Here's The Best Metaverse To Buy Land To Ensure You've Made A Good Investment


Here's The Best Metaverse To Buy Land To Ensure You've Made A Good Investment

Perhaps in the near future, this question will make more sense. Understanding which is the best metaverse.


Because in the future all existing metaverses will be united in a single virtual reality, like a country with as many individual states as the United States. Then the question will be: which virtual city is the best?


Today, each metaverse has a different platform on which to make an account to gain access. Each metaverse is distinct from the others in many ways.


There are many similarities and similar characteristics, but it is still worth knowing which 3D reality at the moment users like best and what works best.


Let’s talk about a list of the best parallel realities and which we’ll hear most about this year.


Here it is:


– Roblox – Decentralized – Sandbox – Epic Games – Meta – Dream Space – Blocktopia – Cryptovoxels – Star Atlas


Now before analyzing what I consider to be the best, or at least the best three, I want to introduce you to this new reality with some key concepts.




A Metaverse is a virtual reality where users can interact and create content. You can visit the Metaverse alone, but most metaverses involve multiple people interacting at the same time. People can be online in a Metaverse at the same time, ranging from a few minutes up to a few hours.


The features offered by a metaverse vary a lot depending on the provider, all of them allow you to buy land and go shopping.


But how is it done? What does it look like and how do you immerse yourself in the Metaverse?


It is basically 3D graphics and animations that are advanced even if it is not always realistic, but it still presents itself as an immersive experience that resembles being in the real world.


Each metaverse consists of virtual land that can be purchased by individuals or businesses. These lands are divided into lots to allow users to create personalized content. Once the land is purchased, any user can start building houses, shops, and other buildings.


To immerse yourself in the Metaverse in the best way, you need to wear Meta Oculus-type visors that allow you to have a superior experience.


In the future, there is talk of artificial leather to have a truly intense and more sensorial experience.

Here's The Best Metaverse To Buy Land To Ensure You've Made A Good Investment



A “land” is a portion of virtual terrain within a Metaverse. It works like any other real investment. Prices can fluctuate based on demand and the lot purchased.


This depends on where the land is located within the virtual world. For example, if it’s near Snoop Dogg’s house it will cost a lot.


Recently, an anonymous person paid the beauty of 340,500 pounds (almost 450,000 dollars) to buy the NFT to a plot of virtual land next to the one that contains the villa of the rapper in the Metaverse.


However, in reality, you can try to identify areas that have high potential based on how you see the metaverse developing.


This is also a good way to earn money in the parallel reality, by first buying land at a low cost and then reselling it at a higher price.


You have to be careful to buy without risking losing money. Because the price could also go down or the metaverse on which you bought the land could never take off, affecting only a few users. And that would be bad.


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In my opinion, the three best 3D virtual worlds (later I will share one that has something more than the other two) are these:


– Roblox – The Sandbox – Decentralized


Roblox is one of the most popular 3D gaming platforms in the world. It has millions of registered users and also contains an internal marketplace where users can buy, sell, and trade their goods virtually. Roblox is very user-friendly and is suitable for both beginners and experts.


The Sandbox – The Sandbox is a metaverse where users can build their own personal virtual environment. Users can create their own 3D content using the built-in game editors or other tools. The Sandbox features a store with thousands of purchasable and salable assets including characters, terrain, buildings, and more.


Decentraland – Decentraland is a decentralized virtual platform where users can buy land and build 3D content in a parallel reality. It is a distributed blockchain-based system that uses a cryptocurrency known as MANA. Users can purchase land, build content, and monetize their creations securely.


Here's The Best Metaverse To Buy Land To Ensure You've Made A Good Investment

But in my opinion, the best metaverse to buy land is Roblox. It’s much more user-friendly and simpler to use. Plus, it has the largest user base out of the top three metaverses. Meaning there’s more potential to earn money with your creations.


In short, there is more traffic.




– Using Roblox Studio, an intuitive design tool, users can create scenarios where they can play with their friends.


– According to data collected by Comscore, Roblox is the favorite entertainment platform for gamers under 18. As of January 2018, an estimated 29.1 million developers are online, with more than 30 million experiences created and 106 million hours spent online.


– The ability to access Roblox from any device (PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Amazon Devices, Xbox One, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive) allows it to be particularly versatile.


– The player interacts via an avatar, their virtual identity, which can be used in different scenarios.


– From 4 employees in San Mateo, California, to more than 1,500 around the world, Roblox’s journey began in 2004, when its forerunner, Interactive Physics, was launched, a platform to help study physics using two-dimensional models.


– The first contributors were friends and relatives of founders Erik Cassel and David Baszucki and about 100 tech enthusiasts gleaned through Google ads who were to serve as impartial advisers.


– Only one experience was offered and the maximum number of users connected all at the same time was between 30 and 40. Immediately very open to suggestions and advice from the first users, the founders aim to build a new vision of human interaction experience.


– Sixteen years later Roblox has about 50 million daily active users and millions of developers who have created experiences of various kinds, including Let’s Be Well, a game created by a twelve-year-old Canadian. Or Royale High, an experience created by a twenty-year-old Californian


– Roblox was listed on the stock exchange in March 2020. The IPO was 41 billion dollars, one of the highest ever on Wall Street, with the debut at 45 dollars per share, which became 70 at the end of the second day of trading.


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