A 9 Billion Fund Has Created An Ad Hoc Asset While Betting Everything On The Metaverse


A 9 Billion Fund Has Created An Ad Hoc Asset While Betting Everything On The Metaverse


A 9 Billion Fund Has Created An Ad Hoc Asset While Betting Everything On The Metaverse

If it were a company to invest in with actions, or if it were an asset like Gold or Oil. This is exactly how a large investment fund sees the Metaverse. So much so that it has created a fund that focuses on its growth.


Although it is still in its infancy, there is someone else who believes in great development prospects. Especially for the long run.


It is Candriam who manages assets of 9 billion euros in 13 funds.


According to Candriam “the Metaverse is the world of virtual reality in which human beings can interact and experience reality through avatars. The aim is to create immersive environments that could be used for various applications such as conferences, games, and even shopping.


We are still a long way from this scenario, but there are already several players who are investing in the development of the Metaverse. Among these, the virtual reality company Magic Leap stands out. Its value is estimated at around 6 billion dollars.


Candriam launched the Candriam Equities L Meta Globe Fund (the Meta Globe Fund.)


How does it work?
It invests in companies engaged in the development and enhancement of the Metaverse.


Such as the Magic Leap mentioned above, but also other players such as Google or Microsoft.


The long-term benefits of this investment are based on the industry’s growth. Candriam predicts the Metaverse will be increasingly important in the rapidly changing digital world, with multiple applications in technology, gaming, and communications.


Although the investment is part of a diversified portfolio, it currently represents only 1% of the capital under management.


But as Candriam CEO Jean-Marc Stenger said, “The Meta Globe Fund represents an important step forward in our approach to innovation and offers us the opportunity to be pioneers in a sector with enormous potential.” 



Candriam is an asset management company based in Brussels, which offers investment solutions for individuals, institutions, and professionals. Its portfolio includes stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, and private equity.


Its philosophy is based on environmental and economic sustainability. The launch of the Meta Globe Fund is part of this innovative approach.


Some details about Candriam:


– Founded in 1998.


– Manages 9 billion euros in 13 funds.


– 1,700 client companies, including banks, insurance companies, and pension funds.


– 200 employees in 4 countries (Belgium, France, Italy and UK)

focus on megatrends, i.e. structural trends relating to health, environment, technology (and here is the Meta Globe Fund) and demographics.




According to a research by Digi-Capital, the turnover of the Metaverse will reach 120 billion dollars by 2023. Virtual and augmented reality (present in the Metaverse) will each represent about 40% of the turnover , while 20% will be games and other content.


But what is the impact on the real economy? The research predicts a global impact on the technology, entertainment, and communication markets of approximately $1 trillion by 2030.


Admittedly, these are only estimates, subject to many factors. But those numbers give an idea of how the Metaverse can really guarantee great opportunities for investors. Candriam seems to have noticed in advance




It is registered for distribution in European countries: Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Spain.


“In a rapidly growing digital world – commented Johan Van Der Biest, Deputy Head of Thematic Global Equity at Candriam – it is increasingly important to make every digital interaction more immersive and attractive.


The Metaverse is one of the trends with the greatest potential in the world of technology.”


“Although it remains in its infancy – he continued – it is already clear that its development will involve the entire technology sector and profoundly change or even revolutionize the education, health, communications, and entertainment sectors.”


“The potential and opportunities are enormous and we want to make them more accessible to our clients. We see the Meta Globe Fund as a natural extension and a further step in our offering of thematic funds that continue to be successful with investors, especially our own fund on robotics and innovative technologies.”


In addition to the now classic (perhaps for industry experts, in fact now we summarize them) operations to be done in the Metaverse, now the possibility of investing in this way in the Metaverse is added.




The main activities in virtual reality include the purchase of tokens for participation in the various virtual communities (for example on the Decentraland and Cryptovoxels platforms).


The purchase of NFTs (unique and rare digital assets in the Metaverse, such as a digital painting on Superrare.)


Or the virtual terrain on which to build your own personal reality in a land.


Which of these three operations is the most advantageous?


The answer depends on your personal goals and preferences. But there is one thing that applies to everyone. Become informed and study the sector well before investing, to avoid nasty surprises.


The Metaverse is constantly expanding and developing, so investments can actually have big returns. But it is necessary to be able to distinguish the projects seriously intent on growing and progressing from those that are mere speculation.


So that it doesn’t turn into bubbles.


It is worth remembering that it is always a highly volatile market, so you have to be prepared to take risks in order to make money. But the profits can be huge.


For example, specializing in NFTs relating to works of art could hide interesting surprises starting from low-priced investments, but with a high potential for revaluation over time.


Because the art sector is increasingly moving towards the use of digital technologies, as we have already seen with online auctions and record NFT sales.


In short, there is so much to discover in this world that is still unknown, but which promises great future opportunities.


Candriam’s Meta Globe Fund represents the first concrete step. Although it is based on the growth of the Metaverse, it does not invest directly in the Metaverse.


It might also be a smart and crafty choice on their part.


What is certain is that you can invest alone in such companies. Such as shares of Meta di Nvidia or other companies that invest, or in infrastructures related to the virtual world or to the Metaverse itself.


The advantage of the Candriam Fund is the selection that they make for you and by their experts.


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