As The Metaverses Grow, The Possibilities Of Doing Virtual Real Estate And Land Sales Increase


As The Metaverses Grow, The Possibilities Of Doing Virtual Real Estate And Land Sales Increase

One of the problems with the Earth is that it’s over. So land is limited. Being limited, where there is already interest in real estates, such as in cities, prices are very high, making doing business difficult.


But if other habitable worlds were discovered tomorrow, everything would be different. There would be more land and development possibilities in places where you could invest cheaper.


This is what’s happening in the Metaverse, thanks to the fact that an increasing number of worlds have been created.


The advantage of the Metaverse is also the ease of buying lands (which are virtual lands), selling, and, above all, developing the areas bought by users or companies.


Developing land is something a computer scientist can do. You don’t need building materials, bricklayers, and lots of paperwork.


If you’re thinking about it, I agree that you could build something three-dimensional and digital. These are virtual spaces that can acquire value and make great profits.




– The Italian metaverse we are talking about is Coderblock.


– The sale of their lands started a few weeks ago on their official page.


– The Italian blockchain company Coderblock has announced the presale of the first virtual lands available on the Metaverse world. 3.4% is the total availability.


– These are virtual lands or virtual spaces of the Metaverse that have their own virtual dimension of 16 meters X 16 meters, where building one’s business or a commercial space is possible.


– The price of each lot is quite accessible in this initial stage: around 295 dollars for each lot, but the price will tend to rise.


– The company’s goal is to make buying attractive and encourage lot ownership. On the Coderblock website, the total lots offered for sale will be 44,100.


– The lands can be purchased through Usdt stable coins via a cryptowallet.


– Their value will likely increase over time depending on the properties’ use, location, characteristics, supply, and demand.




Land in the Metaverse is nothing more than a purchasable virtual space within the world as if it were real land.


Like non-virtual real estate, the land has its own value and can be used for personal or commercial activity. You can also resell at higher prices than the purchase price.


Furthermore, the lands of the Metaverse are characterized by some peculiarities: they can be designed, modified, and developed much faster than real property.


It is also possible to monetize them with activities such as organizing events or selling virtual items.


The lands are based on NFT technology. What is a Non-fungible token?


An NFT is a blockchain-based token representing something unique, non-divisible, and traceable. This means that each NFT can be considered a digital work of art or a virtual good.


For this reason, they are useful and ideal for buying land in the Metaverse.


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What Danilo Costa, the Italian CEO and founder of Coderblock, expressed about the lands of the Metaverse:


“They are spaces on which to build buildings, offices, pavilions, shops, and/or any business reality which, thanks to the Metaverse, multiplies its opportunities,” said Costa.


“Users and land-owning companies will be able to customize its appearance and functionality according to their needs.”


“Each asset is represented by an NFT registered on the blockchain, and user exchanges occur through registered and immutable transactions. Buying a land, therefore, means having a traceable and inalienable virtual property, as it is registered through a smart contract.”


Also, the offer of virtual land by Coderblock is a great opportunity for users, companies, and investors who intend to exploit Blockchain technology and all its applications.




The growing interest in the virtual world is nothing new. What’s happening today? Opportunities to explore virtual spaces, games, and innovative NFT technologies are increasing, with a significant increase in the demand for land on which to build commercial activities such as shops, offices, and more.


Samsung has also invested in the Metaverse: the company has announced a partnership with The Sandbox, one of the leading virtual worlds built on Ethereum.


Another very important company is Gucci: the luxury brand created the Gucci Garden, a virtual space where users can buy Gucci-style goods and interact with other participants.


The last company we will mention at the moment is Nike, with its Nikeland in Roblox, a 3D playground-style virtual space. Users can purchase and customize their Nike shoes in the digital store.


In short, the Metaverse is becoming increasingly popular as a place where companies, entrepreneurs, and investors can set up businesses and exploit all its advantages: excellent visibility, great commercial potential, and monetization opportunities.





According to PwC’s latest report on virtual land sales, the global Metaverse market is estimated to be worth $47.69 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 43.3% to reach 828 95 billion dollars by 2028.


In simple words, it means that if you buy a lotus today for a few hundred dollars there is a huge chance that, within a short time, the investment will double or triple.


Then will be the right time to resell your land through platforms like OpenSea


OpenSea is an online marketplace where users can buy, sell, and trade their NFTs. OpenSea users can treat land as if it were a stock: sell, gift, or simply show the world their collection of virtual land.




Metaverse lands have become a major business, offering great opportunities for investors. To get to know this new reality better and learn how to make the most of all its potential, you need to contact specialists in the sector.


Additionally, users can buy virtual land using platforms like OpenSea that will treat it like actual stock. Finally, the Nft technology will make it possible to enjoy a virtual property registered on the blockchain, which is inalienable and immutable.


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