As Digital Real Estate Conquers The Metaverse It Becomes The Future Of Virtual Property Transactions


As Digital Real Estate Conquers The Metaverse It Becomes The Future Of Virtual Property Transactions

For every new interactive space that arises such as the web and social networks, there were and still are squares, cities, and shopping centers. Offering new earning opportunities and new economies to arise.


As far as the Metaverse is concerned, among the opportunities for earnings and entrepreneurial activities that can be achieved, there is also the real estate market.


It’s a brand new kind of real estate because it’s digital.


It is possible to buy and sell virtual spaces, comparable to houses and land in the real world. A certain land in a digital city, hundreds of floors in a 3D building for visitors, and thousands of servers to be used as warehouses for digital products. All transactions are made in virtual currency.


Just as the classic real estate industry is based on access to property, bank financing, business management, personnel, and real estate, the Metaverse is based on the same things.


For example, property investments in 2022, in the Metaverse have been estimated at around 1.5 billion euros.


– This could increase to 2.5 billion in 2023.


– Possibly increasing to 3.5 billion in 2025.


I will try to explain to you what this new concept of digital real estate consists of, and how it works.




Real estate in the Metaverse means the management of anything that can be bought, sold, or rented in a digital environment. There are two main types of property: virtual property (land and houses) and digital assets (software or artwork). Both can be bought, sold, and rented with virtual currencies.


There are also various applications to simplify the user experience of navigating the digital world. For example, some platforms offer the use of tokens to manage transactions and resource ownership.


Additionally, several projects are developing blockchain-based applications that allow users to trade digital assets without intermediaries.


This technology has the potential to revolutionize not only digital economies but traditional ones as well.


Some projects are even developing mobile apps to increase the accessibility of real estate in the Metaverse.


In summary, real estate in the Metaverse is becoming increasingly important and a large number of investments are planned for the near future.


It will be interesting to see how this market will grow in terms of transaction volumes and types of digital assets traded.

The Future Of Virtual Property Transactions



– MThe company Republic Realm, which specializes in the sale of real land, has paid the equivalent of 3.8 million euros for a plot of virtual land in The Sandbox, showing that they are well convinced of the potential of the Metaverse.


– Another emblematic case is that of Axie Infinity by Sky Mavis, a “play to earn” game that involves more than 2 million players a day. The equivalent of more than 2 million euros for a piece of land.


– These are striking cases, but they make it clear that prices are growing rapidly. Clearly, as in the real estate market, the greater the visibility, the higher the price will be.




Let me explain what land is: it is a portion of virtual land on which you can build, for example, a house or other commercial activities.


To buy land, follow these steps:


1. Identify the Land you would like to buy. You can choose between either the public (Decentraland, The Sandbox) or private (Cryptovoxels) metaverse.


2. Sign up on the website where the desired Land is located and create an account. You can also acquire the land through generic platforms such as OpenSea which is perhaps the best.


3. Purchase the virtual currency needed to purchase the Land.


4. Use virtual currency to buy the desired Land. Then purchases it.


5. You can rent your land to other users who need it.


This way you will be able to generate a constant income from the investment made!


You can put your plot of land, building, or whatever you bought on the market immediately or later.


If you are interested in earning from operations in the virtual world or simply want to become a land owner, you can get more detailed information by reading our detailed guide. A complete guide, download it for free at this link:




– Facebook/Meta are still under construction, but there are other virtual worlds already active and accessible to users


– For example, there is Second Life, launched in 2003 (where some states have even set up real embassies).


– Another very popular one is Sandbox,


– Decentraland: A virtual reality experience on the blockchain using Ethereum technology.


– Cryptovoxels: a decentralized platform that allows users to buy and sell assets based on current market prices.


– In these metaverses, everything is based on the concept of land and parcel, the individual parcels of land that users can buy and then build their own home or any other type of building.




Metaverse Property offers a simple and secure way to buy, sell, or rent virtual land. Thanks to its huge network of real estate brokers specialized in real estate in the Metaverse, this service is able to find the best opportunities for its clients.


Metaverse Property offers a number of tools designed to help you make more informed decisions. You can easily compare the market prices of many virtual lands and get a better idea of the value of the property you are considering.


Metaverse Property also helps you with financing. They find the best option for you based on your preferences and available budget.


All brokers who partner with Metaverse Property are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and must meet stringent requirements in order for them to offer their services internationally.


– Purchases in the Metaverse are always made using cryptocurrencies. You must have a One Crypto wallet to be used with tokens.


– Many metaverses come to have their own cryptocurrencies, tied to the Ethereum blockchain system. Payment systems are increasingly simplified to the point that, recently, even PayPal and Venmo – allow you to exchange dollars or euros with cryptocurrencies and manage all related transactions.


– Purchases are made through smart contracts – contracts that use the blockchain to define transactions that cannot be modified and enforced against third parties. They are generated and verified very quickly and are signed with digital signatures.




Buying a property has never been easier. It is a real property in Metaverse, but still valuable.


If you get help from a qualified real estate broker who operates on the platform, they will guarantee you excellent customer service, at an international level, with maximum transparency and efficiency.


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