Mark Zuckerberg's Metaverse Started From Work Meetings. Facebook's New Social Network Is In The Virtual World



Facebook was founded by chance. It was supposed to be a university app and instead, it has become the best-known social network in the world.


Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse, which is called Horizon Worlds, is something studied at the table. Both to keep up with the times and to step into a transaction that will likely wipe out what we know of the web today.


– First, Facebook decided to change its name to Meta Platforms Inc. and to invest the company’s future in the Metaverse market.


– Zuckerberg’s development team released their first metaverse in December 2021.


– Horizon Worlds unlike other existing Metaverses (such as Decentraland and The Sandbox) does not want to strive to be a videogame experience but an experience that allows people to socialize with other users.


Horizon Worlds wants to be a platform to allow people to meet and carry out relationships, but also work activities such as meetings, conferences, or training courses.


They are facing a very ambitious project and are only at the beginning.




It should be said this virtual space is the first product of Meta. Other metaverses could be made by them, with other names, perhaps communicating with each other, but with different specificities and graphics.


To date, this is the metaverse of Facebook.


– It comes as a free app that can be used with the Meta Quest Pro headset.


– It is an ever-expanding social universe where you can hang out with friends, meet new people, play games, participate in interesting events, and there are over 10,000 worlds and experiences to explore.


– A 3D digital world that also allows private creators to create customized projects on their own initiative aimed at increasing the enjoyable experience in this Metaverse.


– Horizon Worlds, allows you to create a place to gather with your friends and your communities. Even if you are a world away.


– Horizon Worlds is still in its infancy but promises a dense and complex roadmap whose goal is unique. To create a Metaverse accessible to all and which can become a new Facebook both in terms of popularity and ease of use.


That’s why I argue that it will replace all social media. In general, all metaverses will replace social networks and the web.


For example, to view a digital space of a company, to see photos, and get other information, in 10 years the website will probably no longer be surfed.


Instead, we will immerse ourselves in the metaverse where the virtual space of that society is located. There we will be able to see images, videos, or talk to an avatar and see 3D objects which may be the products that the company produces.


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Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse Started From Work Meetings. Facebook’s New Social Network Is In The Virtual World



As with other Metaverses, the tools needed to enter the Horizon Worlds Metaverse are the same:


– First of all, you need a Meta augmented reality headset (Oculus Quest 1 and 2 or a Meta quest Pro). However, Meta has recently announced that it will also be possible to enter Horizon from a PC screen. Obviously, with the headset, everything is really more realistic and brilliant.


– You must then activate an account on the reference platform (in this case a Facebook account)


– If you want to enter the Horizon Worlds metaverse download the official application. You do it on the Oculus website, the one where you also buy the headset. Recently Facebook has also readapted the platform for the web version, for users without a viewer.


– Once you download the app it will be child’s play. To log in, simply enter your Facebook account credentials, then you can customize your avatar.


– To date, the customization and graphics of the avatars have been most disappointing to the users. Big improvements need to be made in this regard.




In general, there is a reason why the three-dimensional virtual world will fascinate us so much.


Once you enter the metaverse, you can immediately start exploring the infinite possibilities this new world offers.


You can create events to meet up with friends or participate in events through a special section. You can also find creative content from third parties that have been uploaded by other users.


Then there is the settings section dedicated to privacy and security control, where you can configure settings based on your preferences.


There are pre-set worlds from Facebook like Horizon Worlds (but other very famous metaverses are The Sandbox, Roblox, and Decentraland) such as the Library Room which is a virtual place with many books to read and as many stories to tell.


In short, the Horizon Worlds metaverse promises a truly exciting experience for all users and is only at the beginning of its journey toward the ambitious goal of becoming the new Facebook.




Yes, you can own a piece of the metaverse created by Horizon Worlds, and many other existing metaverses. By entering the world there will be the possibility of purchasing Lands which are the areas occupied by virtual places, and in which users can enter and explore.


The purchasable spaces are also called “Metazones”, each of which will have different characteristics based on the chosen position.


For example, there will be flat areas, with water, mountains, and more. Each of these places can be freely customized by users according to their creativity.


Lands are an important part of the Metaverse, as users can use them to organize events, showcase their art, or create original content to be viewed through multimedia technologies such as VR headsets.


All of this is possible thanks to NFTs: the non-fungible items that can be purchased within the Metaverse, offering an additional level of customization and allowing users to fully control their virtual experience.


An NFT (Not Fungible Token) represents a unique and non-exchangeable digital asset. Like physical goods, each NFT has unique properties and is extremely difficult to duplicate or counterfeit.


NFTs have become so popular because they offer owners the ability to resell their digital assets with ease while reducing the risk of fraud.


It is as if they were authenticated by an authority because they have a unique code that makes them authentic. As if you own an Mp3 file of a Lady Gaga song and you can prove that it is the original one that the record company sold you and there are no others.


Additionally, NFTs provide a way to prove ownership of digital assets, making the virtual marketplace more secure as tokens can be tracked and monitored on the blockchain.


Nfts are now used in the context of many projects ranging from digital art to music, including virtual-reality travel or online entertainment.


In Metaverse Horizon Worlds, you will be able to buy your own Land and use the NFTs to your advantage, expanding your virtual presence in a unique way.


As you can understand, Horizon Worlds truly offers an exciting experience for all its users. With the purchase of Lands and the use of NFTs, you will have a further level of customization that will make the experience within the Metaverse unforgettable.


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