The First Real Estate Agency In The Metaverse Was Founded In Dubai And Helps You Buy And Sell Everything


The First Real Estate Agency In The Metaverse Was Founded In Dubai And Helps You Buy And Sell Everything


The First Real Estate Agency In The Metaverse Was Founded In Dubai And Helps You Buy And Sell Everything

It was founded in the United Arab Emirates and boasts of being the first real estate agency in the Metaverse.


Its name is Million Dollar and it was founded with the prime objective of collecting NFTs, such as male brokers, female brokers, land and other properties.


It is a platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. A community that is constantly expanding. Users can become property owners, buying and selling land to generate income.

So it will be the first intermediary of the Metaverse In reality, there will be consultants who will help you sell your land and NFTs, or buy them.


The platform is a viable alternative for people who cannot invest in physical properties. Because they cost too much and have no funds.


But if they want to do operations in the Metaverse, Million Dollar will let them get in touch with potential customers.


Buyers and sellers (project participants) will coexist and transactions will happen faster and easier.


“We believe that real estate can be more fun without compromising the income potential of project participants. Therefore, socialization and technology can coexist in real estate – this is the future target of the Million Dollar Metaverse.” Sebastian F. Baciu, who is its CEO, explained it.



The Million Dollar real estate agency will include several things in its dealings:


– Broker

– Property

– Land


It should be explained that the broker will be embodied by a male character with over 350 unique traits.


Million Dollars will already be helping customers to have the best opportunities to earn. It’s about passive and active income.


The community base does not have a monopoly in terms of decision making.


The security level of the platform is high and encrypted.


Each user can access the platform and stake their property.


The community includes cryptographic experts who contribute to the development of the project.


Finally Million Dollar was born thanks to the union of experienced and passionate developers, including: Web3, real estate, IT, marketing, and blockchain design.


In short, all aspects that bring certainty about the continued growth and constitution of the community.




In reality, most of the buying and selling of houses and real estate takes place thanks to real estate agencies


How do real estate agencies work in the real worl work??


Through the network of contacts they have between buyers and sellers, real estate agencies connect potential buyers with owners of homes for sale.


Real estate agencies also take care of the search for houses on behalf of customers interested in buying.


Finally, they provide advice on everything related to buying and selling a house or other type of property.


Real estate agencies are primarily responsible for real-life real estate transactions.


Million Dollar is the first real estate agency in the Metaverse and fulfills a role similar to that of real-life real estate agencies.


She will not only connect prospective buyers with owners of land or NFTs for sale, but also offer advice on everything related to buying and selling property in the Metaverse.


In addition, she will help customers search for properties of interest in the Metaverse and provide them with all the information they need to make a secure and transparent transaction.


Million Dollar is the key to getting real estate transactions in the Metaverse off the ground and making it a real estate market.




There are several ways to make money in the Metaverse.


First, you can earn real money by selling virtual properties such as land or NFTs.


Secondly, one can generate passive income by leasing virtual properties to third parties.


Finally, active profits can also be generated thanks to the creation and sale of digital content such as games or applications.


The Metaverse offers its users a wide range of opportunities to generate income, both active and passive.



The Metaverse is already changing the way people interact with each other and with the digital world.


In the not-too-distant future, the Metaverse will become increasingly prominent and integrated into our daily lives.


The activities we do today in the real world, such as shopping, work, and leisure, will increasingly be transferred to the 3D virtual world.


Even interpersonal relationships will be increasingly digitized and conducted within the Metaverse.


People will spend more and more time in the Metaverse, and the relationships they form within this world will be increasingly important to them.


This is because it offers infinite possibilities for the future and Million Dollar is ready to guide its users toward a new way of living and interacting with the digital world.




Now there is little interest: when the interest is high, incredible deals will no longer be available.


Historical example:


In 2001, those who bought 1000 dollars of Bitcoin would have earned over 35 million dollars in 2017.


In 2017, those who had bought 1,000 dollars of Ethereum would have earned over 4 million dollars in 2020.


Because that purchase would have been made when no one yet believed in cryptocurrencies and had any interest in them.


Another historical example


If you look at areas of your city or region, you will see that after the Second World War or after the First World War they were rural and less interesting areas. Especially those that in recent decades have distinguished themselves for their tourist interest.


Whoever had the foresight to buy land or houses in those areas at the time made a huge deal.


Now, with interest in the Metaverse, it’s time to invest in this digital world.


The future is already here and Million Dollar will help you seize all the opportunities of this new and fascinating world.


Don’t waste time, even if I advise you to invest your savings by choosing personally. These are only dispassionate indications that I wanted to give you.


These still represent high-risk (and high-return) investments.


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