The Second Largest Clothing Chain Chooses The Metaverse To Exhibit Its New Collections


The Second Largest Clothing Chain Chooses The Metaverse To Exhibit Its New Collections


The Second Largest Clothing Chain Chooses The Metaverse To Exhibit Its New Collections

Having a point of reference in the Metaverse, for clothing chains and big names in fashion style, has become a must-have.


One brand that has brought fashion and style into virtual reality is H&M.


It has created, like others (a few pioneers) a shopping experience that is above all else, a personal and immersive experience for visitors to the Metaverse.


Customers can view the product range, choose sizes, and watch videos on all clothing collections. Additionally, attendees can interact with other visitors and participate in events such as the H&M signature fashion show.


How is all this possible, despite there being no one in the 3D world? It has been found that there are few users who gravitate to the Metaverse.


After this bad news, Meta crashed in the stock market. Then laid off many employees.


Strangely, everyone continues to open shops and outlets in the Metaverse. I think there’s a reason that you’ll find out later.




– According to the latest analysis by Morgan Stanley, the new digital world could generate a turnover of 50 billion dollars for luxury brands by 2030.




The latest big player to realize the potential of the virtual world is H&M.


Here is some data on the Swedish low-cost clothing chain:


– Approximately $20 billion in net sales in 2021 (+6%).


– In 2021, the group (which also includes Cos, Monki, Weekday, & Other Stories, and Arket) is the world’s number two in ready-to-wear fashion, behind Inditex (Zara)


– It opened 140 new stores that same year and closed 321, with a net balance of 217 stores versus a decrease of 58 stores in 2020, to a total of 4,801.


– H&M plans to land in six new markets by opening the chain’s first stores in Ecuador, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Cambodia.


– The H&M chain, founded in 1947 in Sweden, is one of the leading fashion companies on a global scale.




– The Swedish chain has landed in the Metaverse together with Ceek, a company that offers digital services by connecting artists, athletes, and digital creators directly with their fans in virtual worlds, with the opening of its first virtual store.


What is so special about the 3D shop of the European low-cost chain?


– Inside there are digital clothes that can be paid for using Ceek Coin, the currency of Ceek.


– The layout of the store could be misleading: mannequins, hangers, signs with discounts, and even a cash register.


– But it is a space that does not exist except in Ceek City, a three-dimensional digital universe created impromptu, where there are already theatres, concert halls, and sports fields.


– To access Ceek City, users need to pay for a subscription. The platform sells digital objects and real clothes (to be ordered and picked up in physical stores), as well as NFTs.




Among the first important companies that have chosen to be present in parallel to reality is Nike. It even hired a Metaverse manager, Eric Redmon, who led the Nikeland project.


Nikeland is a virtual space on the Roblox platform.


Adidas bought land in The Sandbox metaverse last November and is developing a new project with the Nft Bored Ape Yacht Club brand, and Inditex, which has collaborated on a collection with the South Korean company Ader Error, which can be purchased in virtual format via the Zepeto application.


The names just mentioned are big companies but they are for the masses. Instead, the Metaverse is also for luxury.


– Balenciaga, a Maison under the orbit of Kering, in September struck a deal with gaming giant Epic Games to design virtual clothes that players can buy digitally.


– Gucci allied with Roblox for its entry into the Metaverse. Through an immersive multimedia experience in Florence and a virtual space in the Gucci Garden, the fashion house welcomed its most loyal customers to the gaming platform for two weeks. It now seems clear that the future of luxury will move to this new world.


Other famous brands in the Metaverse are Tommy Hilfiger and Kenzo.


Tommy Hilfiger was among the first fashion brands to enter the Decentraland virtual platform. The digital space is designed as a 3D theme park where users can explore various shops and showrooms, interact with the brand’s virtual creations and even purchase the products.


Kenzo chose to bring part of its summer catalog into the virtual world through a capsule collection entirely dedicated to the Metaverse. The collection was launched together with IMVU, a 3D social platform that allows users to create customizable avatars and roam between different virtual worlds.


To conclude, technology and fashion are taking part in this new world, and fashion style brands have already thrown themselves into the fray to expand into the digital territory of virtual objects which constitute a real asset of the future.


H&M has chosen to open its doors, like other important brands, in the Metaverse demonstrating how the future of shopping will be increasingly immersive.




The Metaverse will offer digital users the opportunity to interact directly with their fans in virtual worlds. It also brings various benefits for the users.


First, you can create a custom avatar and be an active part of the community while visiting the store.


Another cool feature is that customers can try a virtually unlimited number of products without having to buy them. Customers can also receive personalized recommendations and take advantage of exclusive discounts.


Access to H&M stores in the Metaverse will allow users to purchase and receive virtual products directly on the platform.


There will be an outlet for the personalization of garments, from shoes to clothes and accessories: infinite ways to make your products unique.


This new online shopping method will also offer customers the opportunity to participate in virtual events and interact with other users of the platform.


H&M and others in the Metaverse (at the moment not many) but very important brands, represent an innovative and exciting experience for all fashion enthusiasts.


The Metaverse will become like the internet, where every company will have its own site: the difference being the experiences that will be 100 times more exciting and immersive.


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