Here's How You Should Take Your Money Out Of The Bank And Buy Land In The Metaverse


Here’s How You Should Take Your Money Out Of The Bank And Buy Land In The Metaverse

I often hear many gurus (posing as gurus) who advise not to keep money in the bank but rather to make it work in finance. Because trading is easy and blablabla… Yes, if you buy the shares of the right company and wait a few years, you will probably get a nice return. But it is always a crap shoot.


Today, however, I want to talk to you about a new reality that is similar to the investment in the so-called “brick.” That is a house. It is well known that investing money in houses and land is quite safe


But today, virtual lands are the reshaping of real estate and will be the future of our virtual life in the metaverses.


It’s about buying lands in the Metaverse. Lands are places where you can build virtual worlds, 3D cities, online race stadiums, and more. These are small portions of land divided into blocks allowing anyone to buy virtual reality properties.


This is a really interesting opportunity for those who are looking for an alternative and innovative way to invest their money.


I assure you because my friends and I have already done real estate transactions with the lands, the economic returns are truly exciting. Let me start by explaining to you the reason for this logic.




The lands can be used to create events or attractions, advertise, or even create a business in the virtual space. They can be sold as finished or manufactured products or leased to gamers and users who wish to experience virtual reality.


Demand is definitely growing from network users. Buying land in the Metaverse before they become famous, you can make huge profits thanks to the high demand for these goods.


We are now in a time for the lands of the Metaverse that is very similar to that of Bitcoins about 10 years ago when no one trusted cryptocurrency, and it seemed like a trivial scam.


But some believed in it and really made a fortune with little money.


Why do lands have so much growth potential? One, because they are cheap now for the same reasons that Bitcoin was cheap nearly 10 years ago. It wasn’t fashionable, and nobody knew about it. The mass of buyers had not yet arrived.


Lands will grow in value because metaverses are becoming more and more popular. Millions of users live and work in this virtual reality, so the demand for real estate properties is growing.


It is no coincidence in a metaverse like Roblox, there are very famous companies like Gucci or Ralph Laurent who have invested millions of euros in it. Just like Nike, who created Nikeland


Same thing in The Sandbox and Decentraland.


Not to mention companies like Meta that are investing billions into building a metaverse of their own.


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In the meantime, I would like to explain what land is precisely and its basis as an NFT technology.


Nft is the acronym for “Non-Fungible Tokens,” i.e., a unique and irreproducible piece. Each land is a unique and non-copyable piece, and above all, certified on the Blockchain, as if it had been signed by a notary and is your property, which was previously owned by another person.


So we can say that lands are NFTs specifically created for the virtual space that real people buy as if it were real property.


Land can be transferred from the owner to the buyer, like a sale or lease contract in Italy or elsewhere. The difference is that this transfer takes place in a completely engineered way on the Blockchain.


How do you buy land?


There are multiple ways to buy land:


– One you can buy from another user in exchange for cryptocurrency or money.


– You can also participate in an online auction and try to win it with the highest bid.


– You can purchase land from the organization that runs the metaverse itself.


The purchase that can be made on the OpenSea marketplace is interesting, i.e., a site that collects requests for the sale of land and more.


OpenSea is an organization that sells lands to players and virtual realities and is considered the largest NFT marketplace in the world.


To buy land on OpenSea, you need to:


– First, create an Ethereum wallet.


– After that, you can enter the market and just search the search bar for the land you want to buy. You can filter your search by price, geographic area, or even genre (if you’re buying land for a video game).


– Once you have found your land ,you can enter the desired offer to buy it. Then you have to make a payment with your Ethereum wallet.


– In a few minutes, the purchase will be completed, and you will become the owner of the purchased land.


As you see, buying land in the Metaverse is as simple as any other real investment you would make in cryptocurrencies or real estate on some land sites.


If you choose well and watch how much to spend, you could make huge profits from the high demand for such virtual land.




Snoop Dogg recently bought land in The Sandbox Metaverse and was the first artist to do so.


He spent almost 50 thousand dollars to become the owner of a huge land in the area called “Cryptozoo”, which will be the basis of his business in this virtual world and where he will create exclusive content such as music, video games, and other projects with all users of the Metaverse.


A high-risk, high-profit investment, given there is a high possibility of earning a lot of money through his creations.


Well, if you had bought land in that area of The Sandbox before him, you’d have a fortune in hand today. Do you know why?


Because having a land near Snoop Dogg’s virtual villa is fashionable.


In fact, a short time ago the news of a user who paid him several hundred thousand dollars to buy a land near his favorite artist was disclosed.


No doubt this would have been fortunate. But if you do some in-depth analysis, you may discover that there are more interesting areas in which fashion companies or other companies could invest in the near future.


In this case you would make the leap in quality. But even without such events, the lands are destined to grow in economic value, and therefore it is the right time to buy them and make a deal.


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