Avatars Will Be The New Metaverse Account With Our Information Contained In A Digital Double


Avatars Will Be The New Metaverse Account With Our Information Contained In A Digital Double

Today, a social network has accumulated a series of information about users that can be found on the bulletin board. Photos and written posts, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, even YouTube (in this case video content). With the Metaverse, like in real life, everything will change. No photo album, no written outburst that remains on the home page.


Avatars will exist for the Metaverse: virtual creatures, as in a world of interactive games.


Everyone will be able to create and customize their own avatar with the desired physical characteristics, choosing the height, hair, eyes, etc. There will also be a date of birth, hobbies, passions and interests that you can share with others.


Avatars will own the accounts and manage all of their digital information. Users will interact with each other through these virtual figures to move freely within the platform.


It will be possible to socialize, discuss interesting topics, meet people from various parts of the world, and only in this way will it be possible to get to know each other.


While on the one hand everything will be slower, like real life, but on the other hand no one will be able to falsify, in the sense of distorting reality, his being. We won’t be able to pretend to be who we really aren’t, nice, handsome, or an interesting person.


Much more information will be directed and contained in the avatar, which is nothing more than an alter ego of ourselves that will represent us inside the Metaverse every time we want to immerse ourselves in that reality.




With the avatar, every time we enter the Metaverse we will be sure to show our true identity.


Thanks to its personalized traits, different content can be accessed according to individual preferences. The role of the avatar is not limited to visual representation. It will be a tool for authentication and sharing of interests among users. It will be possible to group groups with the same preferences and create impromptu content.


As for the graphics, you may have to wait. In the future it will be improved and the avatars will be more similar to a film than to video game graphics. Avatars will look very similar to us.


With the avatar we will be able to interact with other users, play online games, participate in virtual events, share links and information focused on specific topics.


The avatar will have the task of managing our digital identities. Capturing all the data of real life and transforming it into something that can be shared with the Metaverse. It will be possible to store and organize personal and external content in order to simplify the search.


The avatar is a tool that will allow us to enter the Metaverse with all our information, allowing us to socialize and create tailored content. It will be our main means of communication within the platform.


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For example, in Horizon Worlds, Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse, avatars are called “legends” and players can customize them with features such as hair, eyes, skin color, and clothing.


Initially Meta’s avatars didn’t have legs when they were introduced.


“It is one of the most requested features by our users,” Meta, the company that owns Facebook and Instagram and whois now betting everything on the vague concept of the Metaverse, explained in a press release.


But as I said before the graphics will get better and better.


– Meta also wants to simplify the creation of avatars. Soon it will be possible to record a selfie video and import it to its platform.


Thanks to machine learning, the video will be used to create an avatar in all respects similar to us. Obviously users who want to create avatars different from their real physical appearance will be free to do so.


The Microsoft Xbox Metaverse instead has chosen a graphic more similar to that of a video game. The avatars can be equipped with armor and special weapons to fight against other players.


Everyone can choose the way they prefer to access the Metaverse and there is plenty of room for creativity. It is possible to customize the avatars in various ways, from clothing to hairstyles to tattoos. You can decide how to make your avatar interact with those of other games and platforms.


The avatar will be a very powerful tool that will allow us to explore virtually everything we want and develop our skills.





Those who have the opportunity will be able to buy a land or a building. And maybe build your own home there, or your own business or professional studio.


There will be one more element that could become a part of ourselves in the Metaverse. Here we will be able to do what we want by organizing events, seminars, concerts and taking advantage of blockchain technology to certify the authenticity of the contents created.


We will have the opportunity to earn with our lands. Those who have virtual land can decide to rent it or sell content and services at pre-established prices. This form of monetization will change the rules of the game in the world of virtual reality.


But what is a land?


A land is virtual terrain that can be purchased by any Metaverse user. Here you can create buildings, sculptures, and content of different types. In addition, other users will also be able to interact with the content on our lot and pay to access it.


In summary, not only will we change ourselves thanks to the avatar but we will also have the possibility of building a sort of parallel reality in the Metaverse.


A change that represents an epochal turning point for our online experience. A new way to explore and socialize through the most innovative technologies. An opportunity not to be missed.


However, the Lands will not be for everyone. At least those sold by the most famous metaverses of the moment, The Sandbox, Roblox, Somnium Space, Decentraland, cost quite a bit, roughly like buying a car.


There will also be platforms whose lands will cost much less and will be within everyone’s reach.


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