Companies Are Already Looking For A “Metaverse Specialist”. They All Want To Be Competitive In There Too


Companies Are Already Looking For A "Metaverse Specialist". They All Want To Be Competitive In There Too


Companies Are Already Looking For A Metaverse Specialists They All Want To Be Competitive In There Too

The “metaverse specialist” appeared for the first time in the list of the most requested professions in the digital world. There is a list that counts as many as 40 totally new professions “which until a few years ago would have appeared as pure science fiction,” explained the newspaper El Paìs.


Being a very young professional, the metaverse specialist is certainly a figure without a lot of specific experience in this sector.


Companies are looking for candidates who know how to design and build metaverse models for digital natives. For the new generations who do not appreciate traditional tools such as television or printed media.


Above all, they are abandoning social media. It is no coincidence that the new generations choose TikTok and snub Facebook.


We are facing generational changes much faster than those that occurred in the last century.


The Metaverse is a 3D virtual environment created through specialized software, designed specifically for the needs of customers and companies. It gives the user a digital experience that is entirely unparalleled by other online experiences.




Most of the current candidates are made up of programming experts, 3D graphic designers, computer engineers, and software developers.


The Metaverse specialist is not just a developer or a technician. They are digital creatives who must have transversal skills in the field of digital design and construction.


If you are interested in being a new professional figure and have the necessary skills to enter the Metaverse field, then it is time to look for a job in this sector.


Companies are already looking for Metaverses specialists who know how to design and build virtual and engaging environments, designed for digital natives.


As mentioned, they can generally have transversal skills and among these we find:


– “Data scientist”
– “Full stack developer”
– “Cloud architect”


These are subjects who usually have training in Stem degrees (courses in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.)

Companies Are Already Looking For A Metaverse Specialists. They All Want To Be Competitive In There Too

Other functions are related to: -MDigital marketing, as a “digital media planner” – Specialist in works of art – Illustration specialist – Programmatic trader – Digital analyst – Omnichannel director


Expertise is also required in advertising and communication.


The Business School created the map of professional specificities in the Metaverse.


It succeeded using a sample of 2,300 companies.


The search for professions that fall under the above term, “Metaverse Specialist” got help from Accenture, IBM, Wpp, L’Óreal, Ntt Data, and Isdi Coders.


It was Accenture, a consulting firm, who coined the term metaverse specialist.


“Acquiring these profiles was a challenge, as it is typically a hybrid profile that combines design and creativity, with the technical knowledge of platforms,” explained José Luis Sánchez, Accenture’s communications manager.


As reported by El Pais “the representatives of the six companies agreed that the biggest challenge is the creation of talents. To find them, motivate them, and retain them.”


Apparently, every place is lacking in the needs companies have to work on their positions in the Metaverse. In general. the development and implementation of online services (meaning Web3, augmented reality, and Metaverse,) there are an average of 7 suitable candidates.


“There are few, but cybersecurity professionals are even rarer. For each position in information security roles, there are one to three potential candidates,” continues the French newspaper.




Companies don’t want to be late in the race to the Metaverse. They need to look for new professionals who know how to face these future digital challenges.


For example, IBM focuses heavily on innovation by actively participating in the construction of the blockchain platform and investing millions of dollars in research and development for virtual and augmented reality (AR/VR). Or PwC, which recently announced the creation of an interdisciplinary team dedicated to building the Metaverse.


All this because it is very interesting.


1- In the meantime, if you are interested in investing in this profession. The time is right. There is no shortage of work and opportunities.


But I want to speak to the mass, the average user.


2- It means that we are about to witness a rapidly accelerating development of the world and virtual worlds.


We must be on the lookout for investment opportunities to be found.


There are many ways to get on this carriage before it leaves us behind. This is the moment.




Companies Are Already Looking For A Metaverse Specialists They All Want To Be Competitive In There Too

– Investing in companies that are already working on these technologies (such as IBM or PwC)


– Train and constantly update their digital and technological skills


– Approaching the world of cryptocurrencies, as a way of investing in the Metaverse.


– Explore the various sectors that can benefit from virtual, augmented, and metaverse reality (such as healthcare, education, or commerce) to find potential new investment opportunities.


The two most interesting methods are perhaps these:


Acquisition of land or digital buildings. Purchase of tokens of virtual worlds that we foresee will increase as users and importance.


For example Decentraland or The Sandbox. Both have their own tokens for managing virtual properties and economic activities within their worlds.


The Metaverse has a very interesting future ahead of it. Whoever invests early will be the one who captures the most success and earnings. So don’t wait, do your research. Explore your options now!


Buying digital land or buildings within virtual worlds can be an interesting way to earn (either by selling them at increased prices or by renting them for virtual businesses such as shops or events).


There was the case of the footballer of Paris Saint Germain, the French football team. I’m talking about Marco Verratti, who bought an entire digital island: a virtual land worth 600,000 inside Decentraland.


This is general information. This is not investment advice. Make sure you always do thorough research and consult with a professional before making any important decisions regarding your financial plan. But don’t wait too long, the Metaverse is coming fast!


Today’s case of the Metaverse looks a lot like the Bitcoin of 7 years ago. We still don’t know what the future will be, but the signs indicate it could become a major economic force.


Those who invest early could reap great benefits. Example of those who invested in Bitcoin before its boom, now have priceless assets.


A few well-known names:


– Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, co-founders of Facebook (invested $11 million in 2013, now worth over $ 1billion) – Mike Novogratz, former hedge fund manager, now CEO of the cryptocurrency firm Galaxy Digital (invested in Bitcoin in 2013, is now worth over $700 million)


So don’t waste your time. Start researching how you can invest in the Metaverse. This could prove to be a very profitable opportunity.


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