Here Is Zuckerberg’s Strategy For The Facebook’s Metaverse


Here Is Zuckerberg’s Strategy For The Facebook’s Metaverse

After the minimum peak on the stock exchange, in October 2022 (84 thousand dollars per share), Meta has returned its climb up to almost 200 thousand dollars. It seems that Zuckerberg has forgotten the black period caused by the flop of his metaverse. But be careful, because you have to look at the bottom of Facebook’s gamble.


His gamble is called Horizon Worlds. It aims for supremacy on the service that the Metaverse can provide to worldwide companies and their work.


It offers a 360° learning experience adapted to the needs of the various professions. By bringing more efficiency and innovation to the workplace, Horizon Worlds aims to demonstrate that the Metaverse is not only an entertainment platform but also the ideal place to apply the most advanced technologies.




Through an immersive environment, Horizon Worlds includes features that facilitate collaboration between teams and organizations.


You can customize your business space with learning elements like videos, interactive tutorials, chatbots, and more. Furthermore, this metaverse provides the possibility to create tailor-made campaigns based on the specific needs of the company, thanks to the implemented artificial intelligence technology.


In short, the Facebook Metaverse seems to be the most innovative entity in the world of virtual reality and beyond.


Horizon Worlds is a digital environment full of possibilities that can fundamentally transform the way people learn, collaborate and play. It remains to be seen whether Zuckerberg can convince users to make such an important switch.


Meta has its own digital token to exchange NFT goods and services in its Metaverse. They are the “Zuck Bucks”.




Why did Zuckerberg decide to focus on the Horizon Worlds interface as a tool for companies?


The answer is simple: he wants workers to have access to an innovative and productive environment, to improve the flexibility of organizations.


The Facebook metaverse allows people to collaborate more quickly and easily. Even remotely, thanks to the combination of virtual support and immersive experiences.


Virtual reality technology can also offer a new entertainment experience to employees, thus encouraging participation. There are interactive games, videos and one-to-one courses that allow users to learn faster.


It is easy to remember that Facebook was born as a useful role for university students, to create a network between them, almost exclusively internal, and not to lose sight of each other after studies.


Then it became a popular social network, with infinite uses starting from entertainment and exchange of collective information.


Now Mark Zuckerberg tries to use work as a keystone, to bring users closer to the Metaverse, and then make it expand.


Now that the technology has become more accessible, Zuckerberg’s ultimate goal is to transform Horizon Worlds into a real virtual economy, a bit like the main feature of the Metaverse.




Even the video game Fortnite at a certain point, especially when used with viewers, has become a virtual reality.


The Metaverse is something more. Here are some characteristics that distinguish it and make it unedited.


1. A Metaverse is a larger virtual world containing different universes and environments, providing its users with the opportunity to interact with it and other users.


2. It allows users to experience things they couldn’t do in real life, such as flying or using teleportation.


3. Within this new virtual economy, people can exchange goods and services through cryptocurrencies, such as Facebook’s Zuck Bucks Token.


4. A metaverse can serve recreational, educational, or professional purposes, as it offers the possibility of creating customized settings according to specific needs.


5. Most importantly, the users themselves participate in the creation of the metaverse by developing the land they buy, constructing buildings and other three-dimensional spaces


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Here is one of the reasons the Metaverse of Meta is different from the others. For now it is not clear if it is a strategy or if it is waiting to align with the others (such as Sandbox, Decentraland, Roblox).


Meta has chosen not to use any Blockchain technology for its metaverse, at least for now, with the result that it is not a “crypto” metaverse as they say in the sector.


Without resorting to Blockchain technology, interactions with NFTs and cryptocurrencies are lost. It is the Blockchain technology that allows the metaverse not to be a simple video game, but for example to use NFTs and cryptocurrencies inside.




NFTs are digital assets that function as “tokens,” allowing their owners to sell, buy or trade virtual goods on blockchain-based platforms such as Ethereum.


NFTs, in addition to representing exchange value, can also be used to secure one’s rights in the metaverse. They are linked to the ownership of the virtual asset that is acquired in virtual reality and can be exchanged for the platform’s cryptocurrencies.


In this way, users can make secure purchases without the need to provide personal information.


A non-fungible token means that a digital object based on NFT technology can be bought, sold, and exchanged on the metaverse, but that they are not interchangeable with each other.


NFTs make it possible to guarantee the owners of particular rights within the various virtual realities.


I’ll give you an example, if I’m an artist photographer and I want to sell one of my photos, but in a way that can’t be replicated or copied. Today digital files can be copied easily, even a song in mp3 file for example.


If these files are in Nft format, they maintain their uniqueness, and they are unique indeed. Like a painting by Van Gogh, which only one exists. The others are only replicas, even a photo by a professional photographer can be certified as the original and exclusive one in order to maintain its economic value.


So this is a revolution and it’s strange that Mark Zuckerberg didn’t join it right away.


But we remain in observation because Meta will not want to finish second in this challenge.


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