Do You Know What Swoosh Is? It Is The First Marketplace Of The Metaverse


Do You Know What Swoosh Is? It Is The First Marketplace Of The Metaverse

We had already announced that giants like Amazon, Alibaba, and Ebay should have done deals with the new platforms in the Metaverse. Here comes the first marketplace: it’s called Swoosh and is owned by Nike.


The marketplace allows the user to purchase and customize their virtual items directly in the Metaverse through the use of virtual avatars.


Thanks to the 3D format, users can also look in the mirror or try on a dress before buying, just like in real life. Swoosh offers you the experience.


Swoosh is hosted on a domain called “nike” and will be an experimental digital space for registered members. It is currently in beta testing and registrations opened on November 18th.




Let’s go by points. This is an absolute novelty for the Metaverse. The same for users and for the big names in sportswear.


Initially, the platform will focus on creating a community, offering its members “challenges” that will allow the company to get an idea of what users want.


The brand’s first virtual collection, consisting of footwear, apparel, and accessories, will launch on the Swoosh in January 2023.


There will be input from activities such as interactive voting.


Members will then be able to collect and trade these products, which will only exist digitally.


Trading on the platform will be based on traditional money (US dollars).


It will not be possible to use cryptocurrencies, even if all transactions will be recorded on blockchain the Polygon.


The news does not end here.


Nike has an idea that suggests it could involve Metaverse users much more.


This new function will be like a laboratory in which fans of Nike or style charm themselves, and can become heroes of future Nike collections.


It will be something that will shorten the distance between the manufacturer and the customer.


What is it about?




– Nike announced that starting next year, the challenges proposed to the Swoosh community will also include contests in which members can win the opportunity to design virtual Nike products together with designers from the company and earn a percentage of royalties.


This will involve enthusiasts from all over the world in a collaborative design process that will allow them to bring their creations to life in the Metaverse.


There’s not much more to know about the Swoosh, but we’re eager to find out what it holds for us! The platform’s progress will certainly be interesting as it prepares for its arrival in full version in the year 2023.


– Before aspiring sneaker designers get too excited, it should be noted that the details on how this creator – the selection process, how the collaborations will take place, the percentage of revenue, the legal framework that will be used to ensure that the design collaborators actually get paid – are still very vague.



Swoosh is just the beginning of an e-commerce revolution about to break into the Metaverse.


Other emerging platforms will soon follow in the footsteps of Nike’s idea, bringing with them a new era of virtual shopping and creative collaborations.


As we have seen with Swoosh, these new platforms will create a possibility for Metaverse members to purchase virtual (as well as real) items but also a creative way in which to participate in the activity of the company involved.


The platform is open to new ideas and will help amplify the voice of users and their opinions.


An effect that was already somewhat born with social media and other feedback tools for manufacturing companies.


So they won’t just be simple marketplaces, some of them, but they will be a real interactive laboratory where dreams will come true.


However there are other interesting things to buy and trade in the Metaverse. It is something that was born precisely with the virtual world.




Tokens are a form of digital value that, unlike traditional money, is not linked to banks or states.


They are essentially virtual units that can be created and traded on the blockchain in which any participant can invest, sell, or buy goods and services.


For this reason, tokens have become popular in the Metaverse as a means to buy, sell, and exchange virtual goods with each other (such as cryptocurrencies, games, and digital content.) Also physical goods such as electronic equipment, collectibles, and even services.


Tokens are also used to finance projects within the Metaverse, creating a community of many users who not only actively participate in this form of crowdfunding, but who make decisions together on what to buy from the marketplace.


This is especially important for platforms like Swoosh, as it helps create a collaborative system where designers, manufacturers, and buyers from around the world can actively participate in creating a more engaging shopping experience.




NFTs are a new class of digital assets. An NFT is short for Non-Fungible Token, i.e. tokens that cannot be exchanged without losing their identity.


This means that each NFT token has intrinsic value and can therefore be easily recognized and securely exchanged between users of the Metaverse.


NFTs have become very popular in the Metaverse due to the fact that they enable peer-to-peer trading of digital goods, such as games, audio and video content, and even virtual items.


For example, a user can purchase an NFT that represents a work of art. These are digital artworks that are created and tracked on the blockchain, which not only gives value to a digital property but also ensures the security of transactions.




Digital spaces are another form of goods that are developing in the Metaverse.


In this case, the tokens are used to buy land and virtual places, which become real places where users can meet, entertain, or simply dream.


Currently, there are many different ones in the existing metaverses, such as The Sandbox, Decentraland, Somnium, then they will be available on Meta.


This is among the most interesting operations that can be done in the 3D digital world.


Now the land and the buildings or even the islands still cost affordable prices. That won’t be the case in a few years. There will most likely be a very strong price explosion.


A bit like what happened to Bitcoin even if at the moment it has suffered a backlash even if all analysts are inclined to think that it is only a contingent situation.


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