Metaverse Real Estate Is Much Simpler Than In The Real World. Everyone Can Buy And Sell It At No Cost


Metaverse Real Estate Is Much Simpler Than In The Real World. Everyone Can Buy And Sell It At No Cost


Metaverse Real Estate Is Much Simpler Than In The Real World. Everyone Can Buy And Sell It At No Cost

Lots of money will rain into the 3D world at little expense to make real estate transactions. What’s better? This is what will happen in the Metaverse. In part, it already happened. To buy and sell land you don’t need a notary or paid contract.


All you need is to open an account for free and owners will receive faster and cheaper payments in peer-to-peer mode. Real estate in the Metaverse opens up a world of unparalleled opportunities, and it is possible to earn far more than ever before.


This is because lands in the Metaverse are something that is growing exponentially. A bit like what happened with Bitcoins. But without speculative bubbles. In virtual reality, stores such as Gucci, Fiat, Nissa, Nike, Adidas, and Fendi are opening.


Thanks to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, buying and selling land in the Metaverse is now a breeze. There is no need to worry about transaction security or legal process, as all payments will be made quickly and securely.




Understand that this is not a joke.


– In the real estate metaverse, an estimated 1.5 billion euros of investments worldwide in 2022 have been estimated


– While the projections for 2025 speak of over 3.5 billion.


– The real estate metaverse includes around 270,000 properties on the market.


Basically, we are witnessing an explosion of interest. The increase in real estate sales globally has also materialized in the digital world.


“Currently,” commented an expert in real estate scenarios, “The metaverse is, an innovative means of dissemination for the world of communication, games, marketing, and fashion, which are finding in these virtual spaces a new showcase suitable to interest potential buyers, which is constantly increasing.”


“The aspirations of the builders, however, go beyond this traditional feature and the design of multiple and recognizable, typological and functional environments, aims at the creation of a virtual world that aspires to become an asset class of concrete investments.”

Metaverse Real Estate



If you are interested in buying virtual land, here is the procedure to follow:


1. Find the right Metaverse for your project. There are currently about 30 of them. Do a little market research based on your idea: whether it’s a digital service, a game, or simply speculate on the lands.


2. Create an account on the platform of your choice (for example Decentraland, to buy land on that metaverse). Or on OpenSea, it gives you the opportunity to buy Nfts and lands of more Metaverses.


3. Use a digital wallet for payment (the Wallet) and complete real estate transactions in peer-to-peer mode.


4. Enter your land details in the Metaverse public registry.


5. Advertise so that everyone can see your land and decide if it’s what they’re looking for (unless you want to resell it as a real estate business.)


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In the meantime, I specify that the increase in investments materialized at the end of 2021:


Until December 2020, despite the announcements of virtual lots transactions at prices that grew even more than one thousand percent on a monthly basis, the number of transactions was extremely limited. The first trades on SuperWorld in 2018, had totaled around 62 million euros.


The first big turning point took place in October 2021, when Mark Zuckerberg changed the name of the company he founded to Meta Platforms.


Meta’s operation led, during the last quarter of 2021, to the allocation of approximately 315 million euros of investments. Making it possible to exceed 490 million euros in 2021.


Hence the high expectations in the real estate metaverse for 2022, are indicated as around 1.5 billion euros.




Many are ready to shout at the speculative bubble, but it must be added that investments in the real estate metaverse are revolutionizing the way we transact the purchase of a property.


Virtual properties have one more advantage over real ones. There is, as mentioned above, no need to pay taxes or renters, they allow the owner to acquire active participation in community development and have easy access to possible investment in infrastructure.


The presence of platforms that facilitate the purchase and negotiation of virtual land has made investing in the real estate metaverse easier and cheaper.


All this happens thanks to the transcription of the sale transaction being done online, thanks to the blockchain and the NFTs.


NFTs are proprietary tokens that represent virtual land and associate it with a specific address on the blockchain.


NFTs are non-fungible tokens i.e. they are unique, like a certificate of ownership.


While the blockchain is a public, decentralized, and digital register that keeps track of the actions performed.


The NFTs also contain a description of the virtual land, details of the current owner, and the history of events associated with the property. A bit like being at a virtual notary. There is the same security and inviolability at no cost.


Thanks to these two innovative technologies, real estate transactions have become easier and cheaper. Investment in the real estate metaverse has become more accessible to users from all over the world.




To summarize, investing in the real estate metaverse offers many advantages over real estate and has reduced transaction costs.


With the increase in investments, even people who are not very experienced in buying or selling land can start making profits with investments in the Real Estate Metaverse.


That’s why demand is set to increase during 2023. If you are considering making an investment in the sector, do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


It’s important to remember that the Metaverse real estate market is constantly evolving and trends can change quickly.


Be sure to regularly read up on the latest news and updates related to investing in Metaverse Real Estate.


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