30% Of The Companies The Metaverse Attracts Have Already Invested In It Or Will Do So In 2023


30% Of The Companies The Metaverse Attracts Have Already Invested In It Or Will Do So In 2023

Fewer users were active in the Metaverse in 2022 than estimated. But companies are looking to the future, and have decided to invest in virtual reality anyway.


Whether theirs is just a gamble or a visionary attitude is not yet known. The truth is that there are already many companies interested in the Metaverse.


From the giants of video games to those of cinema, passing through car manufacturers and technology leaders.


Now the challenge is to transform the experience offered by the Metaverse into something that can bring concrete benefits to companies. Researchers are already investigating how new technologies and new business models can be best utilized.


The possibility of creating virtual services and events, successfully promoting new products, or even offering training courses in 3D mode is being considered.


The interaction between companies and the public will be completely virtual. This implies the need for a profound reformulation of institutional communication.


Brands will need to take on a more three-dimensional look to be taken seriously in the Metaverse.




The data comes from a study done in Italy, but it takes companies from all over the world into consideration.


– 30% of Italian and foreign companies have already invested or intend to invest in the main emerging technologies, including the Metaverse and Nfts.


– 25% intend to do so in 2023 but governments should regulate the market further, as current legislation is not fully adequate to respond to the various scenarios enabled by Web 3.0.


– This is what emerges from the report “Web 3.0: Metaverse and Nft,” created by EY, in collaboration with the Luiss Guido Carli Research Center in Strategic Change.


– From the survey carried out by interviewing over 100 CEOs and top managers of some of the most important Italian and foreign companies, the considerable potential of Web 3.0 emerges in shaping the future business models of companies. But there is also a need for more organic regulation to ensure it can take full advantage of its opportunities.




The main reasons that drive companies to invest in emerging technologies such as the Metaverse and NFT are mainly innovation, security, and transparency.


Innovation: Web 3.0 offers companies a platform on which to apply their ideas and implement new marketing, communication, and customer interaction strategies.


Security: New virtual realities such as the Metaverse represent a way to increase information security and at the same time maintain a high level of traceability.


Transparency: It makes it possible to use innovative technologies such as the blockchain, capable of ensuring greater transparency and a lower risk of fraud in company processes.


Companies are aware of the great potential of the Metaverse and of virtual reality in general. Above all is the importance of adopting the right tools to make these technologies accessible to people and the entire sector.


That’s why the industry looks to the future, ready to invest in digital innovation that will lead tomorrow’s companies to grow and evolve.


The Metaverse represents an important step in this process: a new generation of tools, means, and experiences that will pave the way for a more efficient and effective business model.


To discover how enterprises are leveraging the Metaverse and NFTs to grow, innovate, and transform, it is essential to closely follow the latest trends in emerging technology.


Only in this way will it be possible to understand how to make the most of these tools.


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Also according to the experts who have tried to test the waters of the Metaverse, there are other interesting predictions:


– Considerable growth impact of the Metaverse on the portfolio of services and products offered is expected over the next decade: over 40% of respondents believe that the average growth rate of the Metaverse market in terms of expected revenues in the next 10 years will be higher at 40%.


– However, the propensity is to invest cautiously: only 28% of those interviewed intend to invest more than 15% of the budget in experimenting with new solutions in the Metaverse, and 19% plan to invest more than 200,000 euros in the course of 2023 to start up new planning and adopting new solutions in the Metaverse.




From the purchase of the Land to the investment in the tokens of the various metaverses, up to the purchase of services, and digital goods in NFT format.


These are the main ways users can invest in virtual reality.


This is just the beginning: with the increase in interest in virtual reality, an exponential increase in the number of people who decide to invest in the Metaverse is expected.



For example, land represents a growing investment opportunity. According to a survey conducted on Metaverse users 32% of those interviewed are interested in buying land as a form of investment.


What are lands specifically? It is a sort of virtual property within virtual reality: a piece of land on which buildings can be built and ownership exchanged.


That is, one can own a space in a metaverse, such as The Sandbox, Roblox, or Decentraland. Buildings or businesses can be developed on this, or even a private space, like the artist Snoop Dogg, who built a mega-villa for himself. This fact alone has created a rise in the value of the land near his home.




The Metaverse undoubtedly has great potential for growth and innovation, so much so that it is considered the future of virtual reality.


It is a highly transparent technology that offers professionals innovative tools to expand their businesses. People have begun to invest with interest in virtual reality by purchasing land and NFTs as a form of investment.


To stay up to date on all the Metaverse news it is important to closely follow the latest trends in emerging technology.


The Metaverse represents an auspicious future for the entire industry. This can only fill us with hope and encourage us to invest with confidence in new digital business opportunities. With the right tools and knowledge, everyone can grow and become a successful entrepreneur.


The technology of the Metaverse fits into its own right as a real innovation, which promises to radically transform the way people interact and purchase goods and experiences online. We can not wait!


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