Meta And Microsoft's Strategy For The Metaverse Is To Unite The Mightiest Builders In The 3d World


Meta And Microsoft’s Strategy For The Metaverse Is To Unite The Mightiest Builders In The 3d World

Unity is strength. If the biggest operators in the market are in this union, there is no competition that can exist. Microsoft and Meta have once again proved that their partnership is something extraordinary.


Microsoft and Meta are collaborating to bring about the Metaverse. Each of them will have to take care of a different role, but doing it by advising each other will make them incomparable.


Mark Zuckerberg is number one in social media, and Microsoft is number one in desktop device software.


Together, their skills and experiences will be unique. Facebook and Microsoft will work together to take the Metaverse beyond what everyone thinks is possible.


Let’s start with their announcement and the latest Meta news.




Mark Zuckerberg’s idea is to “Build an open and interoperable metaverse.”


– An environment that blends virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, in which different companies collaborate.


“In every generation there are open and closed ecosystems, Windows and Mac, Android, and iOS,” he underlined with a sting at Apple, which with its updates has penalized targeted advertising and caused Meta to lose tens of billions.


Meta’s role, on the other hand, Mark explained, “is not simply to help build an ecosystem, but to make sure it prevails.”


What are the tasks of the two big companies?


This was explained by Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. When he announced the collaboration between the two companies.


– Meta adds its new headset (the Quest Pro) and its platforms.


– Microsoft with its solutions for companies: video games and the cloud. Teams, Office, and Windows will be enriched with virtual and mixed reality functions, with videoconferences in which real faces captured by cameras can mix with avatars.


– Xbox cloud games will also be integrated with the Quest line, multiplying the offer of titles.


Nadella confessed to being “excited about the metaverse.”


In this way, and intelligently, Meta has decided not to make everything in-house but to populate the metaverse with already widespread applications.


Finally, according to Zuckerberg, the mixed reality and virtual applications present in the metaverse are destined to “displace video calls,” in a future where remote collaborative work will be the norm.



Yet a few months ago thousands of layoffs flocked Meta due to the current Virtual Reality Flop.


But Mark doesn’t give up and decided to invest again:


– The company will attempt to go all in next year with its $19.2 billion invested in its metaverse Reality Labs division, which is expected to account for 20% of its total expenses.


– Reality Labs CTO Andrew Bosworth noted in a blog post yesterday that the company planned to spend as much on its metaverse division in 2023 as it already invested this year, despite a reported loss from operations of $9.4 billion in revenues in the first nine months of 2022.


“All the resources in the world don’t buy you success,” Bosworth said. “This is especially true for digital interactive content.”


– Bosworth pointed to applications such as “Spaces and Venues.” Apps designed to allow users to socially interact with friends in virtual reality failed.


– Meta has invested heavily and promoted Horizon Worlds, a successor to Venues, but “it’s still not as successful as we’d hoped.”


In short, the money is ok but we also need the right projects. Will the company that owns Instagram and Facebook be able to find them?


Bosworth explained there is a need to create something that “has a soul.”


Simply cloning an app like Supernatural is a recipe for failure, he added.


“You can’t just throw money” into something and not know where it leads. According to Bosworth, it is better to “build around them,” i.e. the little ones as in the case of Within.




The future of VR and the metaverse depends on how much users enjoy it.


According to Zuckerberg, the “vision” is that social content is “immersive like a game”.


This means that the experience must be immersive and unique, not only for video games but also in the world of video conferencing and special event streaming.


A model similar to video games, but integrated into the real world. A way to “transform social relationships” and create “experiences that weren’t possible before.”


An ambitious project for the immediate future, which will require time and effort. But if they succeed in transforming the Metaverse into a world of real social experiences, the hours spent in front of the screens will no longer be boring or limiting, but exciting.


Everything revolves around the ability to attract users with fun and inspiring content. Only then can we all dive into the Metaverse!




The Metaverse will not only be a place for entertainment and social interaction but also a place where users can find opportunities for income.


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Microsoft unveiled its in-Metaverse Revenue Share platform, which will allow developers to create paid content and share the profits with other creators.


A great idea to encourage the development of commercial activities within the Metaverse.


Don’t forget virtual real estate:


Content developers can buy and sell land or buildings in VR just like landlords in the real world.


This is the time to buy land plots or apartments, as prices are still low.


There are numerous earning opportunities in some of the best streaming apps and platforms.


There is also a huge demand for 3D content that can be purchased or commissioned by companies and organizations based in the Metaverse. This way people can (also) make money online within the Metaverse!


Another interesting product is NFTs. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are a form of blockchain-based token that allows users to trade unique goods securely.


NFTs can be used to purchase unique digital content such as images, art, and more. Everything is always digital.


This provides many artists with the opportunity to sell their work securely within the Metaverse.


The Metaverse will offer many earning opportunities to anyone with the intelligence, creativity, and determination to seize these opportunities. Go immediately, and access the Metaverse to start accumulating wealth!


The future is now. The Metaverse is coming and it brings us all the income opportunities we desire. With Microsoft and Facebook at the helm, we’re confident it’s going to be an exciting journey.


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