Brands Approach Nfts And Metaverse To Win Over Customers. Companies Will Be Forced To Enter The Virtual World


Brands Approach Nfts And Metaverse To Win Over Customers. Companies Will Be Forced To Enter The Virtual World


Brands Approach Nfts And Metaverse To Win Over Customers. Companies Will Be Forced To Enter The Virtual World

New technologies, such as NFTs and Metaverse, are increasingly playing a leading role in brand marketing strategies. This is because, from the sphere of video games to entertainment, art, and fashion, customers are increasingly attracted to interactive and personalized experiences.


Companies will have to adapt in order to maintain ground in the competition.


NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and Metaverse are two technologies that allow companies to create unique, personalized experiences for their customers.


Brands are already using them successfully to conquer new markets and build customer loyalty.


Not surprisingly, according to a recent report from Gartner, by 2025 100% of large enterprises will use NFTs to offer virtual experiences to their customers.


The advantages offered by these technologies are many.


They allow you to create immersive and engaging experiences, which stimulate the imagination and creativity of customers.


Secondly, they offer a high level of customization: users can choose their own character, and their own avatar to interact with other users in a completely personalized way.


In addition, NFTs and Metaverse are extremely flexible: they allow you to create new virtual environments or reproduce a real environment.


This flexibility is a great advantage for companies, who can adapt their marketing campaigns to the needs of individual customers.




Brands will no longer be able to do without the virtual world to sell their products and compete in the market services in an original and engaging way.


The Metaverse allows you to create customized events and interact directly with customers, allowing greater loyalty.


Brands – especially luxury brands – use this opportunity well. Some have already launched their (virtual) collections for purchase in the Metaverse


– The luxury fashion brand Philippe Plein has invested 1.4 million dollars per share in the Metaverse: it has bought virtual spaces for the creation of the Plein Plaza.


– In March of this year, the first Metaverse Fashion Week was held within the Decentraland platform.


– Among the most sought-after brands was Italy’s Dolce & Gabbana.


– Models and virtual models – avatars – paraded inside a square in the shape of an eight, showing the collections – always virtual – of the various fashion brands.


– Among the other brands that have not stood by and are present in the virtual world today are Balenciaga, Luis Vuitton, Gucci, and Bulgari.



Brands Approach Nfts And Metaverse To Win Over Customers.

According to a recent report by Goldman Sachs, billions of dollars will rain in the Metaverse in the next few years.


The report predicts that the Metaverse will reach a value of $3 trillion by 2030.


To take advantage of this opportunity, companies will need to invest in NFTs and Metaverse to create engaging and personalized experiences for their customers.


Imagine shops like the real ones but in the streets of Decentraland to name one. Virtual exhibitions: NFT technology will allow us to buy and sell goods such as clothes, accessories, and jewels in the Metaverse.


Not only will you buy and receive items we saw in the Metaverse at home. But users will also buy virtual clothing to dress up their avatars.


To have the privilege of attending an event where maybe there are stars.


Perhaps even have exclusive access to a specific location within the Metaverse.




When the web was born, everyone ran to develop their own online site. It seemed that without an online domain a company could not exist and was anonymous. It wasn’t quite like that.


Then came the social networks, and it seemed that without an Instagram or Facebook account a company could not survive on the market.


In this second case, it was not really like this but it must be said that it has facilitated many activities and freelancers to develop, grow, and get noticed.


Those who know how to use social media also make a difference in the real world. Selling a lot, and acquiring many customers.


Here in the Metaverse, it will be like on social media but to the nth


degree. The Metaverse will not be a simple place to develop a second life for avatars, but rather a richer and more engaging alternative world, with 1000x more potential than reality.


For this reason, companies will have to invest in NFTs and Metaverse to better present their products and services, and win new customers.


You can become an architect by investing in that world and buying virtual spaces such as buildings, squares, and beaches.


Why not a whole island?


Why not organize events and sell tickets for $1000 each, as if they were live music concerts? Obviously, I’m fantasizing but it is making the concept understood.


The difference is this could be a weekly or monthly event that users can attend in a totally engaging way thanks to Augmented and Virtual Reality.



Brands Approach Nfts And Metaverse To Win Over Customers.

There will also be new figures that will be born within these platforms.


I’m talking about Influencers but they will have another name: “Metaverse Stars.”


These people will do nothing but sell advertising space within the Metaverse and will live on that alone.


Or they know intermediaries who know the metaverse well. Or avatars that do something special in there and then become phenomena.


Investing in these platforms could be the key to the success of companies in the coming years.


Establish yourself there as soon as possible.


The metaverse represents a new world, a new dimension that companies will no longer be able to ignore if they want to continue growing and conquering new markets.


I understand that it will not be easy, it was not easy in the 90s and 2000s to adapt to the web. Get to know it, understand it.


I remember having to explain to my mother what a website was when I told her that I had seen something interesting there.


Conceptually, not everyone will understand what we are facing. But the younger ones, those born after 2000, will immediately be at ease with these new worlds and will understand them immediately.


They will most likely grow up in a different context than us who had to adapt to the web.


They will grow inside the Metaverse and will see no other reality than the virtual one.


They will not be surprised at anything because it will be the reality that will surround them.


They will have a competitive advantage over us, who should learn something new.


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