Sony Entices Everyone By Launching Motion Sensors For The Metaverse


Sony Entices Everyone By Launching Motion Sensors For The Metaverse


Sony Entices Everyone By Launching Motion Sensors For The Metaverse

All companies are focused on 3D headsets, essential for diving into the Metaverse. There are those who have enticed everyone with something commercial and equally functional that no one had thought of until now. A gadget that is equally very useful for the virtual world.


Sony has launched an interesting product: Mocopi.


– It is a movement-tracking system that consists of six straps to be worn on the hands, feet, back, and head.


Thanks to them, your avatar will follow all your digital movements.


This wearable device is quite interesting:


– In gaming interactions within the Metaverse, or even for creators who want to create unique animated avatars




The straps have only one purpose: to track our movements. They do it in real time to guide your avatar.


– The choice of this curious name could derive from a combination of motion and capture, which forms “mo-cap” and which would eventually lead to Mocopi.


– The six motion sensors are also based on Sony’s proprietary technology.


– It only requires a smartphone and of course a dedicated app.


– It is an interesting solution for lovers of this particular type of animation, which normally requires much more expensive hardware.


Sony also reiterated the latter point:


“Normally, video production using motion capture requires dedicated equipment and operators. Using our proprietary algorithm, Mocopi makes highly accurate motion measurements with a limited number of sensors, freeing up the VTubers [Virtual YouTubers] and creators involved in film and animation production, by time and place constraints.”



Reservations for Mocopi can be made starting mid-December:


– It will be available for sale at the end of January 2023, but at the moment there is no confirmed info for distribution in various countries.


– The price? It would seem very accessible. We are talking about 350 dollars, but it is a suggested price at the moment.


Meanwhile, from December 15, Sony will provide a software development kit (SDK). Its use?


– Connecting motion-capture data with Metaverse services, along with the Unity real-time development platform and Autodesk MotionBuilder animation/mocap app.


– This will allow the development of numerous software that will make Mocopi the ideal companion not only for the uses explained above but also in other segments such as fitness, to name one.


– In a further demonstration video, Sony also showed how to associate the sensors with the app, tie them to the body and calibrate them.


Mocopi is an ambitious product aimed not only at people interested in the Metaverse but also at animation professionals and filmmakers.


Sony’s goal is to make technologies like motion capture easier and more accessible, while also supporting an unprecedented metaverse.


It will be interesting to see how 1000 developers and enthusiasts respond to this opportunity.


Mocopi is another road that Sony has taken for the Metaverse, and it is destined for several successes. Time will tell.




In addition to Mocopi, there is a range of wearables that can make experiencing the Metaverse even more interesting.


Among them:


– Oculus Quest 2: VR headset with integrated audio and OLED display of 1832×1920 pixels per eye;


– Oculus Touch: wireless controllers equipped with infrared sensors and 6DOF movement;


– HTC Vive Focus Plus: Android-based stand-alone headset with wireless charging and 2880×1600 pixel AMOLED screen.


These devices help the user to fully immerse themselves in the Metaverse experience.


There’s a race to not only build the Metaverse, but also the devices (like those listed above) essential to accessing 3D.


The interesting aspect is that the first aspect is inextricably linked to the first. When social networks, for example, or the internet were born, computers and smartphones already existed.


With the internet and social networks, something was created that was functional on top of existing devices.


A bit like building four-wheeled cars as we continue to do, and with width and length measurements that are all similar and suitable for the roads we have built.


In this case, something completely new and unprecedented is happening. There are companies that make the Metaverse and others that have yet to build hardware to thrill in the Metaverse.


This process goes in parallel and runs in equal measure.


There is no first development, that of the digital world, without the second development. And often there are different companies




Accessing the Metaverse with a PC is possible, but it doesn’t bring the same “immersive” experience as wearing a VR device.


These devices allow you to simplify 3D interactions and make the experience much more intuitive.


They also offer developers and designers a lot of creative possibilities. In conclusion, Sony’s Mocopi represents an important step towards the advent of the Metaverse and augmented reality.


Along with wearable devices emerging, it is now possible to advance these technologies faster than ever before.


It will be exciting to see many developers, motion capture professionals, and others embark on a journey to use this technology to create incredibly immersive content.


We are on the verge of a technological revolution. The advent of the Metaverse is inevitable, and with the efforts of Sony and others, this could soon become a reality. This is just the beginning of our adventure.


Other companies engaged in building wearable gadgets: Apart from Sony, there are other companies who are working on wearable devices to make the most of the power of the Metaverse.


Some of these companies include Microsoft with HoloLens 2, Meta with the Meta 2 AR headset, Magic Leap One, and Varjo VR-1.




Sony’s bracelets are really intuitive and could also become a fashion item like a cell phone or a smartwatch.


Almost as if not wearing them was the lack of a status symbol, If you have bracelets then you are a frequent visitor to the Metaverse, you are familiar with it. perhaps you use services and perhaps you are also the owner of islands or palaces.


If you don’t have them, you’re old school. You are vintage. These are only hypothetical considerations. But this is the turning point to which these new devices could lead.


Technology offers us the chance to experience the impossible, so let’s get ready to see something incredibly new in the near future. Follow us for updates!


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