Trust Remains As Mark Zuckerberg's Bet On The Metaverse Sees A Hole Of 35 Billion


Trust Remains As Mark Zuckerberg Bet On The Metaverse Sees A Hole Of 35 Billion

In the beginning, each activity starts with the minus sign in the balance sheet. But being down by 35 billion, only a few companies could afford it. One of these is Meta (Facebook), which is investing a lot of its profits in the creation of its own Metaverse.


Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse is a virtual reality that allows millions of people around the world to interact online within a 3D environment. It’s called Horizon Worlds and is designed for business meetings, conferences, and companies in general.


In the Metaverse, users can attend real events and socialize with friends, colleagues, and contacts they are familiar with on Facebook. Meta also offers various services such as multiplayer games, cinematic experiences, music visualization, and much more.


But at the moment it has attracted fewer users than Mark Zuckerberg expected. The same thing has happened in all the existing metaverses.


Even if it is something digital, and we are all digitized. Companies expected a faster passage, in reality things are not like this.


To navigate the metaverse you need a headset, that are expensive. Second, it’s a habit that takes a longer time, will bring masses of young people (first of all) and then of adults into the Metaverse.




– In the last three months of 2022, the Reality Labs business division, which spans the A-Z Metaverse, reported an operating loss of $4.3 billion, bringing its 2022 total loss to $13.7 billion.


– New losses that add up to those already recorded in 2021, equal to 10.2 billion, to those of 2020 equal to 6.6 billion and to those of 2019, equal to 4.5 billion.

But a further black period is coming for the current year as well.


Meta itself, in a press release, stated that the operational losses of Reality Labs


– “They will grow significantly” in 2023, after which investments will be stimulated to “achieve our goal of increasing the company’s overall operating income over the long term”.


– In 2022, the company’s operating margin fell 40 to 25%, as total operating profit fell from $46.8 billion in 2021 to $28.9 billion last year. In fairness, much of that decline came from the company’s lucrative “family of apps” (aka Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp), where a broader advertising slowdown hurt performance.


– This makes the Reality Labs division’s $13.7 billion operating loss stand out even more.




Discussing the metaverse in an investor call last year, Zuckerberg defended his long-term view:


“There is still a long way to go to build the next computing platform, but we are clearly doing cutting edge work here. This is a huge undertaking and it will take a few releases of each product before they go mainstream.”


“But I think our work will have historic significance and create the foundation for an entirely new way we interact with each other and blend technology into our lives, as well as a foundation for the long-term of our business.”




The Metaverse features will allow users to explore immersive spaces and share moments with their friends. They can also participate in online conferences, online gaming, and music streaming, among other activities.


Another important innovation that the Metaverse is developing is its mixed reality technology. That is, unlike a traditional virtual reality, this digital reality will undergo the flat interaction in its development by the users themselves, who will shape the metaverse based on to their ideas… just like a real real city.


Here, the lands will assume a critical connotation.


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Lands are small virtual spaces owned by an individual user or a company that can be visited by others. They can contain anything from chat rooms and MMORPG-style interactive games to conferences and collaborative meetings. The lands will also serve as a hub for commercial activities in the metaverse.


Since these platforms will be created by the users themselves, the lands will form the basis for the future of social networking technology.


In other words, the lands of the Metaverse will not only be a new way to have fun or make money: it will also be a place where people can connect and interact, create content, and share experiences.


Thus, virtual spaces such as Horizon Worlds, or Decentraland, Roblox, Somnium Space, and The Sandbox develop a Metaverse base with their platforms.


Then they sell parcels of digital space that users or companies buy.


For example, Nike has purchased an entire space inside Roblox to build Nikeland, which has customized it to their liking.


These virtual spaces will serve as the headquarters for commercial activities in the Metaverse. They are expected to become an important source of income and investment, as users can invest in digital lots with the hope that they will increase in value through the activism of other users.


The lands will offer users new socially connected experiences never seen before, giving them the freedom to create, customize and share their own spaces with friends.




The Metaverse is an ambitious project that will bring people a new digital platform in which to interact in a completely new way. With mixed reality technology, users will have access to immersive and socially connected digital content around the world.


Interaction with lands will offer the owners of these platforms the possibility to invest and earn money, allowing them to monetize their ideas. They will be able to create unique and original digital content that will bring entertainment, inspiration, and education to all who experience the Metaverse.


In the end, The Metaverse is an innovative project destined to revolutionize our online experience. It is intended to become a place to interact in innovative ways, share ideas and advance social networking technology.


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