Gucci Inaugurates Its Metaverse: It Is The First Space Entirely Dedicated To A Fashion House


Gucci Inaugurates Its Metaverse: It Is The First Space Entirely Dedicated To A Fashion House

The shop windows are scattered around the chicest world, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in commercials on television and online, and social events. Now Gucci has made a metaverse of its own.


The virtual doors of the most important clothing brand in the world are open at The Sandbox.


The metaverse of the Fiorentina Maison is called “Gucci Vault Land”. And it is the first space dedicated to a fashion house. In fact, Gucci is the first brand to have its own space on the platform.




The different aspects are interesting, here is the list:


– Web3 spacei s a world that will host a selection of NFT artworks, the past NFT works of the brand, and its community.


– Gucci presents its concept of the garden: the “Jardín de curiosities,” through which users access the space.


– There will be vintage pieces from the brand, on display though not for sale.


– The Gucci metaverse will also be an educational play space on the legacy and products of the infamous brand.


– There will also be fashion items for The Sandbox players to buy and wear in the game’s virtual reality.


– In search of precious wonders, Gucci Vault Land presents a selection of digital collectibles.


– They include hats to skating ramps, and even a car, Each piece was conceived as a valuable collector’s item that players can display in their own land.


– Finally, as a bonus for the Gucci Vault community, those who have a Gucci Vault NFT in their wallets, such as “SuperGucci” or “Gucci Grail NFT,” will have the option to claim a Gucci Vault Aura collectible, which their avatars will be able to use in The Sandbox.



Gucci Inaugurates Its Metaverse

This aspect can be read directly in the intent of the registered trademark:


“The virtual reality of Gucci was created to make the vision of an experience that offers enthusiasts the opportunity to encounter real and imaginary worlds, past, present, and future that coincide and a parallel multiverse of light and shadow.”


– Gucci Vault Land was conceived by Creative Director Alessandro Michele.


How can we not think that one of the objectives is to increase the turnover of the fashion house?


For such an important company, it is like not being featured in advertisements on television or in newspapers. For them, it will be a status symbol.


– The brand then aims to educate the Web3 community about Gucci’s legacy, exposing users to different elements of the Vault’s pillars.


– Gucci hopes to attract non-native users and recognizes the potential need for those new to metaverse to be able to access it in a simple, intuitive, and fun way.


– Gucci has in fact designed the NPCs, “non-playable characters”, who roam Gucci Vault Land, ready to help players during the activities.




NFTs are works of art made entirely in the digital world, which can be bought and sold like any other asset.


NFT means Non-fungible tokens, i.e. they are tokens that cannot be exchanged with others since they are unique works of art.


Clearly, there are those who argue that this phenomenon is only the tip of the iceberg of consumerism and waste and there are those who believe in the potential that NFTs have to promote the work of artists, guaranteeing them more control over the distribution of their works of art.


The environmental impact of this phenomenon has so far been a little-discussed issue, but awareness of the need to discuss it increasingly grows.


Another possible downside to NFTs is that, while tangible assets are directly visible and exist in reality, NFTs does not exist in tangible form and are just a code registered on a blockchain.


However, it appears that the digital art sector is growing with an increase in collectors investing in the NFT market, as evidenced by the recent success of works such as Mike Winkelmann’s “Everydays: The First 5000 Days”, known as the Beeple, sold at auction for 69 million dollars.




In 2020, Gucci partnered with Roblox to launch a line of virtual clothing that players could wear in virtual reality.


In the same metaverse, he had also created Gucci Garden Experience, a virtual exhibition of his history and collections.


– The brand has also risen to prominence in the crypto industry as the first luxury brand to launch an NFT.


– The famous Gucci Aria NFT artwork was auctioned by Christie’s.


– In collaboration with Superplastic, Supergucci was born, a series of NFT and ceramic works of art that combine the iconic motifs of the Florentine Maison with the world of digital animation.




Gucci Inaugurates Its Metaverse

After sports, art, video game companies ( probably number one), and public figures landed in the three-dimensional. Fashion is perhaps the sector that most likes the virtual world. They have invested a lot.


There are other luxury clothing brands that are present in the Metaverse in some way such as Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Dior.


In addition, brands like Balmain or Gvasalia have also designed clothes for virtual characters from The Sims game and other big names in fashion are creating entirely digital collections.


New York Fashion Week also moved to the Metaverse in 2020 and was the first fashion event organized on that platform.


It is clear that companies see this world as a new territory to conquer and a chance to reach new customers, especially in this period where physical fashion has taken a hit.


The Metaverse is not only a shopping environment but a place to find innovative and exciting experiences. As more and more people spend their time in the virtual world, companies in the sector will have to adapt and seize the opportunities offered by the new digital environment.




In addition to fashion, other sectors that we could see investing more and more in the metaverse are cinema and entertainment, with entirely digital concerts or theatrical productions.


Music, entertainment, and culture, in general, seem to be the next to adopt the Metaverse as a new platform for their activities.


Furthermore, the travel industry could also explore this new world, allowing travelers to visit places virtually – perhaps even with guided museum tours or virtual city tours – and thus creating a completely different yet engaging travel experience.


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