Decentraland Continues Its Expansion As The Most Complete Metaverse Of All


Decentraland Continues Its Expansion As The Most Complete Metaverse Of All

A metaverse among the best-known continues its expansion. Click and user data in 3D reality grow slowly, but there are those who believe in it without distinction and continue to invest in it.


I’m talking about Decentraland which continues its evolution with the new Decentraland Places feature.


– An area where you can quickly learn about the most visited areas of the metaverse or those added only recently in order to better guide visitors.


– Decentraland developers have worked hard to create places for people to explore and enjoy various content.


Another very important milestone that the staff has achieved with constant hard work and collaborations with various communities such as those of China, the United States, and Japan.


Decentraland Places serves to make content selection easier. You can get an overall overview of the Metaverse, search for other users’ content and explore the most interesting areas of this metaverse.


To ensure the widest range of choices, the VR search algorithm includes information such as the number of visitors to a specific location, the stars provided by users, and the feedback users have left.




The Decentraland team of developers do not give up, despite the hiccups of the Metaverse: they never stop working and they have invented another novelty to make the use of their virtual reality, one of the cornerstones of the metaverse sector in the web3, better and more intuitive and faster.


The New Decentraland Places feature:


– Decentraland continues to attract investors and users, even large caliber, with the investment of the Spanish Liga and its purchase of land in Vegas City to build its own space in the metaverse with Laligaland.


– The new addition of Decentraland Places will allow users to know all the digital worlds available within this metaverse much easier.


– You will be able to view them by popularity, creation date, and trends.


– Through the new interface it will be possible to view the active users of each sector at any time, making it easier and faster to find the most interesting points for one’s journey into the Metaverse.


– Simply click on ‘Places’ and browse through the multiple industry names within Decentraland to find one that best suits your interests and is populated enough to share your experience with other users.



The digital land is home to the largest music festival in the Metaverse keeps updating its offerings.


Many artists who participated in the great event, which was extremely successful, liked the 3D show offered to all Decentraland visitors.


The most popular music festival in the Metaverse continues to update its offerings with new artistic contents, often also interactive ones like those of the last few months.


Over the course of 3 days, artists perform on more than 50 stages. Visitors can attend concerts in various areas of the city and participate in special events such as dance lessons, yoga classes and themed DJ sets.


Additionally, some artists have created interactive content that closely resembles the features presented in the Decentraland Places update.


As explained by a member of the Decentraland team, the interactive content offered by the music festival shows how immersive virtual reality can be.


This is just the latest demonstration of Decentraland’s ability to create an engaging and fun experience for all users.




The important investors who choose it are proof of the excellent work of this company that has created this metaverse.


– A rather unexpected virtual space is what we could find in the Norwegian Revenue Agency office. With the aim of improving the level of Norwegian tax bureaucracy and helping its citizens to learn more about tax operations, especially NFT and DeFi, given the location chosen for this new office and the younger target.


Then there are the art spaces:


– The triptych NFT, art and metaverse led to the creation of different art spaces with the help of curators and artists interested in the possibilities of web3 in their field.


– Legendary Mexican artist Frida Khalo had her own dedicated space during Metaverse Art Week, with her own virtual museum where her works would come to life digitally for Decentraland users.


Then there are some brands that are very famous and established:


– Taco Bell had already touched the blockchain sector for technical material utility. Within Decentraland, Taco Bell has held a somewhat peculiar initiative, allowing young couples to get married in the metaverse in a ritual attended by the fast food chain itself.




The company was founded in 2017 by Ariel Meilich and Esteban Ordano, two blockchain developers who had the idea of creating a decentralized metaverse.


Decentraland aims to provide users with the ability to purchase, build, and manage immersive digital content in a cryptographically secured virtual environment.


In a short time, Decentraland has become one of the most important virtual places in the world.


One of the most important features of Decentraland is that all content is distributed in a decentralized way thanks to blockchain technology.


This means that, unlike other online games or virtual worlds, there is no central point or service provider that manages digital property and transactions.


Decentraland uses NFTs (non-fungible tokens) to represent land ownership on the platform (actually these are used in all virtual worlds.)


Users can purchase these tokens from the open market and use them to buy land in Decentraland, build content on it, then transfer it to anyone who wants to buy it.


Decentraland has achieved so much that it has become a rather complex ecosystem, with all the services necessary to develop decentralized applications that run within the metaverse.


Other Notable Featured Companies


This platform has been able to attract many notable companies, such as Sony Music Entertainment, Microsoft, Ubisoft, and Unilever.


Decentraland has given birth to unique virtual events such as the music festival (which I already mentioned above) which has been held in recent weeks. There were concerts with famous artists like Fat Joe and DJ D-Nice where users could interact with each other thanks to the new possibilities.


Its capitalization has tripled in a short time. The total value of its MANA cryptocurrency, used within the metaverse, exceeds $2 billion at the moment.


This demonstrates how Decentraland has managed to attract a large number of new users and important investors who choose it as a virtual place to spend their free time.


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