New Experiences Await Us In The Metaverse That Will Heighten Engagement In Sporting, Cultural, And Musical Events


New Experiences Await Us In The Metaverse That Will Heighten Engagement In Sporting, Cultural, And Musical Events

There are several thousand passionate tennis spectators who watched the Australian Open tournament as never before.


It happened thanks to Roblox’s metaverse, which created AO Adventure, a custom-made virtual space, based on the famous playing field of the Australian Open in Melbourne.


This immersion is destined to change our habits. As did the arrival of television. The same principle has applied to the Metaverse: a virtual reality where users can explore and fully experience their adventures.


A whole new world, an immersive and exciting experience where you can become someone else and experience things that would not be possible in real life.


The Metaverse is already making an impression on mainstream culture, with films like Ready Player One thrusting it into the mainstream media spotlight.


It is also gaining the attention of famous brands such as Nike, which has launched collections inspired by the virtual world and a customized headquarters (NikeLand).


This is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot to discover and everyone can participate in the creation of the Metaverse. Be the owners of some spaces in these virtual cities.


Here’s what Roblox came up with:


– User avatars could wander around the Rod Laver Arena, meeting the avatar of tennis player Nyck Kyrgios, and taking advantage of many minigames and timed races in search of many collectibles.


– AO Adventure then offered the “Tennis Pass” at the price of 299 Robrux, the digital currency of the platform (about €2.50).


– It was a success beyond expectations that garnered thousands of fans, both sports and Web3.


It was like a dream come true. A way to watch the tournament from inside, as if you were there, but without ever leaving the comfort of your home.


A new era is beginning with many possibilities for us all. The Metaverse is here and has no plans to leave anytime soon. It could play an increasingly important role in the near future.


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Change is in the wind for 2022 figures.


There were far fewer active users in the Metaverse last year than expected. For this reason, Meta’s Horizon World has lost billions of dollars, in lost revenues compared to what it is investing in creating its metaverse.


It was a flop for everyone.


Instead, Roblox’s launch filled up users with a digital event created around one of the most famous tennis tournaments in the world.


The other big names in the sector are now rethinking their strategy, taking advantage of this brilliant idea, and deciding to invest in the Metaverse.


It is a sign that things are changing.


Because it is clear that the future of digital technology is played out in the field of virtual reality, with its infinite possibilities for consumers in terms of entertainment and user experience in general.




The Metaverse offers many more opportunities than the traditional Web. It is a parallel world that allows you to try different experiences, have fun with interactive games, and meet new people without limits of space and time.


Unlike the classic web, there is no need to have computer skills to navigate it. The 3D graphics are intuitive and you can set your own avatars to personalize the experience.


Here is a list of Metaverse qualities:


– Customizable: you can create unique worlds and avatars. – Immersive: 3D graphics are realistic and engaging. – Collaborative: you can share experiences with users from all over the world. – Interactive: Offers lots of fun games and activities that bring people together from all over the world. – Accessible from any device.


These are just some of the features the Metaverse offers, which is why its popularity is constantly increasing and so many big brands are taking advantage of its potential.


Roblox led the way with the AO Adventure, but it’s certainly not the only one to have understood this. Other giants such as Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Epic Games are already investing in this new virtual reality and concrete results will soon be seen.


It is clear that the Metaverse will significantly change in the coming years, revolutionizing how people interact and have fun online.


New Experiences Await Us In The Metaverse That Will Heighten Engagement In Sporting, Cultural, And Musical Events



The idea of an alternative virtual reality was born in the 90s, with the creation of the first video games in which users could interact with animated characters.


Subsequently, technology has made great strides and nowadays people can fully immerse themselves in richly detailed virtual worlds, where they are free to explore, make friends, and even earn real money!


The very first virtual reality must be distinguished from the Metaverse. The Metaverse is something more.


It is a world without borders, where everyone can connect and share experiences together. It is a real digital economy where users can use their skills to earn real money.


The users themselves interact in its construction, personalizing and making every experience and development of the Metaverse unprecedented.


As I’ve said, every virtual world has a currency and its own economy. Finally, there are Nfts, which weren’t there before, i.e. digital (non-fungible) tokens that represent an asset recognized and considered real.


All this means that we are getting closer and closer to the goal of a real Metaverse, which many have been aiming for.


Given the great attention paid lately by various big names in the sector, there is no doubt that the Metaverse is destined to be a tangible reality soon.


Finally, the name Metaverse derives from the novel Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. The work speaks of the Metaverse and the possibility of creating a parallel world in which all subjects, real and imaginary, can interact with each other without limits.


Today with the technology available this project has finally become a reality!


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