Let’s Find Out What An Artist Like Snoop Dogg Doing In The Metaverse


Let's Find Out What An Artist Like Snoop Dogg Doing In The Metaverse


Let’s Find Out What An Artist Like Snoop Dogg Doing In The Metaverse

A social profile like on Instagram or TikTok is of no use now that you can be present in the Metaverse. So, what are famous artists like Snoop Dogg or Eminem doing in virtual reality?


The answer to these questions can be found in the experience it offers to an artist like Snoop Dogg. The Metaverse represents a whole new way to connect with fans and other enthusiasts in general, despite the limits imposed by real life.


Thanks to the numerous virtual platforms, it is possible to interact with one’s followers in a much more dynamic and empathic way than in physical reality. Furthermore, the technology behind the Metaverse o allows Snoop Dogg to appear on a virtual stage and organize concerts or launch new songs in real-time.


In other words, it makes an experience 10 times more powerful than that of social networks. Thus some artists who are visionaries have already established themselves in this digital reality three-dimensional parallel.




Snoop Dogg was one of the first artists to build his own virtual home within The Sandbox, a blockchain-based decentralized 3D environment.


Thanks to the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) donated by the platform, he has created a digital home to organize acoustic events and showcase his creations.


– The rapper and entrepreneur also released a video for his song ‘House I bilt’ in 2022, which shows him dancing and wandering around The Sandbox platform.


– It begins with a pixelated version of Snoop asking a man named Nick how much his Sandbox cryptocurrency holdings are worth.


– The next three minutes feature a series of shots from the metaverse, with the artist dancing, sitting poolside in his digital home while smoking his famous blunts.


– We see scenes from ‘Snoopverse’, the virtual world within the Sandbox platform created by the rapper. It is currently open only to purchasers of a ‘priority access pass’ which sells for nearly $2,000.


– The song itself, House I Bilt, features several references to the rapper’s growing activity in the metaverse and involvement with cryptocurrencies.


– Last December, the rapper also launched a Snoopverse in collaboration with Sandbox and someone paid almost half a million dollars to be his virtual neighbor.


DigitaThen he launched this other project:


“Death Row will be an NFT label. We will debut artists across the Metaverse. Just like we rocked the music industry when we were the first indie label to go major, we want to be the first major label in the Metaverse.”




Remember when Bitcoin was worth just a few dollars? Before that, its value was less than a dollar.


Buying Bitcoin at that time would have been a super deal, considering that it came to be worth 65 thousand dollars.


The fact is that when its value was so low, no one thought it would become such a popular and used cryptocurrency.


Then when the Bitcoin craze broke out, and everyone started buying it, its value plummeted. Perhaps this is a financial move more than anything else. Let’s get back to the point.


Here, at this moment, Metaverse is similar to Bitcoin in 2013 or 2015. According to the artist, it represents an excellent earning deal, because you buy land and do business with a few thousand dollars, and all this could grow dramatically.


Furthermore, compared to a normal user, Snoop Dogg’s action has a double effect.


I don’t have the notoriety to make people talk and enter the Metaverse.


Artists of this caliber, on the other hand, are followed by millions of fans, and this phenomenon has a multiplier effect.


But, Dogg knows all of this. It is similar to the technique used by Elon Musk. Based on what he does or doesn’t do, he can grow Tesla’s shares.


Here Snoop Dogg has invested in the Metaverse. If he manages to attract new users with events and therefore clicks, then viewing and participation, money spent on tokens and Land, and his assets in The SandBox also grow.


This is the game. This is today’s beauty market.


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Snoop Dogg isn’t the only one who’s invested in the Metaverse. In fact, other famous people also see this platform as a good deal to earn money and grow.


An example of these is Jamie Foxx, an Oscar-winning actor, who is involved with The Sandbox as Game Maker to create content on the platform.


Foxx is partnering with Animoca Brands, the parent company of the Sandbox, to develop a series of games with NFT assets.


Other famous people like Paris Hilton participated in the land auction in the Sandbox and bought some LAND Tokens which are now hers.



Then there is the soccer player Marco Verratti who has purchased an island in Sandbox, and he too has created an NFT land to promote his partnership with the footwear fashion brand Kappa.


Finally, there is the rapper Drake who has launched a project with The Sandbox. He has purchased some lands in the platform in collaboration with the Canadian company Dream Team. His goal is to create an experience within the platform that is fun and interactive for fans.




As we can see, celebrities and influencers are taking note of the potential that the Metaverse offers and are investing in NFTs and Lands. This is a high-risk industry but also highly profitable if you know the rules of the game well.


The truth is, there’s going to be a lot of money in the Metaverse, and the big names know it. That’s why Snoop Dogg invested half a million dollars in the Deathrow project like other famous celebrities.


Hopefully, we can see other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Metaverse soar in the future and grow our wealth.


My forecast is that it will slowly wipe out social networks as well, due to the extra opportunities for socialization and experience it offers.


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