Apple Is Preparing The Metaverse For Its Headset: They Have Joined The Race For Virtual Reality


Apple Is Preparing The Metaverse For Its Headset: They Have Joined The Race For Virtual Reality


Apple Is Preparing The Metaverse For Its Headset: They Have Joined The Race For Virtual Reality

What would happen if Apple was in the race to the Metaverse? That’s probably what will happen. In the style of the company founded by Steve Jobs, something shocking, functional, and high-level is to be expected.


Certainly, the presentation of the Apple viewer and other wearables for the 3D world is expected for 2023. The Apple system also includes an ecosystem made up of hardware and software.


If we think of software, we can think of a mini-metaverse signed by the Cupertino company.


At least these are the rumors circulating in recent weeks.


The well-informed Mark Gurman of Bloomberg made some interesting announcements:


– Apple would be setting up a virtual world where you can move around when wearing viewers to access services ranging from productivity to leisure.


It is the latest generation metaverse, which moves with fluidity and very high graphic realism. Of course, it’s designed to work best on Apple devices.


Why would the Cupertino company want to invest in the Metaverse?


Probably because it is one of the few technological niches in which it still manages to compete with the giants of Silicon Valley, such as Google and Facebook.


Apple is working with great concentration on the development of its virtual world. Some rumors speak of many employees involved in the project, which would be considered fundamental in the development of the Apple ecosystem.




Of course, other major Silicon Valley players are also working on their own metaverse.


Both Google and Facebook already have their own systems for accessing virtual and augmented reality. They are intended to be used with headsets such as Daydream View or Google’s Cardboard.


Microsoft probably will want to stay caught up. Apple seems determined to give its best in this race for technological innovation, and its metaverse could be a real revelation of the next decade.


It has set an example with the new M1 and M2 chips, and with its iOS operating system. With the former it has swept away the competition from Intel, giving even more credit and importance to its MacBook Pro and Air.


The operating system has convinced many users with its iPhones ranking first in sales. Thanks to the efficiency and the ability to match the hardware gaps to the compelling and intelligent software.




So, we fantasize a little about what this metaverse could be. Probably the first feature you notice will be the ease of use, thanks to the very intuitive user interface that Apple can offer its customers.


The high quality of the graphics is certainly pushed to the max because Apple won’t want to miss anything compared to the competition. Finally, the applications: productivity, social networks, and games will be the pillars of the Apple metaverse.


It will certainly give it more value. like all its products, a luxury brand of the highest quality.


Despite these possible features, it cannot be denied that the real challenge for Apple will be to convince customers to invest in a new viewer when there are already so many excellent products on the market.


Why buy a metaverse headset if you already have Facebook augmented reality glasses? What if improvements to the iOS operating system were to come out to better support augmented reality?


In any case, Apple will bring with it its charm and its ability to convince customers to invest in new technologies, and this could be enough to make its metaverse a success.




Apple isn’t the only one working on a metaverse. Two big giants like Amazon have recently entered the race.


Amazon is focusing on its “World Without Walls,” a virtual world where it can preview the products that can be purchased in the online store.


What other companies engaged in 3D virtual world construction? The list is long and also includes startups like High Fidelity, JanusVR, and Somnium Space.


All these companies aim to create a 3D world in which users will be able to fully immerse themselves. To experience a new reality that we have only been able to see in science fiction movies so far.


Whether it’s Apple, Amazon, or other tech giants, the truth is that the Metaverse is becoming increasingly concrete.


Some aim to bring together another Meraverse by joining forces and sweeping away the competition. The Sandbox is part of this project.


The Sandbox is a video game in which players can create their 3D world. This 3D world is nothing but a metaverse


Players will be able to enjoy their virtual world. At the same time, they will be able to interact with other players and trade with each other.


The Sandbox wants to be much more than just a video game. It aims to become a metaverse in which users can experience a new reality.


Whether or not this ambitious project will get off the ground remains to be seen. The Sandbox has managed to raise over $3 million in funding.


Another interesting project is Decentraland. In this case, it is a metaverse in which users will be able to experience a new reality and interact with others.


However, Decentraland aims to be much more than a simple virtual world. The project involves the creation of a real decentralized market in which users will be able to trade with each other in an almost realistic way.




The Metaverse and augmented reality are two very similar worlds, but there are some important differences.


The Metaverse is a 3D virtual world where users can fully immerse themselves. Augmented reality, on the other hand, is a technology that superimposes graphic elements on those of reality.


Both need a viewer or the help of a device, at least for augmented reality. This is why Apple could simply aim for the latter. There are no further details.


Secondly, the Metaverse will be a world shared by all users, while augmented reality can also be experienced in offline mode.


Finally, the Metaverse will be a world built from scratch by developers, while augmented reality can also be implemented in the real world.


An example of augmented reality was born with the Pokemon game and recently implemented with a viewer in the fashion world as well.


Which of the two technologies will prevail? Hard to say, but surely both will have a bright future.


What Apple will focus on will tell us a lot. Given that there is one thing we can say about Apple, it is a company where that tries to be visionary and avant-garde.


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