Three Profound Meanings You Need To Know About The Metaverse


Three Profound Meanings You Need To Know About The Metaverse

Why do we call it the Metaverse and not just virtual reality? Why do we consider it such a revolutionary thing? If it’s 3D, it’s not that different from the online world.


There are answers to all of this. There is a deeper meaning and I will reveal it.


You should know that the word Metaverse comes from a novel. It was written by Neal Stephenson. The book described a network of interconnected virtual worlds or artificial environments.


The Metaverse is a generic and evocative term that describes online interconnected environments where people can explore and live in a more realistic way.


In this world, people can create avatars, participate in various activities, play games, or just explore. You can also do things you can’t do in our world, like fly or walk underwater.




It is considered an important work of science fiction that has inspired many to imagine, develop and live in this Metaverse.


Neal Stephenson talks about a group of people who live in two parallel virtual worlds, one called Snow Crash and another called the Metaverse.


People can travel between the two, using cutting-edge technology to push themselves to the limits of their mental and physical capabilities.


The novel tells the adventures of the main heroine Y.T., who navigates the Metaverse in search of answers about her own identity.


The Metaverse is divided into various levels, each of which symbolizes a different reality.


The higher one ascends in the Metaverse, the greater freedom.


While Y.T. explores and faces the challenges of this virtual world, the idea grows that there is much more to her journey and she may discover something important about herself and the Metaverse.


This novel helped people understand the true meaning of the Metaverse: not just as a large, organized, and informational network, but as a living place where people can live, explore, learn, and experience.


It also teaches lessons about the importance of keeping your eyes peeled online because there’s always something to learn.



About The Metaverse

Today, the Metaverse is in full development with much to explore. Many distinct virtual environments have been created where people can interact with each other as if in real life.


There is also a wealth of online games, social media, collaborative spaces, and many other applications that are helping to make the Metaverse more vivid and exciting.


The most imported Metaverses at the moment are:


– Second Life (a 3D world where players can interact with each other and build communities.)

– Sansar (a collaborative space dedicated to artists.)

– Meta
– The Sandbox
– Decentraland (a blockchain-based 3D environment.)
– Roblox


Within these 3D worlds, many very important companies (for example in the fashion or automotive sector) are investing millions of dollars to create immersive experiences and innovative content.


Some companies present in the Metaverse are Gucci, Fiat, Nissan, McDonald’s, American Express, and Nike…


They offer their customers a new experience where they can interact with other people from all over the world, explore different virtual environments and learn how to work together to create something great.


Above all, seeing their products in 3D is much better than doing it in 2D or a PC screen.




A hidden meaning speaks to what the novel mentioned above already has.


It must be said that Stephenson’s is a bit more complex, but they have some things in common.


First, the Metaverse is a place where people can experience freedom through virtual exploration and adventure. You can fly with dragons, swim deep, or do something you couldn’t imagine doing in the real world.


However, it is illusory freedom. We live in a world where we no longer have anything to conquer except some rights and social improvements.


The Western consumerist world is saturated with every material good and service. Despite this, we are the most unhappy generation. Precisely because we think the overabundance of material goods and human relationships makes us happy. But is not so.


Some right-thinking takes us on the road to another world to convince us. Deluding ourselves that we are capable of doing things that in reality we often don’t have the courage that can make us better, able to feel emotions, and to live better.


If only users understood this principle, the Metaverse could be a journey in search of ourselves and our true happiness.


Second, it gives everyone the ability to create and build something unique, something they can’t achieve in the real world. Because in the Metaverse the limits disappear and planning is free.


In other words, a bit like what space entrepreneur, Elon Musk is trying to do. A new place is created in which to invest and create jobs and wealth. To create cash flow.


Once upon a time, the internet didn’t exist. To restart the economy


(happening even today) conditions were created to give a boost to the building industry. Either government incentives or new areas of the city or the country were built.


Thus the economy restarted. Today there the Metaverse.


The Metaverse is a means to create a sustainable global economy that regenerates the Earth and local communities.


About The Metaverse

Finally, there is a final meaning that I attribute to the virtual world, which has already begun with social networks. This is a worrying drift, and I hope is only temporary (a few decades or centuries).


The Metaverse is a reflection of a society that enjoys decreasing human interactions. Yet they are the foundation of good living. They are the basis of a happy life. Because deep down we are social animals.


But we distance ourselves from true and pure interpersonal relationships, those that are good for the soul. Here the Metaverse is the ideal place for those who are afraid to confront each other, to love each other, to embrace and love one another. To look into each other’s eyes while talking.


A great way to build ephemeral, light relationships. Reports are to be discarded as we discard a hero or a villain in a video game. As we will do with our avatars.


Having made this profound reflection, I cannot help but say something that may seem contradictory, yet it is not contradictory.


Like any new invention, it will depend a lot on how we use it. If we are good at maintaining the right balance, the Metaverse will be able to represent an opportunity in many respects.


From an economic point of view, as I explained above, it will give many the possibility of having a new economic income.


For example, buying and selling virtual land and virtual buildings makes excellent capital gains. Or creating and selling virtual services and products as is already happening with video game skins.


In short, possibilities that we will not even be able to imagine seizing if we limit ourselves only to living in reality. An infinite world to explore, to catch on the fly. But with due attention, awareness, and limitations.


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