Here’s How To Buy New Virtual Houses In The Metaverse That Are A Big Investment


Here’s How To Buy New Virtual Houses In The Metaverse That Are A Big Investment


Here’s How To Buy New Virtual Houses In The Metaverse That Are A Big Investment

To open the dance of this new web reality was Mark Zuckerberg. Not so much because he was the first to jump into the Metavers. Indeed, he arrived after other companies. But thanks to his popularity (and that of his company) he made virtual reality known to the whole world when he changed the name of his company (from Facebook to Meta) and started investing in the three-dimensional digital world.


Since then, the Metaverse has only grown. Since its inception, several virtual worlds have been created where users can interact and exchange content such as videos, images, and audio.


One of the most interesting aspects is that many of these worlds can be inhabited by real people or created by their designers.


Furthermore, some of these virtual realities also offer commercial opportunities where users can buy and sell virtual goods such as houses, art, services, and other digital products.


The growth of the Metaverse has allowed for the emergence of new industries, which have made possible the creation of real estate in the Metaverse. In these virtual networks, investing in the purchase or management of real estate and making profits through rental or sale is possible.


So let’s see how buying and selling houses in the Metaverse works so as not to be caught unprepared for the arrival of the imminent Web 3.0 revolution.




The word Metaverse is often used in the singular, as if habitable virtual reality can only be one.


In reality, there are many metaverses, and just as many will be born. At the moment there seem to be no more than 200.


Each has unique characteristics, graphics, and actions that can be done in it. For example, not all of them can buy land, virtual spaces to build houses or other businesses.


Nike in Roblox has created a small sports city where you can play games and buy Nike products.


The first metaverse ever created, for example, was Second Life. Launched in 2003, it allows you to interact with other users and has inside headquarters of the Linden Lab company that created it and the embassies of some states.


To date, however, the most famous portals are two others: Sandbox, created as a video game and then transformed into a parallel universe equipped with a marketplace for exchanging digital objects. Decentraland, where simply by buying lots of land, it is possible to create buildings of any type.


Among these are emerging metaverses experts have started to keep an eye onCryptovoxel and Somnium Space, and above all, Roblox.


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Now that you know where it is possible to buy land in the Metaverse (or where perhaps it is better to buy them for the moment, meaning your investment is a little safer than others), it is equally essential to know how the buying and selling process works in the virtual universe.


In the meantime, you need to know that each real estate is built on parcels or plots of land that can be purchased on each platform. These plots are based on Nft technology, i.e., they are non-reproducible and replicable objects.They are unique and trackable, as if they had been officially signed by a notary. This is thanks to Blockchain technology.


To become the owner of one or more parcels, you can use real estate agencies specialized in digital reality. Currently, there are not many companies of this type, but within a few months, increasingly virtual professionals will likely emerge.


Otherwise, you can purchase directly from the metaverse platform that interests you or through intermediary and generalist platforms such as OpenSea (the best at the moment), where you can find land and other NFT digital products of many metaverses.


In terms of prices, however, these depend on the relationship between supply and demand of each individual metaverse. It goes without saying the more people are interested in a lot on a platform, the more its cost will grow, exactly as it happens in real-world cities.


Furthermore, the purchase occurs not through euros or dollars but through cryptocurrencies. The specific coins for transactions in the Metaverse. Each portal develops its own (Sandbox has SAND, Decentraland MANA), which must be collected within the crypto wallet associated with your account.





Buying property in the Metaverse is more than just a game. Buying land and constructing buildings is a great business potential. With the growth of the digital population, investing in virtual property will always be more profitable.


There are various ways to generate passive income from real estate purchased in the Metaverse:


– Lease your building to people outside the Metaverse. – Sell or rent your properties to people in the Metaverse. – Actively trade virtual properties to profit from price fluctuations. – Create services within your building, such as the ability to play video games and generate revenue. – Generate advertising revenue from spaces purchased on the platform.


Real estate in the Metaverse offers great potential for investors looking for an innovative way to diversify their portfolio and those looking to create a second income.


The easiest way is to get good at choosing which metaverse and in which area of the Metaverse to buy lands. I mean having the ability to understand that it has strong potential to interest users and thus drive demand.


So in a few months, a year, or a maximum of two, if you’ve spent a few thousand euros on your land, you might be able to sell, making double or triple the money invested.


You can understand that there is no such thing as real estate with brick-and-mortar houses and buildings found in the Metaverse..


So the Metaverse really offers great earning and investment opportunities. You must know what you are doing, understand the technology you are handling, and the right time to do it.


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