A Surprising Answer To The Question Is It Better To Invest In A House Or A Property In The Metaverse?


Property In The Metaverse

You can become the owner of land, a house, or a building, even in virtual worlds. Private property is now an established reality in the Metaverse, a virtual reality environment that is becoming increasingly popular.


In the Metaverse, terrain and structures are created digitally and can be purchased using digital coins which I will explain later.


Once purchased, land can be used to construct buildings, design interactive worlds, and create shared content within the digital world itself.


It can also be an outlet into the Metaverse for a new business, a service business, or an extension of an existing business.


There are many important companies that have already invested in some digital parallel worlds. Nike for example in Roblox.


Gucci, Fendi, Fiat, Nissan, Adidas, and Yves Saint Laurent.


There are sports personalities such as soccer player Marco Verratti who bought an entire island. This is to make you understand that we are talking about something serious here, something that will have a future and a market in which a lot of money is already circulating and will continue to circulate.




Land is a virtual plot that can be purchased in exchange for digital currencies. For example, you can buy land using independent digital currencies called tokens, such as Mana or Sand based on the reference metaverses.

Once purchased, the owner of the land owns the plot and can decide how to develop it. He can also build buildings to run his business or create interactive content shared with other users.


The lands are sold through public auctions. Depending on the popularity of the metaverse, purchase prices can vary greatly.


Sales are either managed directly by the metaverse which puts some lots up for sale, or on platforms such as OpenSea. A platform that allows direct purchase/sale between owners.


All transactions take place with a digital currency. To buy and sell virtual land, you must first purchase digital currencies, such as ETH (Ethereum), Bitcoin, or other tokens.


To do all this safely and efficiently, you need to use digital wallets such as Coinbase or Metamask, which allow you to manage your business within the Metaverse.


To sum up:


1. Buy the digital coins needed to buy the land.


2. Find a reliable and secure platform like OpenSea to acquire the property.


3. Choose the land that’s right for you based on your needs, investments, speculation, opening a marketplace, or offering a service. Building some kind of business.


4. Use secure digital wallets like Coinbase or Metamask to complete the transaction.


5. Freely manage and develop your virtual terrain in the Metaverse.


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Property In The Metaverse

The lands of the Metaverse are based on a technology known as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT.) A type of non-tradable and non-divisible digital currency. NFTs represent unique and exclusive digital assets, to ensure the exclusivity of ownership of the objects.


NFTs are gaining popularity due to the ability to create unique and customized terrains that can only be purchased and viewed in a certain digital environment.


Who Invented NFT Technology?


– In summary, an NFT allows you to register the ownership of a specific file. The digital work becomes traceable. To do this it uses a digital database that stores the information and this database is the blockchain (a concept that will be explained in another article.)


The birth of NFTs was in 2012.


– After the birth of Bitcoin, and three years before the birth of Ethereum, and OpenSea, the open source platform that hosts the largest volume of NFT minting, a document was published by Meni Rosenfield in which the concept of “Coloured Coin” was introduced.


– It was born precisely to overcome problems related to these digital currencies called “Fungible Tokens.”


– The goal of Colored Coins would have been to create unique cryptographic assets and the concept of “uniqueness”, where 1 token is different from another, despite having the same value, and this is precisely what underlies NFTs.


– For example, a dollar is worth a dollar. And every paper dollar can be exchanged for another paper dollar.


– It is not the same thing with tokens, and cryptocurrencies, whose concept is the Nft, whose base albeit digital, assumes a unique value for an encrypted code.


– Colored Coins are the conceptual birth of NFTs, even if the limitations due to the Bitcoin blockchain did not allow the development of this project. Here the cryptographic world begins to ask itself if the problem of making resources is “unique.” This is the reasoning that leads to the birth of NFTs.


– The minting of the first NFT in history takes place on May 3, 2014, and it is done by the digital artist Kevin McCoy with his work “Quantum” coined on a blockchain called Namecoin and built on the Bitcoin model.


Now I need to give one last explanation on the Blockchain, of where these codes are written with maximum security.




A blockchain is a shared, decentralized, encrypted data structure that records transactions. In essence, the blockchain works as a register to keep all the data relating to certain activities (for example the purchase of an NFT.)


Thanks to its distributed nature, the blockchain allows for the transparent and efficient management of highly valuable activities that would otherwise take a very long time or would be impossible to perform securely.


This technology has made possible the creation of NFTs, which guarantee that each digital asset is unique and exclusive.


In addition to the art market, blockchain can also find applications in real estate, intellectual property management, and the development of smart contracts. The ability to securely store confidential and verifiable information opens up a whole new world of possibilities.


Its ability to generate value in the age of globalization is infinite and is part of what makes the Metaverse such an interesting place for millions of people around the world.


A Surprising Answer To The Question Is It Better To Invest In A House Or A Property In The Metaverse?



The Metaverse is all of this. It started out basic, and then develop into something complex and fascinating that will replace the web.


Imagine when you take a tour of the Metaverse with your friends and spend the evening there looking for who knows what experiences, purchases, NFT exchanges, and more.


All of this will obviously go hand in hand with the development of technology that makes virtual immersion possible. Today, there are excellent 3D viewers.


But they will have to invent artificial skin, maybe overalls, something to sell (I’m fantasizing,) and other innovations that will make the navigation experience total and realistic.


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