True Or False – There Are Land Discounts In The Metaverse?


True Or False - There Are Land Discounts In The Metaverse?


True Or False – There Are Land Discounts In The Metaverse?

One of the best-known Metaverse giants launching new land sales was The Sandbox. They launched in November of last year.


It featured newly themed virtual districts in partnership with fourteen global brands.


– The well-known brands involved were Paris Hilton, TIME, Tony Hawk, L’Officiel, Cut the Rope, and FaZe Clan


– They will allow buyers to host parties at the Playboy MetaMansion and create different experiences near Cipriani, or immerse themselves in the musical universe of Snoop Dogg.


This is only an example. From time to time, one of the approximately 30 metaverses currently in existence will hold auctions to sell lots of the newly created neighborhoods in their virtual world.


It is at this juncture that tempting opportunities to purchase at reduced prices could arise. While they are rare, opportunities do arise.




The discounts when they arise are interesting. To grab them, you have to be involved with an important metaverse, like Roblox, The Sandbox, and Decentraland.


When they do open new purchases they usually offer discounts.


It happened at one of the very first launches of The Sandbox. It involved 166,464 Lands.


– I.e. plots of land measuring 3072 x 3072 x 4096 voxels (three-dimensional pixels) equivalent to 96 x 96 x 128 meters.


– Of these, 74% were available to users, 10% remained the property of the company, and 16% constituted a reserve which was then distributed as a reward to partners and creators.


– The first batches were sold in five pre-sale rounds. From 2019 to 2020, at a public price of $48 and with a decreasing discount to favor the first buyers.


– Lands are usually purchased using the internal Metaverse marketplace or even secondary marketplaces, such as OpenSea.


– The price always depends on the size, location, and relationship between supply and demand (today, the starting price is 30,000 dollars).

Land Discounts In The Metaverse



– According to the data by DappRadar, the famous blockchain metaverse, The Sandbox, has suffered a drop in NFT sales of 20% in the last 24 hours.


– In the last 24 hours, the platform has seen a 15% drop in sales volume which, at the time of writing, amounts to $34.85K, and a 3% drop in the number of traders. The number of traders in the last 24 hours was 86 with the number of sales.


This slight drop in interest could lead to new offers and discounts for shoppers. We will have to wait to see how the situation changes in 2023


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The Metaverse is a universe of infinite possibilities, which is rapidly expanding. It offers unique opportunities such as creation and virtual experience.


In metaverses, people can explore new worlds, play together, create content, collect digital items, and even make money.


The opportunities are endless. It is what makes the Metaverse so appealing. For those with savings to invest, it is worth keeping an eye on the discounts offered by The Sandbox and similar metaverses, so you can grab a small piece of it.


We must put aside the prejudices of those who believe that this is all a scam and that it is not like buying a real house or land.


It is a real investment possibility for an initial 1500 dollars, providing interesting returns.


In addition to the fun that can be had within the metaverses, there is the possibility of obtaining substantial earnings as well.


– At its last auction, The Sandbox sold 1,900 plots out of a total of 166,464 Lands that make up its metaverse NFT, valued at over 1 billion dollars, with a price established on the average of the 100,000 Lands sold to date.


– The sale took place in three separate sessions that lasted from November until the beginning of 2023.


– Each session was tied to a distinct neighborhood with well defined partners offering different prices. A bit like what happens in reality, demand in an urbanized historic center or in the countryside.




A Land is a virtual piece of property on which to build or play. They can also be purchased on the market comparative to the initial price paid by the very first buyers


There are Lands that can be purchased with specific tokens such as Decentraland’s MANA, others with Ethereum such as The Sandbox.


The NFTs are essential to buy the Land. NFTs are non-fungible tokens, i.e. tokens that are unique and cannot be interchanged with each other.


Land Discounts In The Metaverse

Simply put, NFTs are based on a blockchain technology that allows tracking of unique properties.


This is important because purchased Lands always remain in your digital wallet and can never be duplicated or manipulated in any way.


Blockchain is a peer-to-peer technology that allows data to be exchanged securely between two parties. This means there is no need for an intermediary, such as a broker or banker.


Furthermore, the blockchain uses a very complex encryption mechanism to ensure that the data exchanged is always reliable and secure.


NFTs are based on the same blockchain technology, but consist of tokens that can represent digital assets, such as the purchase of a Land.




For two years a new system never seen before has opened up, a buying and selling platform with innovative features.


The blockchain ensures that they are always safe and reliable and NFTs can represent digital assets such as the purchase of a Land.


Metaverses offer endless possibilities and that’s exactly what makes them so popular. With the current situation and the attractive offers proposed by the operators, it is worth considering as an important investment opportunity.


Operating now in some 3D worlds, those that are already successful and will increasingly have it as a Meta, is as if we bought Bitcoin in 2013.


So with the opportunity to make a good deal, make big speculations, or put savings into income.


However, we are always in the realm of risk, and for every action you take, there is responsibility.


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