In virtual reality, you can buy land and houses like candy. In this way, earnings are made 5 times greater than in real estate


In virtual reality, you can buy land and houses like candy. In this way, earnings are made 5 times greater than in real estate

In recent years there has been a boom in the real estate sector, with prices soaring in many parts of the world. But there is a new market that is emerging that offers the possibility to earn even more advantages: it is the Metaverse.


In the Metaverse, it is possible to buy land and houses more easily, and build on them to obtain yields up to 5 times higher than in the real estate market. All this is made possible by the blockchain, which allows users to buy and sell virtual properties in a secure and transparent way.


There are no intermediaries and the registration of the deed is incredibly safe and above all it costs nothing.


Many other real estate transactions can be done in the Metaverse, such as renting their homes or land to other users or building commercial structures to earn even more money.




1) You can buy land and build a house or other types of structures on it.


2) You can sell your property to other users.


3) You can rent your property to other users.


4) Commercial structures can be built on the property to earn even more.



Property in Dentraland

I want to talk to you about a specific case in a virtual world that many know and that is depopulating. It’s Decentraland.

Decentraland is an example of a Metaverse where land and houses can be purchased.

The buying and selling process is very simple: just search for the property you want to buy on the map, then click on the “Buy” button and follow the instructions.

Once the purchase is made, the property is registered on the blockchain and immediately becomes yours. You can start building on it right away or wait for the price of the land to rise, then sell it for a higher price.

Property prices in Decentraland vary a lot, depending on location and size. Larger and better-positioned plots can cost up to $1000.

However, there are also plenty of small and uninteresting properties that can be purchased for as little as $10-20.

In any case, prices are set to rise more with time, as the Metaverse is becoming more and more popular and there are more and more users who wish to acquire virtual properties.


Obviously, there have already been large speculations in the Metaverse. I’ll give you two examples:

– The five square meters were purchased by Metaverse Group, a subsidiary of, for 618 thousand mana (1.8 million euros) on Decentraland.

– The 3.8 million euros were paid out on Sandbox by Republic Realm.

These tend to be spaces purchased to create virtual experiences in parallel worlds (interactive games such as Roblox, Fortnite, etc., but not the only ones).


Property in Decentraland

1) The returns are much higher than in the real estate market.


2) There are no intermediaries, so the costs are very low.


3) The registration of the deed is incredibly safe and transparent.


4) You can buy and sell the property at any time, without having to wait months or years.


5) You can easily build on the purchased property, to increase its value.


6) You have many more advantages and options than buying a real home.


7) Earnings from buying and selling land and houses in the Metaverse are taxed much less than in the real estate market.




Investing in the Metaverse offers numerous economic advantages compared to traditional real estate investments.


First, the returns are much higher: you can easily earn 5-10% of the property value per year, while in the real estate market it is rare to exceed 2%.


So in just five years, you have earned five times the real estate market. Five years is not much time either.


Secondly, there are no intermediaries involved in the buying and selling of land and houses in the Metaverse, so the costs are much lower.


Thirdly, the registration of the sale deed is incredibly secure and transparent, as it happens on the blockchain.


Fourth, you can buy and sell the property at any time, without having to wait months or years like in the real estate market.


In fact, there are always buyers willing to pay a good price, because there is a demand at the moment.


Finally, the gains deriving from the sale of land and houses in the Metaverse are taxed much less than in the real estate market.




Property in Decentraland

According to fintech expert Joel John, there are several factors that determine the price trend of land in the Metaverse.

Overall turnout

The number of people who spend time there, and the length of their visit, help to express your desire for a plot in the right way. In this sense, the ability to buy a lot of land in a way that each of them gets all the attention is an obstacle to exclusion.

Memetic Proximity

Terrain that is close to another “valuable” terrain also acquires greater value.

Geospatial context

Land close to a business that it finances. In this case, brands can work together to form shopping malls that attract customers, as is the case in the real world.


There are organizations that write genuine estate investment strategies in order to maximize profit by selling, renting, or splitting up land.


Especially in the gaming field, if the terrain is characterized by important graphics it acquires greater value.


Investing in the Metaverse can represent an excellent earning opportunity, especially when compared to investments in the real world.

Especially if you start from scratch: instead of starting from real estate, start with what I’m explaining to you.

There are many advantages: from high returns to the ability to buy and sell quickly, to lower taxation of earnings.

However, like any investment, investing in the Metaverse also has its risks. Therefore, you should never invest more money than you are willing to lose.

Furthermore, before investing, it is important to be well informed and understand how the Metaverse works.

To start investing in the Metaverse you can use the Real Estate Metaverse (REM) platform.

REM allows you to buy, sell, and build land, and houses in the Metaverse in a simple and intuitive way.

Land prices are transparent and are based on the same rules as the real estate market.

Furthermore, REM charges very low commissions on each trade, in order to maximize your earnings.

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