Facebook Is No Longer Alone In The Metaverse And ​​will Have To Fight With The Current Masters Of Other Virtual Worlds


Facebook Is No Longer Alone In The Metaverse And will Have To Fight With The Current Masters Of Other Virtual Worlds



Meta’s first social universe is called Horizon Worlds. Mark Zuckerberg’s project has something really megagalactic in mind. But, he will have to deal with other equally good competitors, who have anticipated him and are already considered the original virtual worlds.


For example, Gucci, Nike, and other fashion houses have chosen Roblox to build dedicated spaces for them. If they had to choose to invest money in social networks, they would undoubtedly have chosen Zuckerberg’s platform, such as Instagram or Facebook (where they have already given some time and continue to advertise themselves).


Instead in the Metaverse, they snubbed the one in Meta. One because Horizon Worlds, initially focused on something else.


Here’s what Facebook initially focused on. But was it a winning move or not?




As I said, Horizon Worlds is currently Meta’s first attempt to release anything resembling the CEO’s Metaverse vision.


How to use Horizon?


– To participate you must have a Facebook account and create your own avatar.


– Thanks to the developments of Facebook Reality Labs (the operational part of the Meta company which is dealing only with the Metaverse) the avatars of Horizon are truly ultra-expressive.


– Initially, the avatars were half-length, but recently legs have been introduced. In the future, they will be very realistic. With the possibility of making them look like us, by making a video of ourselves.


– For a 360-degree experience, the developers recommend wearing the Meta Quest Pro, the most advanced all-in-one VR. It currently costs around $500.


– Once you put on the VR headset and launch the app, you access the Plaza, the central hub created by Meta.


– Users are helped by guiding figures to start taking their first steps within Horizon.

Facebook Is No Longer Alone In The Metaverse And ​​will Have To Fight With The Current Masters Of Other Virtual Worlds

The main objective of this Metaverse has been from the beginning to create a virtual reality service available to companies and work in general, to hold meetings and conferences.


But also other types of debates and remote meetings for any type of need.


– Once you understand how to move inside Horizon, users can go around the “rooms” and can decide between 3 usage options:


There is also the possibility of participating in a game. Or at events, such as sports or music, or simply immerse yourself in reality.


All are very interesting, but is it attractive enough to beat three-dimensional digital worlds such as Roblox, The Sandbox, Somnium Space, or Decentraland? They are respected brands.


Each Metaverse has graphic characteristics, services, and uses that are different from each other.




Among these I start with one mentioned at the beginning, Roblox:


– Roblox, a global platform that brings millions of people together through shared experiences, is another company investing in its own metaverse.


– According to the company’s CEO, David Baszucki, the space “will be a place where people can come together in millions of 3D experiences to learn, work, play, create, and socialize.”


– Nike has built a headquarters here, Nikeland, with shops, playgrounds, and other services.


– Gucci, on the other hand, has created its Gucci Garden, where they can hold virtual fashion shows and exhibit their collections.


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Then there is Decentraland, another fashionable giant of the Metaverse:


– Decentraland, which is based on NFTs and cryptocurrencies – unlike the old Second Life or Fortnite which are merely free-to-play multiplayer video games.


– Decentraland, so called because it is not managed by a single company, but it is the users themselves who have the possibility to dictate the rules by paying (hence the idea of decentralization), allows you to buy square spaces or land Nft (land) from the map, using the currency ‘Mana’ (Ethereum blockchain).


– Virtual realities can be built on lands at will. Real activities or structures such as museums refer to the sites of proprietary companies or private individuals. Other users can purchase goods such as NFT works for values that can reach up to a million dollars (think of a Bansky play).


– It currently has approx 300 thousand active users every day. Fortnite is around 80 million users per month, but as mentioned it is only a game in virtual reality and can be enjoyed even without a viewer.


Another very important Metaverse is The Sandbox:


– The famous metaverse, The Sandbox continues to grow in popularity thanks to the events and entertainment organized by the most famous brands worldwide.


Among the many, is the Gucci fashion house which purchased land in The Sandbox, and then launched the Gucci Vault Land event, which was live for two weeks.


– One way to access a virtual showcase, which saw the fashion brand exhibit eight digital voxel collection clothing items, to be used in the metaverse.


– Playboy, the famous US adult magazine, has also created Metamansion, its virtual space in The Sandbox. There have been scheduled events, games, and experiences using Playboy’s library of content on the metaverse, including some hot NFT collectibles as well. Obviously, the content was not suitable for everyone, but the experience was largely appreciated!




The interest in developing three-dimensional worlds on the web, in which one can immerse oneself with viewers, and where one can buy land, set up digital shops with assistant avatars, and organize other experiences such as concerts or virtual conferences, is growing.


Unlike social networks, which were born by chance, and then became a worldwide phenomenon, the opposite happened with the Metaverse.


First, the concept of the Metaverse was born. Then they started developing it. at least that’s what happened to Mark Zuckerberg who is the one who started the race and innovated this concept.


But he now finds himself facing companies that are better than him at intercepting users and playing this game as masters.


We’ll see who manages to win, or if everyone will be able to earn their share of the market.


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