The Future Of Social Networks Lies In The Metaverse


The Future Of Social Networks Lies In The Metaverse

For the first time, Facebook has seen a decline in active users and a decline in advertising revenue. It is true that TikTok is doing great but it is pure entertainment, without real social interactions.


Meanwhile, “anti-Instagram” apps, such as BeReal, are emerging: they focus on authenticity or are centered on messaging like Telegram and Discord that deal with community building. In short, new ways are born to connect people online, to which generation Z is more akin.


All this coincides with the birth and development of the Metaverse which creates imaginary worlds that could connect people by tying common passions and interests and a general report that people are unable to experience in the real world. A way to fully express one’s being.


The Metaverse is another parallel world, built by virtual and augmented reality programs. The growing power of online gaming platforms such as Fortnite or Roblox has allowed the birth of this new social dimension where users meet, explore, and interact in artificial worlds.




The metaverse worlds offer endless possibilities for creating places that contain the meaningful connections that people seek. Places should encourage the expression of personality, the building of relationships, and the sharing of interests.


Many of these worlds are already in existence and are developing rapidly. Second Life is an online virtual world that recently took a big leap forward in the Metaverse with the introduction of Sansar, a blockchain-based virtual reality platform.


Discord is another platform that is rapidly transforming into a virtual world. The voice chat platform for gamers was launched in 2015 and now has over 250 million registered users.


Discord gives users the ability to create servers for their own games and communities, which they can then explore and interact with each other in virtual worlds.


Roblox is another example of this new way of creating online communities. Roblox is an online gaming platform that offers users the ability to create and share their own 3D worlds. The platform has over 100 million active users and is expected to grow further.



The Future Of Social Networks Lies In The Metaverse

This new generation of social networks will offer users the opportunity to express themselves more authentically and build more meaningful relationships.


Followers will be less important, in favor of deeper and more personal connections in the virtual world.


All of this will be favored because people will be able to be themselves and find others with similar interests, who share the same worldview.


The Metaverse represents a future social network 3.0 in which people can be connected in a deeper and more meaningful way, creating online communities that share common interests and passions.


In an increasingly isolated world, the Metaverse will offer users the opportunity to explore new social dimensions and build authentic and lasting relationships.




A peculiarity of the Metaverse is that in the beginning, we will all be strangers, and then quickly become “familiar” together.


It is a place where everyone can express their authenticity, build lasting relationships and share common interests and passions.


In a world where people seem to be increasingly isolated, the Metaverse will offer users the opportunity to explore new social dimensions and build authentic and lasting relationships




In the Metaverse, pseudonyms will no longer exist, but real online personalities will be created.


People will finally feel comfortable sharing their authenticity.


It will no longer be a matter of posting photos, videos, and posts. It will be a question of having real experiences in real time that will become part of our memories. There will be no trace on our hypothetical home page.


But how will these personalities be created?


First, the Metaverse will no longer be anonymous. People will have to use their real names and face. Second, people will need to be able to create an avatar that represents their authentic personality.


Finally, each of us could have our own “home” within the Metaverse, a place where we can invite others to share interests and passions.


These characteristics will favor the creation of real ourselves in there.




The Future Of Social Networks Lies In The Metaverse

In conclusion, the Metaverse represents an epochal revolution of online social media.


To recap:


– People will finally be able to be themselves and build authentic and lasting relationships.


– Followers will have less and less importance, in favor of deeper and more personal connections.


– All this will be favored by the fact that people will finally be able to explore new social dimensions and build authentic and lasting relationships.


Rather, the race to attract more users to one Metaverse or another will arise.


The Metaverse will not only bring new ways to socialize, but it will also revolutionize online business.


Companies will have to adapt and invest in this new reality in order to continue interacting with their customers.


Maybe, in the end, only 4 or 5 metatheses will be the most successful, and everyone will want to live in a parallel reality.


Perhaps we will create more avatars for each metaverse that interests us.


The Metaverse will become a sort of second life in which we will spend increasing amounts of time.


There will be many events, parties, and conferences that will be held inside the metaverses.


In short, real and virtual life will increasingly converge.


It will be an augmented reality where people can choose to be connected to the whole world or only to people who share the same interests.


The Metaverse is already changing the world and there is nothing we can do to stop it.


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