Many Have Yet To Understand The Deeper Meaning Of The Metaverse Which Will Have A Decisive Future


Many Have Yet To Understand The Deeper Meaning Of The Metaverse Which Will Have A Decisive Future

To many, the word Metaverse is still unknown. When they hear someone pronounce it, the only response they have is a grimace of incomprehension and confusion. Yet what is a non-reality, because we are talking about digital, is much more real than we can imagine.


In the Metaverse, which is nothing more than a three-dimensional virtual world, like a video game city in which you can immerse yourself with a viewer that you wear over your eyes. However, there are those who are already investing millions of dollars. For those who are developing them, like Meta, we are also talking about billions of dollars.


The Metaverse has great potential. The only limitation is our imagination.


In the Metaverse, we can create anything that can be conceived in reality: from small artistic communities to real interactive commercial platforms for the exploration of unknown virtual worlds.


Once you enter the Metaverse, your journey will be as experiential, immersive, and memorable as if it were real. You will be able to interact with other people, explore, play, and create.


It’s a new era of virtual reality. Through its technology, we are laying the foundations for building a new kind of world that will radically change the way we build relationships, communicate and trade.


But let’s start by understanding where the word Metaverse comes from.




The word Metaverse was invented by Neal Stephenson in one of his science fiction novels. In his book Snow Crash, published in 1992, he described a virtual and interactive world built by the global network: the Metaverse.


In the story, where characters were represented as digital avatars, things could be done that would always have been impossible in real life. For example, traveling at great speed through multiple realities, overcoming physical limitations and emotional experiences to remember forever.


Since then, the Metaverse has become a term used to describe any virtual reality environment that allows users to connect interactively.


The Metaverse concept is truly changing the way we experience reality, opening up a world of incredible possibilities and opportunities. A world where we can not only create but where we can also interact with other people in ways we could never have imagined before.


We are only just beginning to discover all that the Metaverse has to offer. It is a system so vast and rich in content that, like reality itself, it is destined to evolve and expand in the future. The Metaverse represents a new beginning for our experience in virtual reality.


It is a boundless digital frontier where, as adventurers, we can explore a digital world that is infinite and beautiful.




There are more than one metaverses to date. Let’s say that several companies have created their own Metaverse. As if today, someone wanted to create other alternative social networks to Facebook and Instagram.


Then the difficulty is to bring us users and traffic.


However, here we are at its dawn and the race for the Metaverse. The first to launch the challenge (although there were already other metaverses) was Mark Zuckerberg, like his new company Meta and Horizon Worlds.


Here are the most fashionable and popular Metaverses at the moment, these are.


– Zuckerberg’s Metaverse, Horizon Worlds (owned by Facebook) – High Fidelity VR (owned by Philip Rosedale) – NeosVR (owned by London-based company Neos) – Cryptovoxels (decentralized product of the Blockchain) – Decentraland (decentralized product of the Blockchain). – Roblox – The Sandbox – Somnium Space


Each of these metaverses has its own unique content, users, and services.


For example, Horizon World is focusing on a rich reality virtualization environment, NeosVR offers the most immersive VR/AR experience possible where users can interact with their surroundings as if they were real. Cryptovoxels created a decentralized world using blockchain technology to make all the contents of its metaverse permanent.


Decentraland has created a blockchain-based environment where users can buy, develop, and transfer virtual land. Roblox is a gaming platform with content created by the users themselves.


The Sandbox is a decentralized metaverse that allows users to build interactive worlds using essentially VR garden blocks!


Somnium Space offers a virtual reality navigation experience with high-level graphics.


Each of these metaverses offers a unique experience and an opportunity for users to interact, create content, and venture into a digital world.




One of the most exciting ways to experience the Metaverse is to start a business or invest.


There are many different ways to make money in the Metaverse, such as opening virtual shops, investing in virtual real estate, and even transferring money between the various metaverses.


For example, Horizon Worlds is creating a global marketplace where users can trade digital assets such as tokens, digital products, and paid content.


NeosVR is creating a token-based virtual economy environment, where users can buy and sell digital goods such as virtual terrains, digital characters, and VR games.


Cryptovoxels is all about buying and selling virtual real estate, giving users the opportunity to live, work or even build their own home in the Metaverse!


Finally, Decentraland focuses on the buying and selling of properties but is based on a decentralized model, where users can buy and hold virtual land in the Metaverse.


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One of the most interesting activities is buying as an investment (or buying to sell by speculating like real estate) the so-called lands.


What are lands?


Lands are virtual terrain spaces within a Metaverse. They can be used to build digital content, such as games and interactive environments, or simply held as virtual real estate.


There are several ways to buy land in virtual reality. It can be done by buying them directly from a Metaverse platform (like Horizon Worlds) or it can be done through a service like OpenSea, a decentralized marketplace for virtual assets, where users can buy and sell land. Users can also purchase lands with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum through CryptoVoxels.


The value of land in virtual reality varies according to the product and platform used.


Demand for land can vary depending on the Metaverse itself, but as a Metaverse becomes popular or features quality content, the value of Land can increase.


Lands can be used as an investment or as a foundation for building digital content, making them an exciting and valuable opportunity in the Metaverse.




The Metaverse offers tons of opportunities for users to interact, create content, and even do business. Through decentralized metaverses and gaming platforms such as Cryptovoxels, Decentraland, Roblox, The Sandbox, and Somnium Space, users can buy land, trade digital assets, and even set up businesses.


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