distributed.


In addition, Mesh allows developers to create applications capable of mixing the real world with the virtual one, allowing the interaction between the two realities.


It offers the possibility of sharing immersive experiences that go beyond simple 3D viewing.


– The union of these two platforms takes the form of Mesh for Teams. The goal is to offer a greater feeling of proximity and immersion in collaboration and remote working activities.


– Over time, companies will be able to build personalized immersive virtual spaces within Teams – identified by Microsoft as “metaverses” in which avatars will be able to interact as if they were in a physical space.


– According to the tech giant, all this will increase the feeling of presence and proximity compared to the “traditional” meetings that can now be held on Teams, since all users will feel they are within the same context or room.


Microsoft specifically admitted:


“Currently you can go to a concert and see a show inside a video game with other people; you can walk inside a real factory in your home; you can join a meeting remotely, but being inside the room to collaborate with your co-workers: these are metaverses”.



The Giant Microsoft

Microsoft and Meta are doing a great job of building the infrastructure needed to make the Metaverse a reality. Their goal is to offer new ways to connect, interact and share intuitively and efficiently with maximum immersion.


Their tools help both professionals and end-users to make the most of their virtual experience, which also provide endless creative opportunities for developers and designers alike.


It must be said that a few years after the explosion of the Metaverse fashion and the race for the Metaverse, there are several dozen. Some say there are around 40 to date, and some even 140.


In essence, everyone starts building their own virtual space, as if it were a simple corporate website. While this has never happened with social networks.


So it will be essential to have the best and most efficient functioning one. Because only those who with user traffic will depopulate and continue to develop and remain alive.


We have already seen today how Meta has suffered the backlash because few users are active in the Metaverse, and have not respected the growth estimates of use.


Microsoft and Microsoft Mesh represent viable competitors that could win this competition.


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