The First City Reproduced Entirely In The Metaverse. The Mayor Says, “It’s Not A Game But A Real Exploration.”


The First City Reproduced Entirely In The Metaverse. The Mayor Says, "It's Not A Game But A Real Exploration."


The First City Reproduced Entirely In The Metaverse. The Mayor Says, “It’s Not A Game But A Real Exploration.”

A city in southern Florida has decided to dive into a completely new digital world.


This is Miami Gardens, which has become a virtual city where people can explore and interact with environments and objects in ways never seen before.


The city hopes to use this new metaverse to attract visitors from around the world and allow residents to discover new opportunities.


With cutting-edge technology, Miami Gardens will offer an augmented reality (AR) experience that transcends traditional reality.


This new reality will offer a real-life experience, allowing people to discover things they never thought they would find in their city.


In this new metaverse, people will also be able to meet other visitors from around the world and share their experiences with others.




“We wanted to create something that was beyond imagination,” explained Miami Gardens Mayor Rodney Harris.


“We wanted to experience another kind of world, but make it a little easier for our residents to access the city.”


Miami Gardens Metaverse was created with South Florida marketing and advertising firm, The Mosaic Group, and streaming platform Ceek Metaverse.


“So this was an opportunity to bring a new idea of innovation, technology that Miami Gardens will not be talking about technology, we will be in technology,” said Ann Marie Sorrell, CEO of Mosaic Group. “So that’s how the whole Metaverse got tied into the campaign: ‘That’s where you want to be.’ “


The experience offered by Miami Gardens is not just for visitors, but for residents as well.


“I would love to be able to have an experience with my family, explore new things together,” Harris said. “This is the opportunity that the Metaverse offers.”


It will also be a way to create an economy parallel to the traditional and real one of the city.



Taking a virtual tour is very simple:


– First of all, download the “Ceek VR” app and create an account.


– Then you go to “Miami Gardens” and choose the view mode (2D or 360-degree view).


– Here is what happens immediately after you enter an environment similar to that of a video game.


– But instead, you are already inside the city, where you can get to any place, turn around, and interact with familiar landmarks.


– You can visit Andover Park, City Hall, Calder Casino, and Hard Rock Stadium.


“We are an innovative city. We dream big. We are not holding back, “Mayor Harris said.” We would love to be the pioneers to find out if this thing could actually work “


And then he added,


” Why not have the vision of a futuristic type of access to the city that everyone can they access from here? In America, in Europe, throughout Asia, everywhere. You can access what’s happening in Miami Gardens in the Metaverse.”




There are already other cities that have done something similar.


Like the city of Seoul, South Korea, which has opened its residential neighborhoods and Bamdokkaebi Park in a digital world to allow people to explore and socialize.


An increasing number of events are organized in these digital cities, such as concerts and festivals.


But what differentiates Miami Gardens is the possibility of using AR technology to see real-world objects and environments in a whole new way.


“We are working on an augmented reality where you can put on your glasses and see the city as it appears in the Metaverse, but also as it appears in our reality,” said Sorrell.”


Harris added,


It allows you to be part of something bigger than your imagination.”


The “Ceek VR” app is available for Android and iOS devices.


So the Metaverse will not only be something more than what exists on Earth, but also a replica of cities or events that exist in reality.


“So if there is a big concert in Miami, it will be possible to buy a ticket to the Metaverse and enjoy the live experience,” Sorrell said. “This is the direction we are headed.”


Harris and Sorrell hope this initiative will enable people to break down social and geographical barriers.


“We want to be able to revolutionize the way people connect,” said Harris.


Sorrell added,


“We believe AR/VR technology is a way for people to interact in a new and different way.”


As Sorrell explains, the goal is to allow people to explore the world without limits.


“We want to be able to give people the freedom to be wherever they want,” he said. “We want to be able to offer them endless possibilities.”




The Metaverse is not only a new way for people to explore the world. It also offers a platform for businesses and content creators to develop and distribute new products and services.


So the individual shop, or freelancer, has every interest in replicating itself in virtual reality.


There are also earning opportunities for people who want to get into the Metaverse.


Because each platform will offer users the ability to purchase goods and services from virtual stores.


It offers other earning opportunities outside the classics such as selling online (which could be good methods) as tokens, land, and virtual properties.


This is a way for companies to offer new services to customers.


The visitors of the Metaverse will not be just virtual tourists, but potential customers who will purchase products and services from the companies present in the Metaverse.


What does all of this mean for Miami Gardens and its citizens?


It means that the city can become a place for digital entertainment, a place where people can socialize, and also a place where companies can operate and offer new services to customers.


The Metaverse can help the city become a better place for everyone.


This is something that cannot be underestimated.


The Metaverse is not only a possible future, it is already here and it is changing the way we live, work, and play.


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