Do You Want to Become Impoverished? Then Keep Buying and Getting Ripped Off in Brick-and-Mortar Stores... All of Them Should Be Put Out of Business!


Physical stores are really a waste of your money.


If you don’t realize this, you’ll genuinely spend a fortune over your lifetime.


Shopping offline is significantly more inefficient than shopping online. It wastes a lot more of your money and that’s because it’s all designed around irrationality and emotions.


Therefore, it operates on a subconscious level which makes make decisions by overriding your rationality.


In fact, the first thing you have to be aware of when you’re shopping is those emotional traps.


The reasoning is, when you’re inside the store, there is only one specific objective: to get you to buy… as much as possible!


Retailers make money from the products they sell and, in most cases, they don’t sell very much.


Thus, once you enter a store, you’re actually in a wolf’s den.


They don’t care if you’re wealthy or impoverished; their goal is to continue to make a living by ripping you off.


They are trying to put pressure on you. When attempting to get you to buy more, they’ll constantly offer to help you and always try to shoehorn in other products that you don’t actually need at that moment.


Do you know why they do this? It’ because you’re their prey and pressuring you is equivalent to them weakening you.


As highlighted in a 2011 study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, being in a hurry can influence your purchases by pressuring you to buy as opposed to when you’re in a situation where there is no urgency.


Moreover, the most alarming point this study makes is that these purchases are highly correlated with buyer’s remorse.


This means: you buy more, spend more money and are, overall, more dissatisfied than before!


You know when you’re heading off to eat a healthy hamburger and the salesperson asks, “Do you want fries with that?” This is a marketing technique called ‘upselling’. It’s purposefully designed to mess with your mind. It’s proven that you’ll be notably more inclined to say yes.  


If I want the goddamn fries, I will specifically ask you!


This occurs because stress affects subconscious mechanisms that aren’t controlled by your rationality, therefore the more primitive part of your brain will take the reins.


Conversely, the same study indicates that when you’re calm and feel like you have ample time to make a decision, buyer’s remorse is, statistically, very low.


Where are you comfortable with no pressure? Man! I’ll tell you! It’s when you’re at home, sitting on the couch or the toilet, browsing through the different websites that offer what you really need without rushing.


The techniques they employ are usually designed to make you more broke and dissatisfied. Science confirms this for us.


Therefore, the people who are becoming wealthier are those companies that are making a living with your money. They don’t give a damn whether or not you’re satisfied with your purchases. They will continue to instruct their employees to make us spend ever-increasing amounts of money.

Do You Want to Become Impoverished? Then Keep Buying and Getting Ripped Off in Brick-and-Mortar Stores… All of Them Should Be Put Out of Business!

In fact, when you’re in a store, the workers are persistent and use increasingly sophisticated, psychological techniques to get you to fork over your cash.


The shyest and nicest people, like, maybe, you are, are the most vulnerable.


On that note, I want to tell you about what happened to one of my girlfriends when she went shopping at the mall.


She is a shy and friendly lady, which are two lethal traits for offline shoppers.


During the week, she’s usually stays at home, cleaning and running errands; it’s not easy being one of my girlfriends since I’m an Italian entrepreneur who’s almost a millionaire.


So, on the weekends, I usually let her go shopping.


Sometimes, I even hand my credit card over to her. She loves me dearly and she deserves it because of everything she does for me in our daily lives. She is such a sweetheart.


She used to go to the local stores to do some shopping and she would always come home with a bunch of extra, useless stuff. She felt bad for her purchases and told me that it was hard for her to say no to the proposals of some salespeople who constantly persuaded her to buy unnecessary things.


So, I explained to her that they were messing with her emotions and that’s why she was always coming home with extra stuff that she didn’t need.


We are against any kind of waste. Thus, she decided to shop exclusively online once realizing this.


Now, she’s much happier with her purchases and doesn’t waste money on anything. Instead of wandering around stores on the weekends, she goes for spa treatments which are now her new passion.


That’s why I recommend for you to switch to online shopping: you waste less money and your time is dedicated to more important things.


The prices of the products are already higher than those you can find online because of the expenses that physical stores incur. Who makes you keep going there? You’ll only encounter people who want to make you spend and end up dissatisfied.


If there was an advantage to spending more, then, it would be only fair. However, as you have seen, there is no benefit. So, let these stores pay their bills for rent, utilities, and employees. On the contrary, I’ll spend my money online while feeling much more secure.


The hard-earned money we work for every day deserves respect, the kind that is absent offline.


Online, I have: ample time to choose without anyone pressuring me to buy, products cost less, I can compare the best prices on multiple websites and I even find many more discounts throughout the year.


Plus, by purchasing online, you have the added perk of reading reviews. That way, you’ll know what you’re buying exactly. By reading the feedback from other customers, you understand if the product is right for you and if it’s worth the price.


As a result, your shopping will become efficient and savvier. Your shopping will be based on rationality which contrasts to shopping offline. That will enable you to make more informed decisions.


In stores, you only have the salesperson’s fake recommendation that everything is fantastic because they want to sell more and impress their boss; they would even give you their mother to do this.


Now, someone could say: “But, if you go to the store, you can at least touch and see what you’re buying, aye?”


I have grown tired of hearing this.


They act as if “touching it with your hands” is a guarantee of what you’re buying. It’s not true at all!


In fact, it is common to buy a product that seems to be perfect when you’re in the store, but then, after a few days, you realize that it is not worth the money you spent on it at all; it gets ruined immediately or, even worse, it stops working.


However, you were overcome with your emotions at that moment. It was decked out as the hottest product of the year. So, you gave in and bought it.


Now, dude, try to think for a moment about how many times you’ve gone to the stores throughout the year and whipped out your wallet to buy something that you ultimately didn’t need.


Try to remember how many times you listened to the salesperson at the store and bought useless things, or things that looked really cool to you, but broke after a short time.


That’s why you should start shopping exclusively online and stop going to brick-and-mortar stores!


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