Focus On The Metaverse Real Estate Market To Invest Your Money And Create Passive Income


Focus On The Metaverse Real Estate Market To Invest Your Money And Create Passive Income

Real estate in the Metaverse is a rapidly growing industry that offers opportunities for anyone interested in investing in digital property within virtual worlds.


This form of virtual property can be represented as land, digital assets or even online game servers. Real estate investments in the Metaverse involves finding and buying land, playable buildings, and other digital assets withvalue in the virtual world.


Today I’m going to show you how to buy and sell land and more in the world’s largest Metaverse marketplace.


I’m going to tell you about a platform where digital products of many metaverses are found, it is OpenSea.


OpenSea is a digital marketplace for trading digital assets, such as lands, tokens, items and avatars. It offers the possibility to all users to exchange digital goods without geographical constraints or time limitations.


The platform also provides sellers with the resources they need to securely track and consume payments.


Using OpenSea allows investors to not only buy and sell but also rent virtual land.




The success of OpenSea lies in its main features:


It is generalist, therefore open to any type of Nft relating to different sectors such as art, music, collectibles and much more;


It is gas free because it is managed on the Polygon blockchain.


Allowing you to receive royalties on subsequent sales of the NFT.


OpenSea also has many other advantages, such as very fluid navigability and the simplicity of the layout that allows anyone to create, buy and collect NFTs with ease since it supports the main crypto wallets such as Metamask.


Today OpenSea holds 97% of the NFT market thanks to the breadth of available resources and the excellent filtering and cataloging system based on metadata.


In the decentralized world this creates a contradiction, as it tends to monopolize control over the NFT market and being a marketplace based on centralized governance.


OpenSea, however, is certainly ahead of other marketplaces because it is a peer-to-peer platform and therefore open to all. It facilitates transactions on the blockchain by serving as a meeting point between creators and collectors of all kinds.




If you are not familiar wit it, OpenSea was founded in December 2017, by Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah.


OpenSea was the first marketplace for the Metaverse whose idea grew out of the CryptoKitties project.


Creating a Non Fungible Token on OpenSea is really simple. Upload the data relating to the product you want to auction. Anyone can access and create unique NFTs or collections.


OpenSea resources are divided into 8 different categories, including: art, music, domains, virtual lands, trading cards and collectibles as sport or utility Nfts.


The collectibles category is undoubtedly one of the most substantial. Each NFT is provided with attributes that will make the object even rarer and are easily filterable through the site interface.


All information relating to the NFT is important to allow the single product to be noticed as it amplifies its uniqueness and increases its value. There are many other NFT marketplaces but OpenSea remains one of the best opportunities for artists and collectors of all kinds thanks to its intrinsic characteristics.


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OpenSea is becoming more and more interesting for those who want to invest in the Metaverse.


In fact, the use of the platform allows you to earn money by buying and selling virtual land.


The price of a virtual land averages $100-200 but with high demand in the industry, prices can go up to $1000 and above for rarer properties.


The rents of these virtual lands are also on the rise, averaging 1-5 Ethereums per month.


Obviously the more you invest in your lands, the more you can earn.


If you buy land for the cost of a car, after a year it could be worth double or even triple and you will have made a passive profit equal to one or two months salary.


Or if you are good at grabbing land in the best places, with high development potential, in a few months you could sell it making good profits.


If you decide to rent your properties, remember that you need to prepare for the initial investment and for the future. You have to take into account the maintenance of your land, develop it and evolve it with the help of the community to make it more interesting and therefore increase its value over time.


In short, if you like to play the stock market without risk, it is an easy market to understand. If you have the courage and desire to invest in medium-long terms, you can really make money by buying and selling land in the metaverse





NFTs have numerous advantages over traditional metaverses, as they offer decentralized and secure ownership.


They remove all that bureaucracy that one is forced to undergo in the material world. Instaed of the notary whom we pay dearly, everything is certified thanks to the NFTs and blockchains, ensuring security and efficiency.


Furthermore, the ownership of NFTs is traceable and therefore there is no longer the risk of fraud or cheating since everything is documented on a decentralized blockchain.


Finally, the costs are very low, a few cents are enough to send an asset from OpenSea to Ethereum while in the offline world we have enormous bureaucracy and considerable absolute expenses.


Then there is greater speed in the transaction and in finding buyers since everything is done through a digital platform and nobody has to go anywhere to visit buildings or villas.


In short, the advantages are really numerous and it can be a great way to make investments in the metaverse.


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