This Italian Company Hires Directly From The Metaverse. It Is One Of The First To Do It In Virtual Offices


This Italian company hires directly from the Metaverse. It is one of the first to do it in virtual offices

Mc Engineering is the first Italian company to start hiring in the Metaverse.


They have created virtual offices in the digital world. With an ever-growing workforce, Mc Engineering is looking for digital talents and has relied on the Metaverse to find the best minds in the industry.


It is a consulting company that specializes in engineering and information technology. Undoubtedly being in this sector has benefited them to enter the virtual world and exploit it in this new way.


– Candidates who want to join the company will be able to hold interviews directly from home with special viewers through which they will enter the virtual spaces that Mc Engineering has created.


You may be wondering what changes in all of this. Apart from the possibility of interviewing and remote recruiting.


I’ll explain briefly later.




– The Italian company has designed and replicated the same Mc Engineering offices in the virtual world.


– From the entrance where you are greeted by the Vitruvian man, the symbolic image of the company.


– The auditorium is intended for meetings, conferences, and training to continue with the common areas in which information and advice will be received.


– Last but not least, is the interview room which candidates can access with a dedicated code and participate in the selection interview with their avatar.


– During the meeting, thanks to completely new studies and techniques, the company’s human resources can view the digital curriculum and fill in the candidate’s evaluation form using a virtual PC.


However, the project is much broader – says Valeria Pacicca, head of human resources, “The interview in the Metaverse is a moment to obtain knowledge, and represents a futuristic experience for the candidate.


You can also access and visit our virtual offices. An area with informative videos, advice, and insights on current topics of interest to those who want to experiment in our sector.”



This Italian company hires directly from the Metaverse. It is one of the first to do it in virtual officesThis Italian company hires directly from the Metaverse. It is one of the first to do it in virtual offices

Apart from the possibility of interviewing more comfortably and without encountering resistance from the real world, the Metaverse offers other advantages.


The possibility of practicing in virtual reality for those who are just starting out and looking for a job opportunity, but also for those who want to try to work in this innovative and satisfying sector.


Being able to get to know the people we are going to collaborate with, with a simple connection and without the limits of time and space, opens up infinite possibilities.


There will also be a way to evaluate people through our avatars that will have taken on many of our characteristics.


But this will happen in the future




Mc Engineering is certainly one of the first companies to have introduced this method in the field of recruiting and selection.


There was no lack of other realities that, virtual reality experts, have long begun to create digitized working environments.


Some multinationals are successfully testing the possibility of carrying out training and training sessions using this technology.


Some small and medium-sized enterprises are also experimenting with these virtual spaces with great interest.


Among the first is Meta which has launched its digital workspace in partnership with Microsoft. it is discovering new ways of working and collaborating.


In conclusion, virtual offices in the Metaverse are the next frontier of technology applied to the working world. An innovation that offers great advantages, as long as we know how to fully exploit their potential.




In the immediate future, other functions that usually take place in the company will change and take place thanks to Metaverse.


For example, the possibility of carrying out interviews directly in the virtual office without moving or being able to access your e-mail account and agenda directly from the “room” of the Metaverse.


Relations between colleagues will also be more effective thanks to greater digital interconnection and personalization of work tools.


And finally, we will have the opportunity to use technological tools that make life and work easier, such as chats, shared calendars, document management systems, and much more.


In short, virtual offices in the Metaverse are a great opportunity for companies and professionals who want to take advantage of new technologies to keep up with the times.




This Italian company hires directly from the Metaverse. It is one of the first to do it in virtual offices

The Metaverse offers numerous advantages for those who work, starting from greater comfort and flexibility in managing one’s time.


Thanks to the use of personalized avatars we can always be connected with the virtual world of our colleagues without space or time limitations.


The Metaverse also allows us to continue training in the various company offices through simulations and virtual reality exercises.


For this reason, the Metaverse is increasingly widespread in the world of work: both at a corporate and individual level, so much so that it becomes a real essential component of current technological evolution.


In conclusion, the virtual offices in the Metaverse are a great opportunity for companies and professionals who want to take advantage of new technologies. But also keep up with the times and always compete at the top of the market.


We will finally be able to touch physical objects with our hands and interact with them as if they were really present in reality.


This technology could open new frontiers for construction, digital arts, and even medicine.


These are just some of the many fields where the Metaverse can be used in an advantageous way for all of us.


In digital, such as interactive images and videos.


This technology can be used in various fields, from teaching to medicine, marketing to fashion.


In summary, the Metaverse and augmented reality are very powerful innovations that have enormous potential to improve our daily life in the work world and beyond.


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