Oculus Quest Pro, Meta's New Viewer, Is The Most Advanced Access Key For Visiting And Building In The Metaverse


Oculus Quest Pro, Meta’s New Viewer, Is The Most Advanced Access Key For Visiting And Building In The Metaverse

The idea behind Oculus Rift was originally conceived by Palmer Luckey, an American virtual reality entrepreneur. Luckey worked with Metaverse LLC to develop the headset before it was bought by Facebook in 2014.


The company was committed to creating a quality product that offers users an engaging and immersive experience in virtual reality. The vision was to create virtual reality experience devices that were affordable for everyone, at a reasonable cost.


The original Oculus Rift prototype was based on consumer versions of mobile technology, such as the Nintendo 3DS and Xbox Kinect systems.


OLED technology has been introduced to improve the image quality offered by the Oculus Rift. This technology allows for a sharper, more realistic viewing experience without sacrificing system response time.


The Oculus Rift introduced a new level of comfort and safety thanks to the inertial controls integrated into the headset.


Wear had already been a small revolutionary gadget that did not escape Mark Zuckerberg who bought the company for 2 billion dollars. Today he has made them one of the most interesting products for the Metaverse by diving into the hardware and leaving his world of social and digital media.




A few months ago Meta launched the new AR / VR viewer (for Augmented Reality and for Virtual Reality).


– It is a high-end product that costs around 1900 dollars


– Quest Pro is VR but it is also AR, it allows you to see reality through color video cameras and mix it with the virtual, and it offers a less tiring view of virtual reality thanks to some tricks, such as a better-balanced head viewer, increased centering and the regulation of the intrapupillary distance.


– The camera chamber of this technological viewer, together with the 5 internally facing sensors, also allows you to track facial movements and facial expressions, such as a tongue out, a grimace or a wink.


– It is a hybrid, which can work in AR mode or VR mode. When a user wants to completely isolate himself in Meta this version also provides two magnetic sponge lens hoods, which completely remove peripheral vision.


– Moving on to the hardware we are faced with a totally revised product compared to Quest 2, and the price of $1900 against the starting $400 of the model currently on sale proves it.


– The processor is a version of Snapdragon XR2 called “Plus”, created in collaboration with Qualcomm. According to Meta it is 50% faster as a platform than the previous one.


– It has 12 Gb of RAM, 256 GB of app storage and 10 total sensors, five outward and five inward that work on face tracking.


– Autonomy should be around 2 hours: the old Quest 2 did even 3 and a half.


– This time Meta has used Quantum Dots panels to improve the color range and a series of innovations to increase the contrast.


– On Quest the image was in black and white on Quest Pro you have a color image with four times the resolution.


Thanks to eye tracking, the viewer offers a quality rendering only in the area where it is being observed, thus saving precious resources but at the same time offering a clear and defined external vision.


Every single command integrates a Snapdragon 662 processor with three different sensors capable of seeing at 360°.


The controllers also feature TruTouch haptic feedback and improved control feel.


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All this hardware, combined with its technical characteristics, are very important for immersing yourself in and making the most of the Facebook Metaverse. And in general all the metaverses.


At the moment there are about 140, an estimate made by some popular magazines.


At the moment users are focused only on some that can be counted on the fingers of one or two hands.


Among these should be mentioned The Sandbox, Somnium Space, Roblox, Decentraland, and finally Horizon Worlds which was created by Meta and is mainly used by companies and professionals for business meetings and conferences.


There are companies engaged in the IT development of virtual cities, but without objects like the one Mark Zuckerberg is building, everything would be useless.


It is a fundamental step towards the realization of the ambitious VR / AR project that Zuckerberg has in mind, with the aim therefore of revolutionizing the way in which one interacts with digital content.


Thanks to the Oculus Rift, you can explore new shared virtual worlds, visit places that you could not otherwise see and participate in interactive events.


These technologies offer unique opportunities for companies: they can expand their presence on the Web in a more engaging and efficient way, with the aim of generating intuitive, rich and immersive content.


In conclusion, it is clear that technology such as the Meta Oculus plays a fundamental role in the creation and use of the Metaverses. in fact, without it, the immersive experience that these virtual worlds offer would not be possible.


A product like the questo Pro Oculus therefore represents an important step forward.





Imagine buying land in the metaverse. Perhaps you already own one.


Do you know what a land is?


It is a portion of virtual land that can host buildings, installations, and other content.


Thanks to tools such as Unity, this land can be developed in order to provide the user with an even more realistic and engaging experience.


Or simply to build a building something three-dimensional on it to immerse yourself in the Metaverse and make experiences or purchases from Gucci Garden that he created in Roblox.


Without good developers it would have been impossible to create it, and excellent viewers that make certain experiences even more realistic.


So it is clear that hardware as powerful as Meta Oculus Quest Pro will be essential to create spectacular landscapes, full of details and interactive possibilities.


Many of the applications created use this technology to offer an even more immersive and efficient experience.


In short, the Meta Oculus Quest Pro is essential both for consumers who want to immerse themselves in the Metaverse but above all for developers who can go further and create higher quality content.


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